Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Holloween!

I am the queen of last minute costumes. or at least one of them. So I was hoping to find pieces to make a Susan Costume (as in Death's Granddaughter not The Fair) but for some reason all the stores i went to had no full length black skirts. Apparently long skirts are not the currently style. So Scratch that. My next thought was well how about red Riding hood, I'll get a few things and just use my red cape again. it'll be fine. hey I could even say I'm steampunk Red. but no I have at last landed on what I am going to do, I will be a red mage. no I don't have the hat, but I went through my closet for all things red and black and started playing with the combinations.

Because of the sudden change of temperature staying warm tonight during Spooky Time on man is going to be of the utmost importance. So my first choice will have to wait for another time because bare arms are a no go. any way sorry I don't have pictures but it ended up working out pretty good.

I love halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

you know how two weeks ago I had 3 projects...

This time I've only got two. But I also have a yarn acquisition.

I can explain.... I haven't been knitting as much. despite the fact that I usually go to knit night on mondays I haven' got a lot of knitting done. maybe it's because I've been so focused on Nano. Yeah that will be my story. So here are this post's projects: 
Look Look it's almost done, I've just got to Finish the right side front then the back and sew them together. then I have to knit the sleeves and wal-la it's done! Must admit that with the weather changing I have been trying to get this done so I can wear it before it gets too cold.
 I started working on this sock again. I got the heel turned and I am almost done with the gusset  I just am also almost out of yarn. however most people I talk to say It shouldn't be a problem for me to get a hold of the company and get some more. there is just one more yarn shop I want to stop at to find out if I can get it without ordering it. any way I still believe I can get two more pairs of socks done before christmas.

 New Yarn! Right I know what you are saying. I've got plenty of projects on the go that I am letting languish why on earth do I need new yarn? because my husband asked me to make him some gloves that is way. 

well that is all I have to say about knitting this time. only one more sleep till nano ya'll ready for this? 

till next time God Speed and Open Roads. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I don't know what to blog about today, last couple of days have been kinda dry about blog posts. I'm borrowing this from Jessa Russo, I'm sure she got it from somewhere else but here is the idea: I post six sentences from something I am working on. well here are the Six opening sentences from Sunset Heather which I will be attempting to write during nanowrimo: \

Thea just stared at the house across the broken street. It was a dilapidated old abandoned building. Or it would look abandoned if it wasn't for the light in a single window.
"You do have you entire life for this."
Thea chewed the inside of her cheek thinking, "I've waited 15 years for this, that is long enough." she crossed the street.
Zel shook the rain from her coat and looped after Thea.  

So what do you think? just a little taste of what it might become.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Paints and more

over the last month I've actually had a bit of a breakthrough with my art. Sadly some of it was only for the time. but I hope life will let me do more. I am really tired of not having this one project done. it will be done some day, I just wish some day was today. So here is a collection of what I have done. If you follow me on twitter or facebook I've got nothing new to add to that.

What I have done is if I have a couple hours to set aside to draw I've decided to draw for 30 minutes and then take a fifteen minute break, these are art sprints. they make me feel accomplished and seem to help me get something done.

the second thing I have done is set aside Saturday morning for Painting. as of now I hae just worked with Oils but I may do watercolor and acrylics soon as well.
Oil, landscape saturday morning paints
almost done
the new One I started a few weeks ago
I didn't get to paint last saturday
I've gotten somewhere with the Icon!
makes me happy but there are still So much work to be done
Well that is the art I've gotten done this week. there may be more tomorrow if I can get that last post for behind the scenes on New Beginnings done but that is or another day.

till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

writing writing writing....

Now that I have decided what I am going to be writing or NanoWriMo, thanks to those of you who commented on my distress. I am getting myself more and more acclimated to the task at hand. The mountainous gargantuan task at hand. *shutter* Yeah it's scary, yeah it's ice capped rugged pikes, yeah it's probably filled with monsters, and yeah we may never be heard from again. What am I waiting for?

Affirmation, my own confidence to come out of hiding, (why is it every time my confidence goes hiding under the bed and refuses to come out.) and maybe the alot to come out of hiding. yes I mostly joke, or maybe I don't, have you ever seen an Alot? I want to see an Alot they must be fascinating,  much like the snark but not as deadly.

So here is the plan (pulls confidence out from under the bed) because a plan is attainable. I have the day mostly off from work so this afternoon I will be locking myself in a study room with a whiteboard (I like whiteboards for the same reason I like the poem possibility by Shell Silverstein.) and figuring this out. I must make a map to get through this adventure so I can make it to my destination by tea time. (what time is tea time again?)

We Have a Series- StarSoul or Animus Stellea or this might take it Cluefinders hmmm must thing about his more-in it will be six books. the hope is to get a good start for book one. The chances of these books being 50,000 words is very slim I am working in a world that is vastly different than the one we live in. but 50,000 words will be a good start on a first draft. or maybe I will just go insane. either works. It will be an adventure that is for sure, and I am all about having adventures. they will probably each be more like 500,000 words... okay I hope not I'd like to leave that territory for Patrick Rufus.

And you know what would be a good place to start, a place for you patient reader to help? me figure out a title for this blasted book. I need something that will speak to the fact that the plot driving character of this book is motivated by revenge. think about revenge more in the vain of The Count of Monte Cristo rather than Hamlet or Batman.  I could really use something that will convey the tension between revenge and forgiveness. in doing some research of sorts I'm leaning towards Sunset Heather, or Sunset Hedder (I hae an affinity to the old spellings of words.) maybe one november comes I'll unpack the reasoning behind that name unless I hear something better.

Anyway till next time God Speed and Open Roads

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday Fave Five

(yes I'm a day late Sorry All my most humble apologies)
Write club people help me celebrate my 500th post with a raffel!

So this is something new I want to try. every monday I post (so every other monday) I will be listing five things, these may be movies, books, music, online things, blogs, authors etc that I like. I'm not going to guarantee that what I list here will be new to everyone, they might not even be new to me. but they are things that I like and want to share. So with the introduction over here is this monday's Fave five.

1. because I stole this idea from the one the only the queen of her little corner of the internet-which is becoming a large corner every day. my first Fave Five Felicia Day and her Youtube channel Geek and Sundry

Here you will find all manner of geeky goodness. It all starts with the geeky and effervescent Felicia Day and her Flog. she is a geek and proud of it. Her Flog (short for Felicia's vlog) there you can watch her and her brother play really old games or even watch her and her friend go to an archery range dressed as elves. Are you a gamer? Check out the Guild written and produced by Felicia day it follows the life of Codex and the knights of good. 6 dysfunctional people who can only control and make sense of their lives by playing in a vast fantasy MMO. It's a great show with about 20 minute episodes adding up to 6 seasons of geeky goodness. Do you like tabletop games? Check out Tabletop which is hosted by the rival to our future dark overlord Wil Wheaton where he gets all his friends together and plays some interesting game. last week it was Last Night On Earth. Do you like Comics? Dark horse has their own show where they showcase their comics in those comics that move pictures...I don't know what it's called but check it out. Do you like fantasy and science fiction? you should watch Sword and Laser it's a book club that focuses on Fantasy and Science fiction and they interview all the biggies in the genre. do you like to watch kids discover the power of imagination and tell stories? they you have got to see written by a kid. the kid tells the story and then a producer brings it to life on the big screen.  Paul and Storm have something called Learning Town. I don't know what it is because they haven't started that show up yet but it will probably be something geeky with music.

2. I just finished reading Mira Grant's Book Feed. creepy and sad as hell but so good. you can view my review of the book on goodreads. but be warned I totally give the ending away. for those of you who want to maybe read the book but want the pleasure of discovering the twists for yourself here are three reasons you should read it:
a. Aren't you tired of the same old zombie story? The dead rise infect the world and humanity all comes down to a small group of humans who manage to survive and then will either save the world or get eaten. well this book takes place 20 years after the original outbreak of the zombie virus.
b. Its about a journalist's dedication to the truth and living without fear in a world where fear is the only option.
c. Quote about the blogging community of Feed: "We're the all purpose opiate of  the new millennium  We report the news, we make the news, and we give you a way to escape when the news becomes too much to handle." (50)
So go to your library and get your copy today!

3. A couple of writing buddies of mine have gotten together and formed a new blog called the Typelings. they are modeling themselves after the Inklings that used to meet at the bird and baby and talk about all things literature. It is just starting as a blog and I really hope they get writing more posts! So here Page, Hero, Grey, Rogue, Dash and Oz. I know you guys are going to be great! the picture is of the original four, aren't they a great looking bunch?

4. Right now my favorite thing to watch online is the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It is a modern retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Here is the First Episode:
the fun part of this little project is that you can follow all the characters in one way shape or from. most of them are on twitter and face book. Jane has a fashion tumbler, Lidia has her own Vlog for when Lizzie goes out of town and she can't be one the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. and Maria Lu (Maria Lucus in the book) has a vlog as well. watch as between Tumbler, Vlogs, instagram, and twitter the story of Jane Austen's beloved book comes to life. Yes it really is that awesome.

5.  Last but not least is Molly Crabapple. I was introduced to the work of Molly Crabapple when she did her Kickstarter. Molly has a very unique style of art. she loves big paintings and burlesque. she also is committed to helping the world see itself though images. right now Molly is working on several huge paintings that are meant to help visualize the crises of our era called Shell Game. all based on the current economic problems facing the world.

Before I go I just want to let all my readers know that if you are a writer and you have a book coming out whether it is the first or twentieth and you want me to give you a plug let me know. If you have a blog that you think I will like send me the url, if you are starting a podcast or Vlog Seriously let me know. This Fave Five thing is a time for me to showcase all the great and talented people there are in the world. The only requirement is that I like it. So please in the comments Pimp your work.

Till next time God Speed and Open Roads

Saturday, October 20, 2012

500 posts!

Earlier this week I posted my 500th post. It's a big achievement, I've been blogging for over 7 years now and it has been an adventure. I'm not sure how to commemorate this achievement. Well Let's start by doing some looking back:

Like I said I've been blogging for 7 years. with 500 posts that is over 71 posts a year. now the first couple of years were slow going, my first two years had only 8 posts between them but I got the hang of it. I've never been one who had a single topic to talk about, I've talked about religion, politics, art, movies,books, writing, life, love and other mysteries. I've sometimes wondered if that was something that made it difficult to actually get an audience but considering how the last year went it probably was more my personal obscurity. Since using twitter and facebook I've gotten more traffic. I also think that getting involved with the blogger writing communities has helped. I've used this blog in a number of ways all in an attempt to help me organize so I can do all the things I want to do.

Well now what does the future hold? The future is a strange and wondrous place filled with Perils and Adventure.  It is hard to plan for the future because most the time plans can go awry. no one knows what the future holds. but here is my plan. I hope to publish more of my writing here. this will mostly be in the form of fantasy short stories taking world called heimr. I hope hope hope to one day get everything in place to start having a bimonthly vlog. so far everything I have tried to get that going it hasn't worked. Oh well. what else, I hope to do more showcasing of other writers and wantable writers in the blogging world, and just of creators in general. I'm also contemplating giving my blog a more mature look. possible even a more mature title and url. I would actually be changing it here so it shouldn't affect anyone who is already a follower of the blog, or who reads the blog through facebook and twitter, or google plus.

So now what to do in order to commemorate the fact that I have by passed the 500th post? let's due a raffel.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So that is it, where we've been where we're going and I hope you'll stick around for the ride. Till Next time God Speed and Open Roads

Friday, October 19, 2012

Author's Note: New Beginnings

The story New Beginnings had it's start sitting in my friend's living room as we got ready to start a new DND game. There we introduced each other to our characters and decide how our characters met and started to adventure together.  It became very clear that our characters were going to be a very different group then the last game we played. as the Game Master commented "I'm going to be lucky if any of your characters good." someone came up with the idea that the characters got together because they were the only ones left standing after a huge riot. Oh it makes it a very interesting game.

Novalee is the character I play in the game. she came out of my desire to play a character who was tiny and always hungry, I also liked the idea of her being a runaway temple prostitute. I had thought it could be a temple like the one to Aphrodite but the game master decided that it had to be an evil temple therefore it became the Temple of Asmodeus. 

The last stage in the forming of this story was thanks to Darcy Cole who months ago decided to have a flash fiction contest. you can find my entry here. the story was very incomplete because of the word count limitations, there were people who said hey I want to know what else is going on. So there is was, a reason to write something and publish it on my blog. Something that I didn't have to worry about just publishing for free here. 

Now that New Beginnings is done I have one more post, (unless there is need to do a question and answer post as well.) then because I've been lazy I don't have another story ready so I will be taking a bit of time off from these posts. 

till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

PS: if you had any questions about the Story please post them here in the comments

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday 10/18

This week has been a little crazy so this time around it's probably going to be a little sparse.
1. I'm still thankful for my new job. most the time it is really laid back with only a few times when things get crazy. mostly because there was not a good change over from the last person who worked for her.
2. I'm thankful that NaNoWriMo is coming up. and to all the people who helped me decide what to do for Nano. you guys are great!
3. That it is fall. I love fall it may be my favorite time of year. expecilly now that i live in a place where there is a veriety of trees so there are lots of colors.
Well that is all this time,
till next time God Speed and Open Roads

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nano Prep work

I was planning on posting my author's note for New Beginnings, but I just don't feel like it. Lame? Very, but today was apparently Nano prep day so what better day than to ramble on about my plans this year for NaNoWriMo.

I like NaNoWriMo. it's a fun time to be a writer and considering how much more involved I am with the online writing community this year should be Awesome.

So what are my plans. I don't know, the funny thing is that I generally start planning for Nano in like April. this year was different. I would think about Nano and then I would think well maybe but maybe not. projects have been hard for me this year. I think I am at a place in my "career" (if you can call it that) where I seem to go from this is the most awesome thing ever to I am the stupidest person alive to think I can do this.

So suddenly october is half over and I have no sweet clue what to write about! here are some of my plans but I can't decide what to do. the first thing is that I am not interested in starting a new project. I have too many projects that need help to drop them and focus on something new, or rather a a single new novel idea.

1. Re work/write/perform a transmutation the project that was called the Utopian chronicals now maybe called the Sheol tales, orignial book concept called the Rescue. This is the book I pitched on the Roundtable Podcast. the result of which made me stop and rethink the whole project, not a big deal since it was in a reconcept stage anyway.
Cons: my thoughts on this piece are now jumbled, they've been jumbled for months. I started a new file with a new start and it is not a bit overwhelming.
Pros: Nanowrimo would be a perfect time to sit back and untangle the wild knot that has been turning and twisting and mocking me . I have a lot of good ideas for how this can be worked out and lots of things to try so word count shouldn't be a problem.

2.write more short stories taking place in heimr each averaging out to about 5-7,000 words each, this would be between 7 and 10 short stories.
Cons: I'm not very good at writing short stories I lean more towards the epic. Again a bit overwhelming. It will require a lot of new ideas.
Pros: I won't be in my current position where I don't have a short story to start up. It would be a good exercise and might train my writing muscles better. there is a curtain appeal, I mean Jonathan Coulton did his one new song a week for a year and Scott Sigler did the same thing with Short stories so there is a good president for it.

3. Finish Ashes and Snowflakes- my (probably YA *grumble grumble) Urban Fantasy, a side story to a series I have in mind.
Con: I may finish the story long before 50,000 words- all I have left to write is the third act.
Pros: It is outlined, the first ten pages have been to a beta reader. it will be easy to finish I just need to do it.

4. Screw the finishing a novel bit and just go for writing 50,000 words.
Cons: Ignores the reason I like Nanowrimo which is that it causes me to focus on something.  namby pamby way out. No real accomplishment- okay 50,000 words in a month is an accomplishment but at the end it could end up looking more like something that came out of the City of Old Emperors then something of worth.
Pros: Don't have to split my focus. I can finish Ashes and Snowflakes and not worry about what happens if I finish that before 50,000 new words. I can sort through the tangled mess that is Sheol tales, and write a couple of short stories.

Does it seem to you that most my Cons are also Pros? I need help! Please dear readers help me figure out what to do this year I'm begging you!

till next time God Speed and Open Roads

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Knitting: Three Lonely Projects

It has been a slow 2 weeks when it comes to knitting. actually it has been a slow 2 weeks in terms of everything except my new job. getting used to getting up and going to work again is an adjustment, since I had pretty much gotten a good groove going with my adventures of being unemployed.

Anyway the last two weeks I have only worked on these three projects. the Black one is the body of my Skyisle, not a lot has been done with that one, there will probably be more next post because as of right now it is my only social knitting.
The big one is my Velvet Morning Cardigan. this one I actually got a lot done on because it was what I used for social knitting. I had 5" of stocking net to do so it was an easy knit to work on at Knit night and at Arkham. (my friends and I got together to play Arkham horror, it is a great game and I look forward to playing it again.) But then I got to the end of the 5" and now I must start working on the arm holes. but then you know what I get to do? I get to do more color work!
lastly is that brightly colored something or other. That has been a fun project, see it will be a elephant, but I think I will just wait till I put it together to show the pattern. for now you will have to trust me that those five pieces will one day be a stuffed Elephant.

that is all for now, till next time God speed and Open roads.

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Beginnings: The Adventurers Part 2

For the previous post The Adventurers Part 1  or to start from the Beginning

As soon as they were out of earshot, the Sorcerer folded his hands behind his head and said, "Well, I'd say that turned out pretty good."
"Do you think there is anyway he could find out we were lying?" asked Novalee.
"No," said the dark elf. "We are the ones still standing; the truth is only what we make it. There is no one alive who can say otherwise."
The fire-man nodded, "Well I believe it is time for a drink. What do you all think?"
"I never say no to a drink," said Novalee, "besides I am hungry."
"Food will be good," said the Minotaur. "This way." He pointed and started walking.
"Do you think we can get cleaned up at the inn?" asked Novalee, as she skipped to catch up.
"I don't see why not,"The Minotaur said in his low tones
The dark elf sighed. "Very well."
"Oh come on, my lady," said the Sorcerer offering her his arm.
"Don't call me lady." she cut him off, "I have a name.”
there was a pause while everyone waited for her to finish. When the dark elf made no move to say more, the tree woman said, "Well I'm Adelaide, what is your name?"
The dark elf pursed her lips together, then answered, "You can call me Mari."
"Very well Mari," said the Sorcerer, "I'm Ian Falcon-moon." he held out his hand.
She ignored it, "The Cow is getting away, we should hurry if we want to keep up." and she walked on.
"Baquardat," said the Minotaur, "and I am a bull, not a cow. If the little one can keep up then so can you."
The Fire-man came up near Baquardat, "and does the little one have a name?"
Novalee smiled, "Novalee."
"I am Dorian, Now I believe we all are acquainted, let's go to the inn."
"Yes," said Ian, "I believe libations are in order."
At the inn they got rooms, and Novalee bought a new dress so the other one could be washed. When dinner was being served down stairs they were all seated around a table. Ian showed off several magic tricks, while Novalee played the clay ocarina. Mari told a story about how she and her twin sister used to compete against each other by stealing a ring. Adelaide told about how she had escaped a loveless marriage. They laughed at the wench who thought Baquadat had stolen Novalee's food. Several comments where made about the amount of food she ate, and by the third or forth round the group was formed.
The tavern was loud and rambunctious when the Captain's messenger got there, "Here," He said. "The Captain also wanted you to know he expects you to leave the city as soon as possible.
Dorian split the gold. "Well, what do you say? Shall we take our gold and run, or shall we leave tomorrow as a team of adventures."
"Sounds like fun!" said Novalee.
"Why not?" said Ian, raising his glass.
"I'm game," said Baqardat.
"I've got nothing better to do," said Adelaide.
They all looked at Mari, who sat swishing the wine in her goblet. "Oh alright." she said,
“You may yet prove to be useful allies."
"Cheers!" Said Ian and everyone raised their glasses.
Together they had many adventures, and in their own odd way were successful. All their adventures were recorded and collected in the volume entitled The Tales of Novalee the Bard of Hitherland. 

The End 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Lovely Blogger Award.

Millie of BurnsMillie Nominated me for the Lovely Blogger Award. I like these things they are a nice way to give someone a warm-fuzzy  (I actually had a teacher who believed in warm-fuzzies so much that every student had a little group of warm-fuzzies on their desks to be given away as much as collected. it was kind a cool.) anyway I have been nominated for so few of these that I get excited when I get one.

So here is how it works I list 7 random things about me, then I nominate 15 people.

7 Random things about me: 
1. I spent a summer working for my Dad on a landlocked Oil Rig. I'm very proud of that little tidbit.
2. My husband, who I met in Seminary while getting my masters degree, was my first kiss, first boyfriend, and first and only love.  Don't tell me first love is something that only happens in the YA world. I waited 26 for my first kiss.
3. I grew up in Wyoming and even though I will probably never move back I will always consider myself part of the Wyoming Desperzia. Sorry Kentucky but you will never be my home. (And I will always dislike College spots so take that UK.)
4. I prefer classic literature to modern literature almost 95% of the time. (Unless it is Fantasy, so long as it continues the ancient traditions of Fairy.)
5. I started an alternate identity on the internet so I could have a safe place to vent about things.
6. My Geek Cred Violation is that I have never gotten into Dr. Who. (But I love Red Dwarf does that make up for it?)

and last but not least..........Drumroll please.........

7. I hate peas.

Okay so 15 Bloggers who I think Deserve the One Lovely Blogger Award....
Well my 1St nomination will be Darcy Cole She has fun things to talk about and two really Cute Kids (no I'm not bias because they are my cousins they are cute!)I really wish I could get a hold of a transporter so I could make it to her party this weekend.
2nd Hero London why because she's the first friend that I made where the relationship only exists on the internet. and because sometimes I feel bad for how harsh I was on the first novel she put up on her blog for critic.
3rd My dear friend Stephanie Perry. She doesn't post very much but it is her fault that I am on blogger so guess what Steph now you have to post something (I miss you).
4th Natasha Erskine, her blog is truly beautiful, her posts are where she shares her struggles and healing. -I love you Natasha virtual hug.
5th Liz Stewart, if it wasn't for her blog and the internet this is a college friend that I would have lost track of. she is one of the few people whose blog themes are so well done. (I tried to copy but I don't think it is working very well)
6th The Usual Fool he shares fun stories from his past about his adventures as a stay at home dad and the general craziness of his life. as someone who knows him well enough to be his daughter's Godmother I can verify that he is only slightly (and I mean ever so slightly) exaggerating.
7th this spot must go to the amazingly encouraging Morgan Shamy. Seriously this chicka has encouraged me several times.
8th Sarah Carey She is a ESL teaching in South Korea and is currently sharing her adventures as she lives there. She is a kentucky girl in a Different Kind of South.
9th Jessa Russa Not only has she published her first novel but she is the one to blame for the Story that I've been publishing on my blog. I hope you've been enjoying the rest of the story Jessa.
10th The one the only Matthew Rose another one of my college buddies who I would have lost track of if he hadn't kept blogging. well he kinda got busy being a pastor and a dad but it looks like he has started to blog again. Also at one point he worked really hard to keep all the bethany (or kingswood) bloggers in contact.
11th speaking of Bethany Bloggers Tamber Craig blogs about life, faith, and things that annoy her.
12th Susan DiMickele a faith based blog focused on helping working moms in their personal struggles. I'm not a mom let alone a working mom but I find her musings on life and faith encouraging.
13th the Typelings I don't know when they are going to start blogging but I am just going out on a ledge and predicting that they will make a lovely blog together.

heh. heh. heh. (panting) 2 more to go....

14th Seth Asher a devotional blog which was daily during lent but has slowed down of late.
15th Kyle Harold- yep this is me trying to give him a kick in the pants to write more.

okay that is it for today. come back tomorrow for the final instalment of New Beginnings.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Beginnings The Adventurers Part 1

For the previous chapter a Wrong Place at the Right Time Part Two  or to start from the Beginning

 Her assailant jumped her. They tumbled to the ground and her dagger flew from her hand,landing several feet away. He was on top of her with a knife at her neck. “Come on" He said, "sing!"

"The war was bleak and hopeless thought
The cries of crows were for food they sought
The mud and mire mixed with gore
O're fields of death for which they fought

Her voice was shaky, and she wasn't sure where the words or song came from. It was the song of the Battle of the Well. It was the last battle of the Elven Wars. The man was still over her.

In the midst clashing swords on shield
Tamitis saw across the field
The Elven King disarmed dismayed
Without a hope did move to yield

Tamitis gained a straight unknown
And in him the seed of bravery sown
Honor-bound to the king he ran
To save the world from heart-felt moan

Upon the field a forgotten sword lay
Broken from the hand of Fey
In him it found a partner in deed
And with one stroke the foe they slay

before the crowds was honor given
To him beyond all strife had striven
And with his words to the sword he bound
His life and sons to restore what was riven

The dagger was suddenly in her hand. Novalee lost no time plunging it in the man's heart. It only took a moment for him to die, and his dead body pinned her done.
It was some time before she heard, "Are you still here, little one?"
"Yes,” she said, recognizing the Minotaur's voice, “but I can't get up."
The large minotaur pulled the dead human off of Novalee, then helped her out from behind the booth. She dusted herself off only to find, to her disappointment, that the man's blood had soaked her dress. It was the only one she had.
Five people still stood besides herself; The dark elf, the tree women, the sorcerer elf, the minotaur and a fire-man. Novalee looked them over, then asked, "What happened?"
"Well you see." started the Fire man, but he didn't get a chance to finish. At that moment the city watch came riding up and surrounded them.
"What happened here?" asked the Captain.
No one said anything at first, then the dark elf whispered, "Let me handle this." She turned her attention to the watch, "Do you see all these people?" she asked rhetorically, and waved her hand generally to all the dead in the street. "These people were enticed to riot, and had we--" she paused and now pointed to herself more then the others, "--not stopped them they would have marched on the palace with pitchforks and butcher knives to slay the Primas Airthas and His royal family. They also planed to take the Speta Farthous to the populo minor, where they planned to force him to rule as they saw fit."
The captain of the watch didn't speak right away. He surveyed the now dead crowed then looked at the group before him.
Novalee still held her dagger. Suddenly she felt harp strings under her fingertips. She looked down; there was nothing there, but she felt them. She plucked at an invisible string. The sound of a perfect clear note came to her, yet no one else seemed to notice the sound. Maybe she was the only one who heard it. She plucked another. She knew she could hear it and wondered what it meant that no one noticed.
Then she got an idea. She plucked the notes as she said, "We understand that you may find it difficult to believe the word of a dark elf, but she speaks the truth. It's not in anyone's best interest that Central drown itself in civil war. With the state of the city as it currently is, unrest is at times bound to boil over, and now thanks in a small part to our intervention rioters will think twice about devolving into violence again."As she spoke she plucked the strings that she could not see. The notes in her head harmonized with her inflections perfectly.
The Captain made the gesture of gratitude. "In that case the city owes you a debt." he thought a moment then offered, "You are clearly very powerful. I don't suppose you are licensed adventurers?" Novalee smiled. She had read about bards who had this ability.
"No," said the dark elf.
"Very well then, I will have the paperwork filled out and sent to you. Along with a monetary thank you. Will that be sufficient?"
"I think that will be very significant." said the Sorcerer, beaming from ear to ear.
"Very well, where can you be found?" asked the captain.
"At Theowl's Inn and Tavern," said the minotaur.
"I will send a man to you as soon as possible and tell him to find you there." The captain spun on his heel and marched his men back to the watchtower. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Beginnings: The Wrong place at the Right Time Part 2

For the previous chapter a The Wrong Place but the Right Time Part 1  or to start from the Beginning

 But instead a large furry hand picked her up. She grasped it. Her rescuer was a large minotaur. He cracked his whip as he took her to the edge of the market. "Move." The mob parted before him. He put her down behind one of the market stalls. "Stay here." His tone was low and melancholy.
Novalee found a comfortable place to hide, but she could still easily peek over the edge of the booth to see what was going on. She could see the minotaur still wading though the market. She could see the dark she-elf firing off her balls of eldritch magic took keep those who were trying to attack her. there were three others who seemed to be on the 'winning' side of the battle. One was a strange man who seemed to be made of Fire. He fought skillfully with his sword, and drew several of the stronger fighters away from those who were trying to escape. The second was an Elf who was clearly a sorcerer of some kind. from his staff and orb came strange mystical and arcane creations. The last was one of the tree folk.
Novalee noticed that the minotaur was about to be hit from behind. She grabbed an apple and hurled it. It hit the man in the head, giving the minotaur plenty of time to send the man flying. The sorcerer was pushed back and crashed against her booth. He looked pretty beaten up. She leaned over the edge and began to sing a song, using the words of power she had been taught in the temple, words that could be used in this case to strengthen the weak or weary. he shook his head. "Thanks..." He said waiting for her name.
He nodded, "Thank you Novalee."
"Look out!" She yelled. He brought his staff up just in time to block an attacker. Then the fight took him farther away. She watched, the mob continued it's bloody business. If only there was something she could do. She ducked as a small dagger embedded itself into the booth's wood where her head was. She grabbed it. It was a small thing, but on the hilt was carved a set of pipes. As she gripped it the pipes morphed into a harp. Novalee had heard of these before but she had never seen one. It was a song blade, these were the renowned weapons of the bards who were brave enough to chase after stories, not just to sing the ballads and epics of others. Song blades came to bards who would be part of great adventures. She could feel the power pulse in the blade. Could she be one of those bards? She leaned back. it was dangerous out there. People were getting killed.
Before she knew what she was doing, she was standing on the booth. From there she could see the market. There were still people attacking the minotaur and the dark elf. The sorcerer was back to back with the fire man. They were surrounded. She sang out "beware the step may fall," and pointed the dagger. Her words turned into the sound of thunder and the caused the group that surrounded them to stumble away.
Novalee bit the inside of her lip; it was a start. Next She saw that the Dark elf was being beaten down "Stay away from her!" The words were strong and sunk into the assailant's mind. He held his head allowing the elf shoot him with her cross bow. She rose no longer noticing her wounds.
The tree women looked pained. Novalee could see sap pooling at her feet, there was someone near by who was going to beat down on her. Novalee pointed her blade and said, "The armor's thick and well made but even a dragon can't repair his scales." the attacker's breastplate fell. The snaps where broke by the sound of her voice. The tree girl quickly took advantage of it. He never stood a chance.
Novalee panted. She could feel the arcane musical forces taking their toll, but she was doing something she wasn't helpless. Suddenly someone was up on the booth with her. He had a sword. He swung at her. She dodged but fell. "let's see you sing your way out of this one."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writing thoughts

I'm not sure what to write about today. I started to write about a conversation I had about YA as a genre, but I'm not sure what to say about it. You know it's hard to say well this is what I think of YA and not run the risk of pissing people off. Because while I see the value of it, it's not my cup of tea. Sometimes I feel bad about it. I can't get excited about it. People will give me YA fiction to read and most the time I think man that doesn't sound like fun I'd rather read something else. I've been tring to convince myself to read the Hunger Games trilogy and it just doesn't work.

And I feel bad about it really, particularly because most of my writer friends that I have met through the internet are YA writers. Like I should be more into what they are all into. but I'm not. I don't find it aesthetically pleasing and I don't like reliving my teenage years (the whole time I was counting down to graduation when I could finally escape that prison.)

hu, I'm not sure what my point was going to be. well I guess I can say that I don't like YA in general, I want to be supportive of those YA Authors I have meet online as they go through their writing endeavors. I just sometimes feel a little alone on my (adult) Fantasy island.

PS: Particularly when I hear people talk about YA like it is the genre that matters.

Okay that is enough moping from me for now. till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

New Beginnings: The Wrong place at the Right Time Part 1

For the previous chapter a Old Friends Part Two  or to start from the Beginning

 Novalee walked the streets. She had no idea where she was. She didn't know the way back to the Two for Joy Inn and Tavern. She figured the best thing to do was to head towards The Horn of Gius; it was the marker of the center of Central. It had been built by Gius the Great, who had saved Central, and it was still a city ordnance that no building could be built to block the view of the Horn. At the Horn all the main thoroughfares met, so she should be able to find her way at least somewhere.
Novalee made her way, winding through the confusing network of streets. The Horn was both the geographical center and the economic center of the city. The horn plaza was the largest in the city, and because that was where the Julis River forked into the Marus and the Caras Rivers, there were a multitude of ports around it. It was an open place where just about anything could be bought or sold. There were street performers of all kinds set up all over the plaza.
However, as Novalee made her way to the plaza something strange seemed to be happening. The streets were crowded and the people did not seem to be headed to the plaza to buy and sell. They were grumbling about something and many of them were armed.
Novalee grew up in the temple, and was rarely allowed outside. In the months since she escaped, she was more concerned with staying alive than with understanding the political and social temperature of Central. So it shouldn't be any surprise that she didn't understand what the people around her were complaining about.
When she got to the Horn, the plaza was packed, but not with venders. Everyone was listening to someone speaking about something. Novalee couldn't quite make out what it was about. Whatever it was, the people around her were reacting violently.
"Excuse me," she said to a woman a head taller than herself, “Do you know what is going on?” the woman turned. Her skin was dark purplish black and her hair was white. She looked at Novalee, then turned back to the crowd.
Novalee tried again, this time speaking deep speech, the language used by the dark elves and other creatures of the Underworld.
The woman looked at her again and, this time said, "He is complaining about the in-flux of refugees from Port Armath."
The dark elf glared at her and was about to say something, when everyone started to yell.
The yelling turned to violence, and the dark elf pulled out a rod from the inside of her robes. Purple eldritch magic collected in her free hand, and when someone went to attack her, he was blasted with the eldritch power she controlled.
Novalee tried to get away, but the crowd jostled her. She was so small that the crowd simply pushed her out of their way. She was knocked down onto the cobble stone pavement. Someone kicked her. Someone else stepped on her hand. She curled herself into a ball, hoping that it would somehow protect her. She was surrounded by stomping feet, and Novalee knew that she would be trampled to death.  

Monday, October 08, 2012

Adventures of being Unemployed 4

I ran out of time this week so I was unable to get saturday's post done. So today will be saturday's post and we will skip Monday's post. 

1. Substitute Teaching-So I had one crazy week, and one very very slow week. I taught 4th grade, Art, 6th grade, and 8th grade bible. for the most part all the classes were very good. the 4th grade class got out of control quickly. here is the weird thing, and cool thing. was the teacher actually made her students write me an apology for how they behaved. Isn't that kinda cool?
Then for 8th grade Bible. I had a sub fail. I was supposed to give them instructions and answers for some of the questions on the worksheet they had. I realized my error halfway through the day opps. hopefully the teach forgave me.

2. MichaelMas! I love The feast of Saint Michael and the Angles. It is just a fun day and the feast is fun, not as fun as the Feast of Saint Nicholas. But it is a good day.

3. A new Job? That is right. I have a new job. Which means most likely I will not be posting in this topic anymore. I am now a Personal Assistant to an independently wealthy lady. She pays me to do things that she   doesn't want to do. You know like making phone calls, scheduling her appointments, running errands for her, driving her places that kind of thing. So far it looks like it is going to be a great fit.

So that is it. I don't know what Saturday posts are going to be, that I am no longer part of the unemployed so I guess it is time for a new set of adventures.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

New Beginnings: Old Friends Part 2

For the pervious chapter a Old Friends Part 1  or to start from the Beginning

It was late when he got back. Novalee was sitting on the chair reading a book by candle-light. “Aw, my sweet Jade, you look lovely in moonlight.”
She looked up from her book, “Have you been drinking?”
He took the book from her and pulled her to her feet. “So what if I have?”
“Let go.” She tried to pull herself free, but somehow in the next moment Novalee found herself on the bed with Slate on top of her. She struggled. “Stop it.”
“No I've waited long enough.” He pulled her skirts out of his way. “You owe me, or did you think I helped you out of the goodness of my heart?”
“Get off me!” When he didn't listen, she bit him. Her teeth clamped on his earring and she tore at it. He yelped. Blood dribbled down his cheek.
He smacked her. “You stupid whore.”
Novalee fell off the bed and cowered.
“You bitch! What do you think you are? Suddenly a free woman? No you are a whore, you were born a whore, and you will die a whore.” He kicked her. “I'll be back in the morning, and I expect you to be have more like you were taught.”
She heard the door shut and lock. She didn't move. She wanted to cry; instead she took a deep breath. She wasn't a prostitute anymore, she wasn't Jade Songbird, she was Novalee. Jade would cry and do what she was told. But Novalee, she stood, shaking, no, Novalee wouldn't take orders from any man. She sat on the bed and looked around the room. Slate would regret trying to have her.

When Slate came back she was ready for him. “Jade? Where are you?”
“Over here,” she said from the shadows. The curtains blocked out most of the light.
“I hope you are...” A large heavy bundle flew down and smacked him on the back. He lost his balance and fell forward against the balcony rail, which broke under his weight.
He came up for air just in time to see her throw his violin into the lake after him. “Jade... what?”
“I'm not Jade any more!” she yelled, “I'm Novalee. And no one is ever going to touch me like that again, not you, not the priests, not any one.” With that she left. She had waited years to live her life; no one was going to stop her now. 

Friday, October 05, 2012

New Beginings: Old Friends Part 1

For the pervious chapter The Bard or to start at the beginning

The inn Slate took Novalee to was somewhere in the east side of the city, or maybe the south. Novalee wasn't sure which area of the city it was in. Central was a confusing mess of poorly marked, and twisting roads. The tavern was small and clean, though little more. Slate explained that the proprietor of the tavern gave him a room, food, and a little money in exchange for playing his fiddle in the evenings. He took her up to his room, which was small but tidy, without letting her see much of the tavern.
Once she was in the room he told her that she shouldn't leave. “People are looking for you,” he explained.
“But I was little more than one of the whores,” She said, “Why would they be looking for me?”
Slate locked the door for the night. “What'd you forget?”
“Oh.” she said, her mind going back to things she would rather forget about.
“Yeah, as soon as it was safe again, the survivors met and named a new high priest. He made it clear that you should be found.”
“How do you know this?” She asked.
“'Cause when they found me, they asked if I had seen you.” He lit the candles and closed the curtains. “They have offered a huge reward for you. I bet the Magpies would be very interested in it.”
“But Slate, they're my....”
“What? Friends? They are thieves. They will sell you out as soon as blink.” he took her hands. “Don't you understand? The priests will stop at nothing to get you back.”
Her eyes grew wide with fear, “Then I should leave the city!”
“No, no, you'll be safe here. And when they give up on you being alive, then you can leave the tavern and do anything you want.” He patted her face, and then put his hand on her belly. “You have to think of your child, after all.”
Novalee stepped back, “There is no child.”
“How do you know?” he asked,
“I got rid of anything growing there,” she said coldly.
“Oh,” he said, “Well you must be tired. I'll call for extra blankets.”

She spent three days with Slate. They were boring days. He never let her leave the room, and there was nothing to do. She spent most of the day alone. For the first day she spent time out on the balcony, which was over one of the tributaries that flowed though the city. The Julei River forked into the Marus and the Canus Rivers. Off of the rivers were several small tributaries, which kept water flowing though the city. She would play her ocarina and watch the sun play on the water's surface. But soon enough that gave her little distraction. Slate brought her a few books, which she read more then once.
On the fourth morning she was back behind the screen dressing when Slate came in saying, “Jade, breakfast is here.”
Novalee sighed. “I asked you not to call me that any more.” She stepped out from behind the modesty screen. She wore a plain dress which fit loosely. She breathed in the wondrous scents as she sat down and reached for the hot bacon.
“No.” Slate grabbed her hand. “You don't want to ruin your figure.”
Novalee laughed, “Of course I do. I never want to be hungry again, and if that means I gain rolls becoming so fat that I wattle down the street than so be it.” She tried to take the bacon back.
“I said no.” He slapped her hand.
She slapped him back, “I'll eat what I want.” She shoved the bacon in her mouth before he could take it away from her again. He was particular about what she ate and every meal was a bit of a fight. It frustrated her. During her time with him, she found her stomach growling again. She hated being hungry. He always ate his fill and left little for her.
After breakfast, Slate got out his violin and Novalee pulled out her ocarina. They played together for a couple of hours before Slate got ready to play for the other patrons of the inn.
“Can I come with you? We play well together and maybe if there are two of us Mr. Corey will give us more food,” she suggested.
“It's too dangerous,” he said. “They're still looking for you.”
“No buts, do you want to be back in a house?”
“Then be patient.” He took her hand and gently stroked her hair. “A few more days and they will move on.” He kissed her forehead. “I'll be back tonight.”

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thankful Thursday 10/3

1. I've had four sub jobs.

2. Ballet class I am starting to feel less like I'm auditioning to be one of the hippos in Fantasia.

3. Playing DND, to those of you who have never played well you just should it is so much fun.

4. the great people at LCA

5. the Ladies at Knit Night they are a varied group of women who love to knit and talk about their lives.

6. For a new Job opportunity which seems to be working out well.

7. I finally got my hands on Seanan McGuire's new book. I will have a review of it posted soon.(and I read it in one evening.yes very very good. now i have to wait a whole year for the next one.)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New Beginnings: The Bard

For the pervious Breaking ties part 2  or to start from the Beginning

 “Novalee, you coming?” Felicia yelled up from the bottom of the stairs.
“Just a second.” Novalee took one last glance at the looking glass then rushed out of the room and down the stairs. Her wool skirts trailed behind her. She liked the way wool felt, heavy and strong. She had always felt vulnerable clothed in the gossamer silk she had worn at The Temple.
“About time,” Felicia grunted, “We're going to be late.
“Oh come on,” Novalee smiled, “We still have two and a half hours before we are expected at the Dancing Gypsies.” She made sure she had everything, then went out the door. “Aren't you coming?” she smiled.
Felicia shook her head and followed. It was difficult for her to believe this was the same timid girl they had found in the alley almost a month ago. She was now a part of their odd little family held together by Mag.“Slow down,” said Felicia.
Novalee stopped and waited. “I thought we were late?” Novalee found her new life a happy one. She played the part of distraction for the group of pickpockets and cut purses. She would play the ocarina while several members of the gang would walk around in the audience cutting-purses and picking pocket.

“We're not so late we have to run.” Felicia caught up and they fell in step together.
“I wasn't running.”
Felicia rolled her eyes.
“Either way I'm hungry, we need to get there before...”
“They're not going to run out of food.” Felicia huffed.
“Are you sure?” Novalee let Felicia set their pace.
Felicia was a short girl and stocky. If it weren't for the point of her ears no one would believe she had elven blood. She was older than Novalee, and much more serious. “Yes I'm sure, and don't make yourself sick.” She said
Novalee nodded. Her appetite was a source of mirth for the Grasping Magpies. No one could believe how much the little thing was capable of eating. On more than one occasion she had eaten herself sick. “I promise. But I would like to eat something before the performance.”
“How can you always be hungry?”
Novalee shrugged. “Call it making up for years of not eating.”
They made it to the tavern when sun was just starting its descent. The tavern was already filling up. The Dancing Gypsy was near the North Gate, and most of its patrons were adventurers from the north. There were other travelers. but mostly it was the place adventurers stopped at on their first night in the city. They were a little more free with their treasure and ready to tell anyone and everyone about the great deeds they had achieved, the damsels they had rescued, the dragons they had slain. Novalee loved to listen to them talk about the world outside the city. Maybe latter she would see it herself.
Novalee was given wine and bread which she ate and drank happily. This would be her fourth time playing at the Dancing Gypsy, and the first time the cut-purses would be in the crowd. Not too many, they didn't want too many of the patrons getting robbed, and most definitely didn't want the theft to be associated with Novalee's playing. Mag was good at using his resources as long as possible.
After she had eaten and cleaned out her mouth with some water the tavern keep announced her onto the stage. After bowing she played, one song after another. She loved the music and let herself become one with the sounds. She loved to watch the crowd as they were moved by the music. Tonight looking over the crowd she thought she recognized someone. She looked again and could not believe who was in the crowd. It was Slate, a boy from The Temple. Their eyes met and she knew that he recognized her. That made her nervous.
When she finished playing and she made her way off the stage, Slate was waiting for her.
“Jade Songbird, what are you doing?”
"It's not Jade anymore." She answered, standing straight and walking with as much forged confidence as possible. "It's Novalee."
He blinked, then said, "That is a dumb name."
"So was Jade." Novalee said pushing him out of her way.
Slate was back at her side in a moment, "Well you shouldn't be out in the open."
"Why?" She shrugged.
"The High Priest is looking for you."
A shiver went down her spine. "He survived?"
"Of course, how can you be so stupid."
Novalee flinched. "Maybe it was just wishful thinking." She looked down at her feet.
"You should come with me."
"Why? The Magpies can keep me safe."
"Really, you think a bunch of unbelieving thieves can keep you safe?"
"Why not?"
"Because he knows where you are."
Novalee froze.
"Why do you think I'm here?"
Novalee looked like a rabbit who realized that the wolf had seen it and now was trying to decide which way to run.
"If you go back to the Magpies tonight by morning the high priest will have you."
"But if I go with you?" she asked in a quiet voice.
"I'll keep you safe." He offered his hand.
She hesitated, then took it.  

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

On the Needles 7

It Tuesday and that means it must be time to talk about knitting! I have cast on a few new projects, finished a project, continued with some projects, and gotten excited about a new project that I will be starting hopefully soon.

 I decided to take apart a crazy scarf I made forever ago. It was huge and made with these colors you see to the right. I have decided that this yarn will make an awesome Elephante. I like making toys and this little guy will hopefully be ready by christmas to give to one of the sweet little girls at my church.

 I have gotten a little farther on my Velvet Morning Cardigan. very soon I will start shaping the arm holes and then it will be time to make the sleeves. I love that I am done with the color work but I can wait to do more of it so I am very excited to start working on the sleeves.

I finished the hat!!!!!!! Shell I will be sending it to you as soon as I wash it so you will get a clean great new handmade hat!

I got started on the body of the SkyIsle Cardigan I can't wait till I get this to the point where I join the body to the sleeves and then I get to start working on the color work. Which means I will need to get the corresponding color... hum Maybe I can use a Noro...probably not considering that the yarn I'm using is acrylic. I think Noro is all wool.

A sock! well I can't really afford to buy the yarn I need to finish the other sock so what did I do? I decided to cast on a new sock. not the mate to the sock I have already finished by a whole new sock pattern. Isn't that fun?

Lastly, Knitty had it's new issue come out, I love knitty. In this issue is the Donuts hoodie by Ben Conn. I saw it and thought" that looks like something talon would wear." So I sent my brother a picture and asked him if he would like to have this sweater. he said yes. which makes me very happy because I want to make things for my family but they are so very hard to pick stuff out for. Well Talon will get this sweater for his 26th birthday. 

That is all for today, till next time God Speed and OPen Roads.