Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nutrition, exercise, and me

like most women my age I struggle with my weight. It kinda sucks. I didn't used to, but when you go for a year feeding your depression with microwave pizza because cooking anything is just too much of a hassle you can quickly go from 115bl to probably close to180. yep and I got stretch marks to prove it.
I was doing really good with keeping up with the really nice work out routine I had found on at the, but   I gt settled in my life and going all the way to Wilmore to work out at the gym I have a membership at just was to much of a drive. Now you say just change the membership over to a closer gym. well here is the thing, i don't pay for my membership at the seminary's gym. and I can't afford a membership anywhere. it sucks. and i don't really know what to do.
I think what is really hard is that I don't want to over hall my life. I like my life, I like bread, I like cookie dough. and it seems that most stuff I read, think hey what is one or two healthy things I can do to change my diet basically says to do a complete overhaul and radically change everything. But I don't want to have a radical change.
Now i have been using it is nice and the people who head it up seem to be the kind of people that say hey just find something that works for you. and that is nice but I still find a lack of motivation. I have a ballet class that meets once a week, and a work out tape that I like. I have a three mile loop around my neighborhood, but I still can seem to figure out when to work out. which is basically me saying but I don't want to right now, I'd much rather do.... well nothing. there has been a general lack of motivation lately. and then that leads to bad feelings of what is wrong with me. But hopefully I will figure something out soon.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Simple woman's daybook 13

For Today: July 19, 2011 For more day books
Outside my window... Rain. kinda gloomy

I am thinking...The strangeness of the dream I had

I am thankful...Relaxing Sundays

In the kitchen... Left overs

I am wearing...Purple Pj pants, white tank, and my house coat.

I am creating... Knitting: Dish cloth, Cinderella socks. I plan to cast on a new baby hat. Drawing: the icon I hope to add some other projects here.  writing Ashes and Snowflakes and The Rescue.

I am going...To the Jones' tonight, like I do most Mondays.I'm also going to change up my hours at work. 

I am wondering...If i can actually make my new plan for getting stuff done work. 

I am reading...Reading Mansfield Park and the Simmarillion , listening to the Starter and Jane Erye. 

I am hoping... To finish thank-yous (then we get Five Guys on Saturday)

I am looking forward to...Having Josh and Lisa over for dinner on Friday. 

I am hearing... The Daily Audio bible. and the school buses going through the neighborhood. 

One of my favorite things... Cookie dough

A few plans for the rest of the week: Games and pizzia at the Jones', ballett, bible study, and dinner with Josh and Lisa. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Plot IV: Character vs The Unknown

There is something out there, and it wants to kill us.  That is basically the gist of this one. everything is going along smoothly and suddenly your character realizes that there is something that is causing problems for them. they don't know what it is or why but it wants to at the very least make his or her life miserable.

I have two examples today. The first is Signs. What I originally loved about this movie is that M. Night Shyamalan did something that Hitchcock was known for which was don't show the monster. You knew there was something that no one could see and it was dangerous.  then the showed the monster and well he wasn't very scary looking. and i don't mean when the fingers come out from under the door, nope I mean the green thing walking across the open area. that movie would have been much scarier if we had never seen the alien.  But any way.

Second Example is Star trek. the basic plot of pretty much each episode is something out there and it wants to kill us and we are going to find it and kill it first. think about it the ship is cruising along, the captain is making thier record and then something strange happens. they don't know what or why but suddenly they know they are under attack by something. the rest of the episode is about finding out what it is and basically killing it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bethany student ministry: Rivervalley prayer team

Today is the last day I will talk about how Bethany effected my spiritual journey. it is probably not the last way that I was effected by my college years in this realm but it is the last thing I am going to talk about.

in my junior year I was invited to do a student ministry with several of my friends  Dan and Joy Pusey, and Stephanie Ward (now Perry). we were going to be running a prayer night at Joy's Dad's church. And because we were Idealistic college students we decided to have all kinds of fun.

Now the thing about Rivervalley Wesleyan church was that it was a newer church. it had only moved into its building maybe 10 years prior. and they decided to have chairs instead of pews so they could change the format of the sanctuary. So every week we set up prayer stations. there was a place to pray for healing, to journal, a cross set up so you could pray for someone's salvation. there was a place for intercessory pray, and most importantly there was a place to part take in communion.

Something you should know about the Wesleyan Church their tradition is that communion must be served once a quarter. this is because it was not uncommon for this tradition to have circuit riders and this way each church was assured to get communion at least once a quarter. no a days it is just they way it is done.

So there were two things that happened while I worked at this student ministry. 1. I started to learn more about prayer and how to pray, 2. I first experienced communion on a regular basis.

the interesting thing was this was taking place at the same time I was doing or had done a couple of other things. that semester I wrote my paper on Transubstantiation, that spring I participated in lent, and that new years I had resolved to become a person who prays a lot.

1. learning how to pray: It is hard to say that this free style form of praying would eventually lead to me loving community prayers and praying a rosary. but there was a focus to it. and I should say here that the service changed considerably over the coarse of the semester to end as an old style prayer meeting where we all sat around in a circle and prayed together as a community. but I would say that the way this ministry taught me to pray was that it forced me to carve out a time in my week to pray. It was two hours that I had to spend in prayer, there was little else to do.

2. Communion once a week: once in youth group our leader had talked about a church he had visited that had communion every Sunday. we couldn't believe it why would you have communion every Sunday? (the tradition i grew up in falls into the memorialist  understanding of the Eucharist) Some how between my paper and this experience having communion on a regular basis made me realize that the ones who have communion every week are the ones who understand communion. there was something empowering about receiving communion every week. it was not till I was back in a church that served communion once a quarter that I realized that I wanted to be at a church which served communion every week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Out of the Notebook 2

In some places my writing has done well, in other places not so much. some of it has to do with the fact that I have been doing a little more writing on Daniel's game then I have on my own writing. oops. But on saturdy Greg actually made me go out to High Bridge and spend the afternoon writing. It is really nice to have a spouse that supports me in my writing.  And you know being surrounded by friends who believe in me. 

So now on to my projects: 
1 Ashes and Snowflakes
Last week I finished mapping out act two. I should explain what I mean about mapping out an act. this does not mean that what I do is say chapter title and this is what happends. I do do that kind of out line but I break everything into scenes instead of chapters. however when I actually map out the act I start by quickly spinning though the scene. some times this is just dialog, sometime sit has a ton of thoaght clearing so I can get to what I actually want the scene to be, and some times this morphs into actually fully writtign the scene if I know what is going on and where it is going. So this story is so very close to being done. I need to go though and change the names, but with any hope this will be done before November 1st. 

2 The Rescue 
Well I am now fleshing out scene 10 of 15. although I think I am going to add a couple of scenes here to do some character building. because the plot of this book is Character vs Character I need to establish why these characters are at each other's thoughts. I also have gotten the over view of the first 500 years of history for this story written. this is probably 2,000 before the events of my story happen but it is nice to see the back story coming together. 

3. The King of Sisilia
I have not worked on this project at all. 

4. Gearing up for Nanowrimo
This is exciting! when I went out to write at high bridge, which I should do again before the weather gets too cold, well something like this because I was not exactly impressed by the smallness of the park. and that day I decided to do some prep work for nano. and it was a good time. I have decided to re work The Alchemist's Daughter. I have my major plot points I know where the story is going. I am going to do something a little different with this one by following two story lines. the story of Wren, the alchemist's daughter, and of Brook, a survivor of the last battle of the Range war. I have very high hopes this year for nano. 

5. Top Secret
have not gotten much done here, but i have done some things on it...but I can't tell you much because it is a secret. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Women's Daybook

For Today: July 19, 2011 For more day books
Outside my window... A dark morning.

I am thinking...I'm glad I am not pregnant

I am thankful...for sleep

In the kitchen... chocolate Liquor

I am favorite pj's

I am creating... Knitting: Dish cloth, Cinderella socks. Drawing: the icon. more on what i am writing tomorrow.

I am the jones' tonight.

I am wondering...what is a good new podcast to listen to?

I am reading...I finished Emma

I am hoping... to get started on thank-you cards.

I am looking forward to...Starting back up Greg's game on Friday

I am hearing... The Daily Audio bible. and night bugs.

One of my favorite things... my sisters

A few plans for the rest of the week: Games and pizzia at the Jones', ballett, bible study, and greg's game restart.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Canterbury Tales 1: The Knights Tale

The next couple of weeks (at least) will be focused on the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. I have listened to it in its entirety once and then when I was thinking about how to talk about them I decided to break it down into the individual tales and give a post of each one.  I am going to limit my self to one post per story because some of them are so full of interesting things that I could post for a month and still have more to explore. 

A Knight there was, and that a worthy man,
That from the time that he first began
To riden out, he loved chivalry,
Truth and honour, freedom and courtesy.
Full worthy was he in his Lorde's war, (from the introduction)

The Knight was a good man and he had pursued honnor and glory for his Lord. he had fought in many wars and always behaved worthily. his tale is of Palamon, and Arcite. First I should say that his tale takes place in ancient Athens, is filled with gods and goddesses, now back to the story. 

100 word summary: Duke Theseus attacks the town. after the war is found two knights Palamon and Arcite. the knights are imprisoned and one day they both see the Duke's beautiful sister, Emily. They both fall in love. Latter Arcite is freed and latter comes back to in disguise becomes the duke's squire. the other brakes out of prison and they run into each other. Theseus pardons them and holds a tournament to decide which should marry his sister. each prays to their deity for help. Arcite wins and then dies, Palamon marries the sister and lives happily ever after.

There are a lot of things I could talk about in this story. Chivalry is one of the major themes of this story. Duke Theseus is described being a man of great chivalry and that is why he attacks Thebes, and why he is pardons Arcite and Palamon. I could talk about the gods and goddesses who show up and look at how they are described and why Chaucer used the images he used in the temples of the gods and goddesses. which are very strange. I could talk about the power of beauty, when each of the knights see Emily for the first time they say that her beauty slays them. and that could be an interesting thought to chase.
But after listening to the knight's tale over and over again I think that there is something really kind of neat in it. I think that at its heart is the Bro code. Yes Barney Stintson's bro code from How I Meet Your Mother is here in Chaucer's Knight's tale. I was shocked too. I think this, the two knights are 'brothers' who are fighting over a girl, and the reason given for how everything played out. 

We all know about the bro code, it is about how bros should treat each other in general and most importantly when it comes to each other's girl.

Palmon is the first to see Emily, and he falls madly in love with her. (we are just going to ignore the fact that he doesn't actually meet her till it is decided that there will be a tournament to decide who will marry the poor girl.)  He goes on to praise her beauty and declare undying love for her. Arcite sees the girl and says that he loves her. Palamon is confused, and basically says, "wait a second, you're joking right? I just called Dibs." Arcite says the equivalent of, "dude you just said that you worshiped her like a goddess, I love her like a creature." So they start to fight over a girl. but at the heart of their argument is that they have sworn to each other to be brothers in arms. this oath was to always support the other in battle and in love. and sense Palamon saw the lady first Arcite should help him to chase his love instead of be a rival. You see they have a code, and oath which makes them brothers, which means that they should not be rivals but if who ever was second should support who ever was first. 

So the two brothers in arms become rivals. So much that they change from being men who would have died for the other to men who are willing to kill each other. Sadly it is not till one of them is dying that they are able to reconcile over this disagreement. the moral of the story? the bro code is important. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Plot III: Character Vs. Fate

I really like this plot. Some times this is called Destiny. one of the greatest theological and philosophical question is are we free agents or is everything already decided? For some this is a parodox because if there is an all powerful, all knowing God then he has to know what will happen before it happend, thus on the one hond he had determond everything, but then on the other hand we hear about our choices, do we really make choices or is it just and illusion?

So this plot focuses on the question is the character or isn't the character fated? Is it possible for him or her to change their fate? can they beat their fate or should they beat their fate? How are they going to fulfill their destiny.

To illustrate this plot I am going to use a web comic called Goblins. I can not recommend this comic enough it is well written and well drawn. Tarol Hunt plays with the Character vs Fate plot extensively with his goblin party. Goblins in his world either are named for a physical atrobute, like Big Ear or just Ears and One Eye. or they are named for something that the prophet/seer saw when they were born, Like Complains-of-names, Fumbles, Tempts Fate, Chief, Saves a fox, and Dies Horribly.

As you might have guessed Complains-of-names  complains about peoples names, and just about everything else. his fate is to be a complainer and he does it very well.

Fumbles, well fumbles and always in a way that causes more trouble for his village and his party. once he tries to become an adventurer but trips in battle nearly getting killed by the adventurer Minmax. letter he attacks an elf child thinking that what he hears is a random encounter. in an attempt to give the child back her doll he gets trips up and gets captured. Fumbles has a good heart but his fate is to blunder around.

Tempts Fate generally goes on crazy adventures and well tempts fate.

but what fun is the plot of character vs fate if everyone just kind of goes along with their fate. are these characters really fated or are they the way they are because of the way they have been named. can they fight their fate?

at this point come the spoilers for this comic, but if you haven't read it you really should even after I revile what i am about to talk about.

Cheif is the chief of the goblin tribe because at he was the son of the goblins and when he was born the seer saw that he was to be the chief. So he became the chief. however the seer lied. what she saw was someone else was to be the chief, but if that person was to become the chief there would be a civil war in the tribe. instead she named the dead chief's son Chief. though out the story Chief is trying to be the person that he was not fated to be but the one whom everyone thinks he is fated to be. everyday he is living a lie and he knows it, but for the sake of his tribe he will do it.

Saves-a-Fox was given the prophecy at her birth that she would save a fox. but Save-a-fox did not want to believe her life had to be governed by these prophecies. she wanted to make her own way in the world. So on the day when she found a fox eating her tribes provisions instead of 'saving' the fox she killed it. take that fate! but latter she realizes that the fox had a strange disease which it would have suffered greatly from, so actually she saved the fox.

Last but not least Dies-Horribly. this is my favorite character. because he knows he is going to die horribly Dies is a coward. always jumpy expecting everything and anything to kill him. Fox does her best to help him to see that he can beat his fate. But will he? will he escape with his party out of the crazy dungeon or will he die horribly. Well sense the comic isn't finished yet we will all have to wait and see.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday 9-15

Today I am thankful that...
1. Lisa and Josh are married. it was a stressful week that took several days for me to recuperate from but it was a wonderful wedding and time with new friends and old. now they are off on their honeymoon starting their new lives together.
2. That I have friends who care about me, last night i was able to make it to bible study to see my church family or at least part of it. because i was sick one week and then very very tired the next it has been 2 weeks sense i was at church. it was nice to be with those friends again and talk about silly things.
3. that I have a husband who knows how to take my mind off of things i worry about. i have been stressed and worried about something this week that has had me all tied up in knots. last night Greg was very good at reminding me that everything was going to be alright no matter how everything ended up.
4. That I have been able to get more hours at work this week. this is just always good for our pocket book. I just am reminded about how much I hate my job and how meaningless it is every now and again. but hey a paycheck is better then no paycheck.

The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals, and other instruments, the singers raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang "He is good his love endures forever." then the temple of the LORD was filled with the cloud. 
2 Chronicles 5:13

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bethany Bible College: Experiencing Lent

Growing up when I did in an evangelical church I did not know about lent. or at least any more then it was something that  Roman Catholics did. Where i lived there was a large population of Roman Catholics so we always saw them with crosses on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday. And the whole thing seemed silly. they would talk bout giving up swearing for lent, or alcohol. I heard about people giving up sex. What I understood by listening to the Roman Catholics I went to school with was that lent was a time to pretend to be virtuous. A time when they would give up something that was sinful for these forty days then after Easter they would go back to the way they had always been.

While I was at Bethany Bible College I learned that instead lent wasn't about giving up sin for a time, but about giving up something that was good and enjoyable to remember that Jesus suffered for us. evenfarther from that my understanding of lent has evolved to remember why we celebrate lent. a time to think about what the world would be like if Christ had not come and died. Beside giving something up I also like to have a reading list of different atheist philosophers, the abolition of man, and the Screwtype Letters. Some to help me remember why we needed a savior and how to grow in him. I have also read the Divine Comedy (just the first part) during lent before.

Also now I believe that if we give something up you should replace it with some extra act of virtue. So the money that we save by giving up something like soda give to the poor, if it is a meal or something equivalent take that time to pray extra. something that will help you grow not just by fasting but also by giving ourselves to the poor and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

looking back the celebrating of lent is something that was a push towards having more practices of antiquity in my practice of my faith. I am glad that there are many main stream churches who are re-incorporating lent into their practices.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On The Art Desk

My art Dest
This last month has been buissy. or at least that is how i like to thing of it. the truth is that i just haven't been drawing. i have been wanting to but between getting sick and lisa's wedding there wasn't a lot of time and i am just that lazy. however i have gotten my art desk a little more set up. as you can see. or kind of see. it is now against a different wall because we moved a table in there that will be used for other stuff, like bill paying. the room is a study or office not an art studio. but i have also got the use of my bulletin board which makes me very happy. with it i can tack up all of the sketches and what not that are connected to whatever i am working on. and know that it is in a study it is no longer in danger of being over taken by cards and what not that people sent me. it is not just for art and that is a nice thing.

people at the right end of the Cross
 Now I have gotten a very little drawing done. I have once again been working on the Icon for my church it is making slow process. mostly because it is a lot of people and I am taking my time and not working on it like i should. I really wanted to get it done by the feast of the cross but that is not going to happen. Anyway. One thing that really is hard for me is that I was trained in the western and modern style of art, at least that is what I am going to call it. if Mr. Prozinsky has a problem with that then he can tell me what it was really called.

part of the crowd of witnesses, there are 5 more. 
But the icon is in a completely different style. The faces are not organized they way portraits are organized, which sometimes makes it hard to figure out where they are looking or how to make them look like there are looking at where that are supposed to be looking. the foreshortening is for the most part ignored sometimes making the bodies look contorted. this is why I hate infancy icons, I think they are ugly. this has really been a problem with the cloud of witnesses, or at least that is what i am calling them. I think some of them are apostles. I would have to double check.

original sketch of resurected jesus
there are ten portraits surrounding the triumphant Jesus at the top of the cross. Some are looking and gesturing towards Jesus and some of them are conversing with each other. it is actually a very cool scene, it has just been hard to render. It was what i was working on last night. It is fun but slightly frustrating. in the icon some of the people have their eyes placed too high, and it looks strange to me.

This brings me to my worry about this drawing. drawing an Icon is not like drawing just any picture. An Icon is used in worship to help draw the worshiper deeper into worship. To give them a sense that they are no longer in the world but in the kingdom of God. Into heaven. the strangeness of the faces and foreshortening are meant to be seen as the saints are seen from heaven or in heaven. that is why icons sometimes look strange.

Resurected Jesus at the top of the cross
 It is a big endeavor and I worry that because of the way I draw I will stray from that tradition. That some how by adding my own style and method to the icon it will not be an icon. that it will be something else. I think in some ways this is most definitively foolish. but to add to a tradition that has been around for thousands of years is a little arrogant. or at least I worry about that.

Any way that I my drawing and thoughts on art for the month. till next time.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Simple women's day book 12

For Today: July 19, 2011 For more day books
Outside my window... Dew drops are on the needles of the bush.

I am's early and I am still very tired

I am thankful... Lisa and Josh are married and the wedding was beautiful.

In the kitchen...Left over liquor from the bachelorette party.

I am wearing...a flowery nighty.

I am creating... Knitting: Talon's Christmas present, Lucia's wedding present, my Cinderella socks. Art: the icon. Writting: act one of Rescue, act two of Snowflakes and ashes. 

I am going... I think I a going to work, and maybe going to see some friends. 

I am wondering...why is morning so early?

I am reading... the Simarilian by Tolkien, The Starter by Scott Sigler, The Canterbury Tales again, Emma, and Mansfield Park.  

I am hoping... to get started on thank-you cards.

I am looking forward to...a Quiet week. 

I am hearing... The Daily Audio bible.

One of my favorite things...Dancing

A few plans for the rest of the week: Right now i have no major plans I hope to go see some friends, and I will be going to ballet this week. 

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thankful Thursday 9/8

Today I am thankful That Lisa and Josh's wedding is this Saturday. weddings are wonderful things and I am so happy for these two friends. they really deserve each other. they have been though a lot and helped each other become better people.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. 
Ecclesiastes 4:12

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Exploring Transubstantiation

The thing about college is that you have to write a ton of papers. During my junior year I took Systematic Theology, which is a basic theology class that covers the different ways theology is done and understood in the Christian Church.

Any way for this class I had to do a paper that changed my thinking on that particular topic. It did what a paper is supposed to do. bring a student in contact with writers and thinkers on a subject and causes them to think about the subject in a new way.

The Subject was transubstantiation and I learned more about the Eucharist through that paper then a lifetime of taking communion in church. Transubstantiation is the western church, or Roman, understanding of what happens during the Eucharist. that the bread and wine become the literal body and blood of Christ. the idea is that the substances change but the accidents stay the same that is why you the wine still tastes like wine and the bread still tastes like bread.

I say wine because many* denominations who grape juice or something else for the most part subscribe to the Calvin and Zwinglian understanding that the communion is just a Memorial.  And this a view that I have found dissatisfying for two reasons. first it cheapens the celebration of the Eucharist so that it loses its importance and congregations it only gets celebrated once a quarter. Secondly it removes us from the mystery of what is happening at the table. It is called Communion because we commune with God. it becomes one of those things we do.

The idea of Transubstantiation gives a reverence and awe to the elements of communion that is lost in the memorialistic understanding. However there is one other understanding, (and I don't mean the Lutheran idea of Consubstantiation) the more eastern idea of mystery. they don't try and explain how the bread it still bread and yet the body of Christ or how the wine is still wine yet also the blood of Christ. It is a mystery, but it is true. this may be dissatisfying. we in the western world want to know how and why. but this is what i learned through this paper that still effects me today, the Lord's table is a tangible place to meet with God in a Tangible way. When I come to communion I acknowledge the fact that I am not perfect, that I have failed, but by taking part in Christ's holy sacrifice I am renewed and cleansed.

I will end today with the Prayer of Humble access which is said as a congregation every Sunday at my church:
Most Merciful Lord, your love compels us to come in. our hands were unclean, our hearts unprepared; we were not even fit to eat the crumbs from under your table. But you, Lord, are the God of our salvation. and you share your bread with sinners. So cleanse and feed us withte precious Body and Blood of your Son, in these Holy Mysteries, that he may live in us and we in him; and that we with the whole company of christ, may sit and eat in your kingdom. Amen

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

On the Needles 2

Sorry No pictures this month. Like I said yesterday it has been a little crazy around her lately and so I haven't been able to get to knitting. In fact there really isn't that much to report I'm afraid.

Finished Projects:
I finished the elephant that I was almost finished with last month. she is in a box waiting to be sent to her new home.
I was able to finish two dish cloths which were made for Lisa's bridal shower. they were a great project and I think that will be my general gift for any bridal shower I go to or for any wedding that I am invited to.

Current Projects:
the only project that I am working on right now is my brother's Christmas present. this project has taken a turn and instead of being a simple beanie I am making it more like the hat I gave him a couple of years ago that got ripped.

Future Projects:
This is the area that is full of things I need to do. I need to make something for my little niece Dottie. I will be making another elephantie for her and i need to get it done soon because her birthday is coming up really fast. there is Dad's Birthday present, a nice pair of socks which i might or might not have yarn for. Then there is wedding presents for my cousin's Laura and Jordan and my co-worker Lucia. they will be getting yes dish cloths who have already gotten married. I still want to make Mom and my sisters Christmas gifts but I don't know if that will happen. I hope to make them some nice cashmere socks, but that one might not happen.

So that is my knitting update for this month. What kind of crafting do you do?

Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor day weekend

well during labor day weekend things got a little out of control and I wasn't able to post. between helping Lisa get ready for her wedding, going shopping, get her house ready for the wedding, and getting sick on Sunday there were a lot of things I didn't get to do. but I am better now and tomorrow we will go back to regular posting with the exception that Friday and Saturday I will not be posting because well I am Lisa's maid of honor and I will be very busy on those days. but hopeful there will not be to many things happen that get me out of the ability to post.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Plot II: Character vs Society

This can also be culture. the idea is that no matter what time you want to write in, or what time you live in there this plot is there. The idea is that your character comes up against a wall that is produced by the society or culture.

one of the best example is Glory Road, or Remember the Titans. There is also a movie I saw when I was little that was about 11 black students who went to an all white school that was really good I just can't remember what it was called. which sucks cause it was really good. when I did a search to find some more examples most of them came up with moves about Integration. which is one of the most obvious forms this plot makes.

However there are many other ways this is manifested. for example the underlying plot of the Spiderman comics is Peter Parker vs Society. that is the fun thing about Spiderman. Spiderman is Peter Parker's alternete identity. he wants to have a normal life that isn't tied to Spiderman. this is in contrast to batman and Super man who's masks are Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is basically Buffy vs the World as a slayer tries to figure out how she is going to support herself and her sister without the help of her mother or the watcher's counsel.

one last example because she uses it so much and so well. Jane Austen. she is the master of this plot. it is the ever present back drop to her stories. For her heroins the society and culture that surrounds them is going to try and destroy them. I haven't read all of her books but so far it seems fair to say that this is a predominant theme. For Jane and Lizzie society is forcing them to get married because they family is in real danger if they don't. they need to make a good marriage to someone who is rich but their own status is a hindrance to that goal, they have no money to tempt men with and no connections that will entice a man. all they have are their good looks. this is most obviously seen in how Mr. Collin's asks Lizzie to marry him, and why her mother is gunning for it. It is about finding safety ans security in a world that is against you. the same is true in Sense and sensibility in one instance the Miss Dashwoods are left penniless without even a home to call their own. they trespass on Mr. John Dashwood's favor as they search for a new home. we know from the beginning of this book that their ability to chase their dreams and hopes are now forever hindered by not receiving any inheritance thanks to the conventions of society. In Emma you could almost say that society has given her a life of ease which has stunted her because she didn't need to focus on doing things that would compensate for little fortune. she doesn't need to worry even about marrying because her father will leave the majority of his fortune to her.

So there you go Character vs Society/culture

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thankful Thursday 9/1

Wow it is a new month. How did that happen. oh well, life continues it always continues.... Sorry I am a little depressed today. not 100% sure why. Anyway...

Today I am thankful for
1. My Husband who loves me I say that most weeks, because it is true and every week he proves it to be true in a new and different way.
2. That I am able to be there for my friend Lisa. with the wedding just 10 days a way she is going a little crazy.
3. That even though the sun hasn't risen yet it is still warm out side. it is hard enough to try and go walk when it is dark if it was cold I don't think I would be able to continue my walks.