Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Politics has just got hairier

This morning in a privet conversation it was over heard that Barrack Obama has a very interesting idea of who his vice president will be if he does indeed win the nomination. None other then the beloved Big Foot from the forest of Washington. This News tip was given to the former members of the Weekly World News who decided to use their contacts to find out if there was any truth to this. On the record Sasquatch said that he could only say that he would be more then happy to serve the country he has lived in for hundreds of years in this capacity. it seems that over a vacation in Washington Obama met Big foot and they became friends and continue to converse over letters. one of these letters did include language that implied that Big Foot would be Yin to Obama's Yang.
Sasquatch got into politics when his friend bat Boy attempted to run for president, but was disqualified because he is not a born citizen of the United states. when asked for a statement Bat Boy smiled and said, "the Hairy guy deserves it, and it would be great for us freaks to have some kind of representation in the white house."

As for Obama he says that there has been much though of who would be his running mate, but until he has the nomination he will not be making any official statement.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

People think these questions are hard, not me...these questions all have answers.

I was watching Seabisket the other night and soemthing that was said that made me thinking, "in the end it was not the multiple projects that saved america but rather that suddenly it was clear that someone cared."

we see the poor everywhere. Those of us who live in the city see the poor, those of us who don't watch movies, have been to cities, and if we are in the church we have been bombarded with pictures through organisations like compation international. there are many reasons that people are poor and need help but this statement about he depression got me thinking.

the democrates are talking about making a new deal. wheather we need a new deal or not is questionable but that is not the point. they seem to think it was the new deal that saved the economy and such fromt he depression but that wasn't it at all. it was the fact that suddenly someone cared, and some one said, you can do this. the new deal did not save any one it simply gave people the opotunity to save themselves. to reolize that they could provide for their family. the new deal gave people their pride back.

some of the things the socialist talk about sound good, i mean free medicare sounds nice everyone can be treated. (what very few people reolize is that everyone can be treated, the hospitale can not turn anyone away, even if they know that they will not get paid for treating them, that is why boarder states are stuggling becasue all these illigals are going to hospitals and not paying for their expences, they simply disapear.) wellfar sounds good too, giving people money so they can provide for them selves. but really these two things don't give people their pride back, rather they cut thier feet out from under them and say, "you are poor, Let me take care of you because you can not take care of yourself." that is not the love of God, nor is it helping those people see themselves for who they are in christ. instead it reinforces the lies that they are told.

now I am not saying tha we should not help the poor by giving money, helping them find jobs, giving clean water and free medical attention. I am just saying that sometimes it is not the best course to take.

(ps the tittle of this post is from a movie with Scarlet Johanson, yes i am shamlessly copying my dear friend Lindy)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ode to the Parables

Last night I was at this meeting for Child evangelism. they are putting on an interdenominational Easter carnival and about half way threw as i listened to all the things that they have done in the past things they wanted to do different this year i started wishing that the Living Parables were still together.

I thought oh wouldn't it be great if the parables were together, then we could have put on a little entertainment during the carnival. then of course I got all Nostalgic and mushy missing all my good friends from College who have been scattered across the county and the world. and then i was wondering if I would ever be able to find that again. who knows what the future holds but for now I miss the parables, and their Flaming Flying sheep from Afghanistan. ( I Hope i remembered that part right).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

January blues

I think January is my least favorite month.

I mean it is a dark month with no big celibrations and cold weather. I like Cold weather, Jack frost, and snow. Oh I love snow. but with such cold wheather comes less sun shine. I like the sun shine and there is not much during January.

and because of the lack of sun along with some other sercomstances i have been a little depressed. nothing to worry about just a little sad, and lathagic. but i think i may have knocked that.

Because i have no classes i though this would be a great month to finish what i hade not got done in november, and get a head start on the Cures of the sea, and get the painting done that i have been working on for a year.

Besides being a little blue, I have been a little over worked perhaps. the hotel that i am working at has gotten a new system. that means new training and reputing in information for the many reservations that have been made. a little too much buisy work. to top that off the sr. Pastor has gone out of town for a week which means i am incharge of the church. luckily someone else is pastoring this week, so that i do not have to worry about.

this has been a month of reflection and thinking. one is the fact that i do not think working in a church is for me. I am not ready to give up on the church, but i don't think I will ever be happy or satisfied in a church possition, such as pastor.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Heart of worship

when the music fades and all is striped away, what is there? Imagine momentarily what a church service would be like if there was no music. what would it be like if there was not alter, no pulpit? what if none of these things that clutter up the podium were simply not there?

what would it be like if we simply cam, just cam to meet with God? If we came like the children who ran to Jesus just because we wanted to be near him. If we came just wanting to some how show our gratitude for all that he has done, wanting to bring something that would bless his heart?

what do we bring? in a service our gift is the songs we sing. when it is just a song and when is it our gift of worth to bless his heart?

after all a song in and of its self is not what he has required of us. God longs for more, not just a song. the song is meant to help us to express something much deeper with in. something that only God can see when he looks into our hearts.

what is the heart of worship? i mean why do we come to worship, and what is worship?

our worship is giving our gifts to God. and a gift could be anything because God redeemed all that we are. he created us to be the way we, with our own bent or path. I think most churches use music because there aren't very many people who hate music. who can not relate to some form or style of music.

worship is a gift to a king of endless worth. nothing no song no thank you can express what God deserves for what he has done. we don't even have the ability to thank him for what he has done and given to and for us. we are weak and poor, Yet God loved us and showed his infinit love when he came and took on our sins so we could be saved. now all he wants is ourselves. all we have he has redeemed.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My thoughts on the Writer's strike

for some time now the writters of Holywood have been on strike. New eposoides are now few and far between. more reality shows are coming on. One has said that it is good that they are one strike, the trash on telivision is lessening.

Writers should get paid for their work and they have been paid. To me this strike is about the writers who want to get more money. Now I agree that the publishers and companies make too much money for little work. But does that mean that those who create the art deserve to make more money?

I feel that this strike shows the destruction of the spirit of the art. Have these writers forgotten why they became writers in the first place? Did they become writers all those years ago so that they could get rich? Has their art stopped being the thing which gave them enjoyment in life and is now nothing more then what puts bread and wine on the table?

Do none of them share Charles Schlitz's words, "I do not write to live, I live to write," ?

Writing has become nothing more a money making endeavor. Are there no writers left who have not sold out? Is Bohemia dead?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Another Year Over And a New One Just Begun.

I will probably look back on the year 2007 as an important year of my life. It is the year in which I graduated from Bethany Bible College. I started my first real job as the youth and children’s pastor at Cornerstone Community Church. It is the year I officially moved the majority of my things out of my parent's house and into my own apartment. This year I have lived on my own and found out what it is like having to pay for the bills, cook, and deal with student loans being paid on time.

Now that year is over, what can 2008 have hidden in the murkiness of things yet to come? My main plain is to finish off the church year in Bismarck, move home after family camp, move to Asbury at the beginning of the fall term.

This year’s resolutions are, to read the Book of Mormon all the way through because I never have, workout more, and write more.