Thursday, May 13, 2010

fairy kingdoms

I have discovered one of the last holds of magic.  we all know that at one time magic was everywhere but as time progressed and science became more prominent the magical world and all its creatures faded into the last strong holds.  now most people will walk right by a strong hold and never even know its there, one must be rightly attuned to the world around them and specifically the feel and color of the magic color, Octoreen.  most people can not see this color, it has gone out of style  with magic receding to only a very few can sense it.  but there are other ways to spot one of the last of the magic strongholds.  generally there is something out of place there,  something that seems almost not real.  but again these things are usually explained away by those who are completely blind to magic and can only understand things according to their mass, or volume, moving parts, and viscosity.  those who can still sense the color of magic understand these things but also sense the small remnant of magic still inside those things.

any way like I said I have found one of the last strong holds of magic,  it is in a place call Natural bridge in Kentucky.  it is a most extraordinary place where the rock has been worn away so that there is a large hole in the middle of it.  when one has gone through the bridge and follows the path up to the bridge there is a gate way into the fair kingdom.  all over the hills there are signs of magical life.  brownies mostly find there home there, but there are other fair folk there, just not as obvious.  most of them can only be seen during the mystical time that is neither day nor night.  and that time is when the fairy king and queen of that hold can be seen if of course one knows how to look.  along the main path up to this extraordinary place there are several places to stop on the way, these little stations are specifically for the mountain trolley which is lead by a strange little man upon a horse which leads a long line of magic burros. this trolley is unnoticed by most people but every now and again if you listen correctly you can hear him take fey folk up to the gate of the fairy kingdom.

it is a magical place where many magical creatures have found a safe place to hide from the encroaching scientific world which threatened to destroy it.

Color of Magic is written by Terry Pratchett