Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Jesus Prayer

(If you are visiting thought Jessa Russo's Ghostly Blog hop my short story entry can be found here: Recalled to life. ) 

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

It is a symple prayer covers a whole host of concepts. It is easy to say. It comes from the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. Luke 18:10-14. It is a humble pray that says "God I need your mercy because I am a sinner and I make mistakes."

I Like this prayer, it's easy and often I will say it at night when I can't sleep- which is becoming a problem again, sigh.- or when I am driving. It is often how I pray for people in my life. I mean the people I pray for are people that I care about but I don't always know what is going on in thier lives. This pray covers everything. what eer situation we are in we always can use God's Mercy, and we need God's Mercy becasue we are sinners.

Some people may not like that. The word sinners has different meanings for different people. For me it comes back to something that I say with my congregation every Sunday. "We have sinned against you in thought, word, and deed by what we have done and by what we have left undone."

When you think about it that way, it is simpler to see how yep I still sin, I still make mistakes even though I hae said the sinners prayer and been baptised. along with that I still can have God's mercy.

The last thing I want to say about this prayer has to do with something that I and some of my friends from high school thought about. We were very intersted in a 1 Thessalonians 5:17, "pray without ceasing." We would talk a lot about what that would mean and what it would look like. This is a simle pray that covers a multituted of meanings and can be said and thought at any and all times.

Here is how it works. you can use beads or you can just use your fingers to keep track of how many times you pray it. the idea is to pray this prayer often. I believe the Easter Church sugesseds that thier paristioniners should pray it 100 times a day. You don't have to start there but pray it over and over again. each time focusing on a different word in the prayer. Maybe the first time you focus on Mercy and how you need God's mercy in your current situation. Maybe then you move on to Lord and think about what it means For Jesus to be Lord not just of your life but of the world. Maybe then you focus on the word sinner and think about the ways you have neglected to do the righ thing.

If you've never made this a part of your daily practice I would really sugest you give it a try. From expereince I can say that it will enrich your prayer life.

Till Next time God Speed and Open Roads. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Beginnings: Breaking Ties Part 1

(If you are visiting thought Jessa Russo's Ghostly Blog hop my short story entry can be found here: Recalled to life. ) 

For the pervious chapter a Place to Land  or to start from the Beginning

Jorin and his sister Felicia were only the first of the Magpies Novalee met. Their leader was a man called Mag. Mag took his name from the black bird shaped slave tattoo on his face. The practice of tattooing slaves was common in all the kingdoms of heimr. However Central's the second largest class was made of slaves who had been free. Mag belonged to this class. With his slave tattoo he had a a freedom-ring in his ear. Whether he had bought, stolen,or been given the ring was up for debate, but it was considered bad form to question where a freed-man's ring came from.
It was two days after Novalee took her new name that she met with Mag. He first asked her about the amulet Michael gave her. When he was convinced she didn't have any idea what it was, he moved on to asking her about what she done. “Besides spreading your legs, did they teach you anything?”
Mag was straight forward, he was open and blunt with those under him and he expected the same. He had a hooked crooked nose, sharp blue eyes,and he kept his head shaved. Jorin told Novalee that Mag shaved it when he first noticed he was losing his hair. To make up for the lack of hair on his head, he had a thick goatee which was carefully groomed, peppered with gray.
“I know how to read and write in three different languages.” she said.
Mag nodded, “Could come in handy, anything else?”
“I can play the harp, and the ocarina, and I can sing.”
“A little song bird then, huh?” He thought a moment then nodded. “I think there is a place for you here. I'm going to guess you are fairly dexterous and agile, right?” Novalee didn't answer. “Of course you are, I've heard of the positions they force girls like you in.”
Novalee flushed and couldn't meet his eyes.
“Nothing to be ashamed of, that was who you were, it informs who you are now.” A serving girl brought a plate of food to the table. They were in a tavern that doubled as the head quarters of the Grasping Magpies. “I need to know what you are capable of, if anything.” he continued pushing the plate in front of her, “If you want to stay with us and you can stay as long as you like. It is my prctice that anyone who comes to us like you did is family.”
“Thank you sir.” said Novalee in a small voice.
“Mag, with do.” He watched her stair at the food before her. “Well, looking at it won't get it in your stomach, eat. I'll never understand the obsession with keeping working girls thin so their bones can be counted.”
Novalee was hesitant; the food smelled wonderful but she didn't know what it was. She picked up the meat by the bone it was cooked on and took a tiny bite. The taste was unlike anything she had ever had. Years of hunger over took her and she took huge bites hardly chewing before she swallowed.
“Careful you don't make yourself sick.” said Mag. He chuckled at her enjoyment. “You may also want to take this.” He put a small vial on the table.
Novalee, her face sticking with the glaze from the meat, stopped eating, “What is it?”
“Well, I figure like most girls who work in the pleasure houses, you might like the opportunity to get rid of any lingering side effects of living such a life.”

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Beginings: A Place to Land

(If you are visiting thought Jessa Russo's Ghostly Blog hop my short story entry can be found here: Recalled to life. ) 

Escape Part 2   or to start from the Beginning

 When Jade woke she was confused. She was not in her little cell. She was on soft sweet straw and a warm, cheerful fire was painting the world with yellows, oranges, and reds. Two people were standing between her and the fire. Where was she? Had the temple been destroyed? What was going to happen to her now?
“Oh good, you're awake.” he said as he handed her a cup. She took it and sat up. The cup's contents smelled sweet, and when she drank it she found it to be thick liquid that tasted mostly of bread and molasses. “Drink it slowly, wouldn't want you getting sick.”
Jade looked at the man who spoke to her. He was tall, dark, and muscular. His eyes were brown as was his hair, and his ears had the slight point announcing that some where in his heritage was one of the fey folk.
“Where am I?” She asked
“Humph.” said woman, her features where hard to see in the fire light but she was plumper and shorter then then man. “You should be answering questions before asking.”
The man smiled, “Don't mind Felicia, she's just trying to frighten you.”
“I'm not frightened.” Jade lied, and badly; she was always frightened.
A single laugh escaped him. “To answer your question you are at the Two For Joy Inn and Tavern, in the Libra District of Central. Now you answer my question, what is you name? That's an easy question right?”
Jade looked at the black liquid in the cup, “They called me Jade.”
Felicia humphed again, “She must be from that house that burned.”
“The Temple burned?” Jade asked with wide eyes looking at Felicia.
“Was being used to hide an evil cult,” Felicia turned to the man. “We should turn her in.”
“No please don't!” Jade cried, “I wasn't important, I never wanted to be there. Please don't send me back.” Tears bubbled up and started to spill over.
“Oh now Felicia, you've frightened the little thing.” He tentatively put his hand on her arm. Jade flinched, startled by his touch. “You've got nothing to fear here girl, we are not friends to the pleasure district or to the worshipers of demons. I know a little of what went on there, from something similar. Now why don't you tell us what your mother called you?”
Jade wiped her eyes clear, “I don't know, I don't remember her.”
“How old were you when you were taken to the house?” he asked.
“I don't know, I've always been there.”
“Where you born there?”
Jade shook her head, “No they bought me, I just don't remember anything else.”
The man's hand tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and traced it's curved point, “Your mother was shamed?”
Jade nodded, eyes down cast.
“And you never knew her?” asked Felicia. Her voice had softened, ever so slightly
Jade shrugged, “I think I dream of her.” She drank from her cup. The only sound was the crackle of the fire.
“Well.” Said the man, “If you are going to stay with us you'll need to come up with a new name. I did, even Felicia over there did. They used to call her Mishap.”
“And they used to call you Bastard.” Felicia's tone had warning in it.
He sighed, “Such cruel names. Take one for yourself, we both did.”
Jade took another drink. People had called her many different things, none of them fitting. What name could she choose for herself though? The song that was always with her started playing in her inner ear. “Novalee.” she said, “I'll be called Novalee.”
The man smiled, “Well Novalee, I am Jorin Packsaddle, that there is my sister Felicia, and you are currently enjoying the hospitality of the Grasping Magpies.”

Monday, September 24, 2012

Author's Spot light: Jessa Russo

Several weeks ago Jessa Russo asked me to Do a review of her up coming book Ever a Paranormal Romance about a 17 year old Girl in love with her best friend who lives in her house, the wierd thing is that he is dead.  I'm going to touch on a few things before I get started on the actual Review. I was going to post an explanation of my rating system, but because I am lazy I didn't get it done. So instead I have to give a little paragraph. I have two rating system one is 1-5 and the other is a grade system. the 1-5 which goes from couldn't bring my self to finish to Something I will read again, and Something that I will remember with fondness. the grade system starts with an F (something that I couldn't finish and is so horrible that I don't understand how it got published) to and A+ which is something that not only did I enjoy and have a fondness for but also something that made a major impact on the genres or story telling in general. now on to the meat of this post

Let me start by saying I enjoyed this book, much more then I thought I would. In all honesty when I would hear Jessa talk about her book I was kinda hesitant about the topic, I mean a teen age girl in love with a ghost, is this just fall out from twilight? But as I got to know Jessa through the blog-o-sphere I really wanted to help her in any way I could with the launch of her book. So I thought hey I can give it a read and write a review. (oh and if you don't like spoilers, read carfully, I'm not going to promise there wont be a few. sorry)

Over view: Ever is a YA Paranormal Romance I will grade it as a B+ and give it 4 Stars. Like I said I enjoyed this book and I am curious to read the next book but I probably wont read it again and I don't know that it will have a huge impact on the genre. I even have already suggested to some of my friends that they would like it. remember a B+ is good, really good.

What I liked:
1. Ever, and Jessie are believable. I think this is because Jessa does a great job of giving reasons why they are the way they are. We see the broken home Jessie comes from. she has been taught that love looks a curtain way and that is how she acts. Ever is not moping around about how horrible it is that she doesn't have a boyfriend, rather she is trying to put the pieces together so she can function. Their friendship is one that has been formed from something more then just their similar interests, they are forever friends and even though they go through changes they will always be able to pick up where they left off.

2. Ever knows that she is in an unhealthy place emotionally. I think that this is a great motivator and explains why she doesn't ask too many questions of Toby. there is more to this side of the story then just "Oh Hot guy who is interested in me must give in to Hormones." Sure she loves Frankie, she always will, but he is dead and even though he is haunting her she needs to move on or she will be stunted by her grief. I have met someone who refused to let himself be healed of his grief, it is sad to watch him continue to hurt himself and others because he wont let go. Ever is trying to heal emotionally from what has happened to her. I think that makes her a heroine that young girls can look up to.

3. I appreciated the relationship between Ever and her parents.  Sometimes YA put too much on  broken relationship with parents, sometimes the 'my parents are so stupid' feeling that just about every teen has at some point is over played. Ever has a healthy relationship with them and they are doing their best to be encouraging and nurturing parents. -Also I liked that her parents where modeling what a healthy romantic relationship could look like.

4. As a romance I liked how the relationship with Frankie was shown. they were good friends, he clearly cared for her, they were just both to self conscious to sacrifice their pride to tell the other how they really felt.

5. (Spoiler) As a paranormal book I think that there is a freshness here. ghosts are nothing new, people who help ghosts move on are not new. however while there Jessa didn't take a lot of time to explain what the mythology was she did leave a good trail of bread crumbs that I believe are worth following. (in fact depending on what this mythos turns into the next book could get into the A range)

Now for a few things that I didn't like:
1. This critic should be held in the light that I don't generally read YA. I don't like figuring out what is going on before the main character. This is not the same as salving the mystery before the protagonist, this is more like when I see warning signs that are clear that the protagonist is telling me about and then watch the protagonist ignore them. Nor is this the hey I'm reading a romance so I clearly know that this guy is bad news. When I feel the character is acting Stupidly it really bugs me. -but this is a YA book so I have to remember that Ever is only 17 she hasn't had the life experiences, and her hormones are in over drive so she doesn't really want to ask the question wait why on earth out a 22 year old be hanging out with a kid like me?

2. this is a critic about nothing in the book but about the blurb.(spoiler) I wish the blurb hadn't said "Ever Van Ruysdael could lose her soul" this is because I was expecting the battle over her soul to be the climax, Instead it looks like that will be the point of the next book. here is the thing I knew before I started reading it that Ever's soul was going to be in the balance so I kept looking for how it would happen and who would do it. I'm not saying that the revel wasn't a good one. I'm very curious to see how it will pan out. but I think the Power of the revel was less then it could have been if I hadn't been given the heads up. However this is not really a critic of the book, or of Jessa but of the editor not catching that this would deflate the big revel.

So I liked the book it has its imperfections but nothing that says this is a book to avoid. if you like YA romances with a bit of Supernatural in them this is defiantly a book you should read.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Beginnings: Escape part 2

(If you are visiting thought Jessa Russo's Ghostly Blog hop my short story entry can be found here: Recalled to life. ) 

Escape part 1

 As she played Jade noticed that Michael tapped his fingers to the song and every now and then she thought she heard him sing. That surprised her, no one knew the song. She could never find anyone who recognized it. Not even the book imp in the library had any idea what the song could be.
When the song was over she asked, “Do you know the song?”
“It is a song I knew as a child from the rim country,” he said. “It's called Novalee.”
“What does that mean?” she asked.
“It means new beginnings.”
“Could you teach me?” she asked.
“Of course,” he stepped up to her.
A paladin, this one a large human called Senior Nose, stepped between. “She is not for having tonight.”
“I only want to speak with her,” said Michael, “I promise.” He took out some silver coins, “An hour of her time can't be more than this, and we will stay here at the table.”
Senior Nose took the coins, counted and nodded, “Stay where I can see you.”
A different girl, who couldn't play nearly as well as Jade, took her place. Jade sat at the table. A time candle was lit, when it burned down the hour would be over. During that time Michael taught her the song. It was in a strange language that she didn't know and it was difficult for her to remember. Soon the hour was drawing to a close.
“I hope you will come again soon,” said Jade, “I'd like to know it perfectly.”
“I will not be back,” said Michael. “My business draws me out of town, but here.” he handed her something. When she reached to take it he pulled her close. “I know what this place is and tonight when the bell tolls people will come, people who this place doesn't want here. Take this. It will keep you safe. When the bell tolls, put this on and run. I'm sure you know what will happen to everyone here.”
Jade's eyes grew wide again with fear. In the paper was an amulet.
“This is all I can do for you. Now go back to playing, it will be alright.”
She was distracted as she continued to play but no one was there to listen to the music. Therefore the missed notes and fudged chords passed unnoticed by anyone. Then the bell tolled. She stopped, and watched for something to happen. The great door burst open and men dressed as knights of Themis rushed in.
Jade quickly put on the amulet. Lady Themis was the Goddess of Law and Justice, and the patron goddess of the city. It was also well known that she held a special grudge against Asmodious.
“By order of the King and the power of Lady Themis this house is to be closed, and everyone is under arrest for the worship of the Damon Asmodious.”
“By what proof do you make such an allegation?” asked the high priest, though no one was supposed to know that was what he was. He was not dressed in his holy attire but in custom of a fashionable noble. He was answered by a javelin being thrown through his chest. He was dead before he could speak again.
With that, the paladins unsheathed their weapons while the three high priestess and priest stood from their seats and began attacking the guards. The quiet calm of the tea room erupted into a bloody riot as patrons, who either had no idea that the proprietor of The Temple was also the high priest of Asmodaius, or they didn't want anyone to think they had known the true purpose of the place, ran for the exits. Some of the lower priests and paladins attempted to get the girls to safety but they were all killed-- all who bore the sign of the house.
Jade hid under the table. She could hear the screams of fear and of death. The sounds became more frightening now that she couldn't see what was causing them. She had to get out. If she was caught by the knights of the city, she might be executed there in the room. If she survived, but was still here, the priests would move her to another temple or sell her to a different pleasure house. And if the priests caught her trying to escape, they would kill her. Better to be dead than stay here, she thought as she gathered what was left of her courage and made a run for it.
No one noticed her. As she ran for the exit. it was clear that the worshipers of Asmodaous were losing. Patrons surrendered rather than be cut down. She wasn't the only prostitute trying to escape. Senior Brokenhorn stood at the exit trying to keep the girls from escaping. Jade tried to stop but she slipped on the bloody floor. There was so much of it that she kept sliding. She slid unnoticed by the Shedim and through the curtain which hid the back exit.
Once out of the room, she stood up. “There's more over here!” someone yelled. Jade took off running before they could catch her. She made it though the hall and out the kitchen door.
Outside The Temple, she kept running. She didn't know where she was going. All she cared about was getting farther away. She ran till her lungs felt like they would burst and her heart felt like it would break out of her chest and fly away like a bird. But she kept running, putting as much of the city between her and The Temple.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventures of being Unemployed

(If you are visiting thought Jessa Russo's Ghostly Blog hop my short story entry can be found here: Recalled to life. )

Happy Hobbit day get your hobbit shirt, read some Tolkien and have a tasty and hobbit like for dinner(s).  Check out this hobbit inspired dinner. skip the mushrooms and I am all over that!

Okay so this weeks adventures are full of dangerous and mysterious places, depression and how to balance self promotion.

Since last time I went to two strange new places one was the art room at Lexington Christian Academy, the other was Winstar Farms. In the last 14 days I have had two days where I worked. That is more then the last time we chatted.

At Lexington Christian Academy I had my first sub job. it was pretty crazy having my phone go off at 6 am to find out that they needed ME to teach a class so the Art Teacher could go home and sleep off the cold she had. It was fun. and easy. She had the whole morning to as her prep time. So I knitted till the students came in. They're good kids. a little loud and one or two are very needy. But I got paid 70 bucks for it! I can handle this sub gig no problem. except I would like to get called again...

Then it was off to Winstar Farms. My first temp job. and was that ever easy. I fielded calls all day. out on my first horse farm. I'd never been in a Kentucky Horse farm before. Sadly no I didn't get to see the horses. But I did have to drive out to Versailles which was just a beautiful country drive. I just happened to get lost on my way home. These roads are so confusing. 

Oh and that was the night we had dnd at our house so it was a little crazy trying to get home in time to clean my kitchen so Lisa could make her amazing Pad Thai and Sesame Chicken. oh it was so tasty!!!! Following the wonderfulness of Dinner was followed by one of the creepiest places i have been in a dnd world. A one sentience description: Sleeper-walkers drowning themselves!

while that was an exciting week, I think the toll of being unemployed has started to get to me. I've been rather depressed and had more then one question about whether or not I am capable of doing what it is I want to do and be. This is a very interesting place to have my head as I begin to publish my short fiction. the first part of the fist story can be found here: New Beginnings. Now I have to find some shred of confidence, when I'm not feeling very confident about anything so I can Self Promote the thing.

well that got sad, we can't end on a sad note so to hopefully make you smile I present you with-
Courtesy of Emergency Cute Stuff. you can follow them on twitter: @EmergancyPuppy

Till Next time God Speed and Open Roads

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Beginnings: Escape Part 1

(If you are visiting from Jessa Russo's Ghostly Blog hop my short story entry can be found here: Recalled to life. )
The City of Central
From: the map of Heimr, the known world

 Central City was the largest city in heimr, the known world. It was a place where anything could be bought or sold. All you had to do was know where to look. The most popular district was the pleasure district. And hidden in that district was The Temple. It was built to look like a place dedicated to the worship of sex and beauty but underneath the silk and the flowers was a dark secret. All the gold made by the lucrative business of sex went to fund a temple to Asmodious, the demon god and overlord of hell. Most who came to the temple came to partake of the pleasures it offered, but others sought to commune with their deity through the use of the prostitutes- each of whom was a priestess of one level or another.
Novalee was one of these, though she hadn't taken that name yet. For now she was called Jade Songbird. She was a lower level priestess, and a cheaper prostitute. However on the day our story begins she wasn't mingling with the other girls as they pleasured guests of all the Intelligent races of heimr, instead she was in the tea room playing the harp. She played the music that helped make the conversations feel more private. The music was light, sensual, and romantic to help sell the illusion being created: prostitutes pretending to be in love with patrons, who tried to forget that they had paid for her attentions.
She stopped playing for a minute, just to drink from the glass on the table next to her. She was beginning to feel light headed. She was weak, and hungry. These were not new experiences for her. She was always hungry. For as long as she could remember she'd always been underfed. But today was worse. She'd eaten almost nothing the last three weeks because the High Priest had put her on a water fast. Jade drained the water that was her only sustenance.
At the table to her left one of the girls shierked and tried to get away from the patron she was with. The girl, who was fairly new, was human and rather young. If Jade remembered correctly, she one of the girls used in the sacrifice the past holy day. Once the girls were ready to begin working they were the center piece of the worship ceremony, where their virginity was sacrificed on the altar of Asmodious. The patron she was with was politely called a merrow, and impolitely called a fish-man. Jade empathized with the girl. While compatible with humans, the merrow's rough and clammy skin made it very uncomfortable to lay with.
The patron grabbed her roughly. Jade saw one of the Paladins walk across the room to them. The Paladins did not have names, at least none that were shared with the girls. They were called by their rank. There were three ranks among the paladins-- senior, master and commander. The girls gave them nicknames to differentiate them but these were never said where a paladin may hear. This one was called Senior Brokenhorn because one of his horns was broken. He was a Shedim or a Demon human high-breed. His skin was red and his pupil-less eyes glowed white.
Senior Brokenhorn grabbed the girl. She stopped struggling. He asked, “I'm sorry sir. Shall I bring you a different girl? Perhaps one who is not so obstinate?”
The patron shook his head, “No I want her.”
Senior Brokenhorn nodded said to the girl “Do your job.”
The girl was pale but she took the patron's hand. “This way sir,” she said as she led him to the stairs. Senior Brokenhorn watched them go, then turned his attention to Jade. She breathed deeply, trying to control her fear, and plucked the strings.
Music was a balm to her wounds. With each string she plucked, the notes eased her pain and calmed her nerves. She became lost in the music. It was as much a part of her and her skin. It was some time before she stopped again.
When she did a patron asked, “Could I make a request?”
Jade opened her eyes. When she saw who the patron was, she nodded. His name was Micheal. He was only there during the afternoon and evening when the tea room was opened. He flirted with most of the girls but only ever took liberties with one of them, and only once. It was said that Micheal like the illusion of being with a women without being with one. Some of the rumors were that he was shy, and that he was here to learn how to be comfortable with women. Whatever the case, Jade liked him. He almost always sat at the table near the platform she played on and listened to her. He called himself a lover of music and complimented her on her skill.
“The song you told me about.”
“I'm sorry?” she wasn't sure what he was talking about.
“I believed you described it as a song from your dreams?”
“Oh.” Jade took a drink from her glass. She looked at the strings of her harp and took a deep breath. She started to pluck the strings tentatively at first. She had never been taught the song but it was one that she hummed to herself when she was alone. She didn't know the words, but the melody was a part of her, even if she didn't know why. It was a song transported her away from the temple to somewhere far away, where she was free. There was never a time when she didn't know the song, and over the years she had pieced it together on the two instruments she knew: harp and on the ocarina.  

(I had hoped to get my but in gear and get some illustrations done for this, hopefully next time. For now I am very Truly Sorry.)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday 9/20

If you are visiting from Jessa's Blog hop my entry can be found here: Restored to Life Please check it out and comment. If you want to vote please put VOTE in your comment.

Today I am thankful for:
1. last week I had my first Sub job and temp job. both were great and I can't wait till I get some more.
2. that my Husband loves to cook and is great at it. and you know is supportive.
3. My mom. For no other reason then she is my mom and I lover her and I am thankful for her.
4. For friends who will listen to rants, and are there for when i need to think though stuff
5. For my friend Abby who had a birthday recently it was great fun getting together to celebrate her birthday.
6. For my Cousin Amanda

Till next time God Speed and Open Roads

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recalled to Life: Author's note

If you are visiting from Jessa's Blog fest you can find my story here: Restored to Live

Recalled to life was inspired by the third chapter of A Tale of Two Cities, which is one of my favorite Dicken's novels. Mr. Lowery is off to France to pick up a friend of his who has been believed dead for 18 years, his mission is called only 'recalled to life.' in the third chapter which is Mr. Lowery's trip to Dover his mind wanders and makes him think that he is seeing his friend's specter. the questions and answers where always haunting to me, maybe it was the way they were read, but there was something beautiful and other worldly about them. when asked to do a ghost story for Jessa's blog fest this scene came to my mind. Probably because I had just read it.

Fun side note, Astrid and Nuriel are my DND Character's parents. This story is not cannon for the game but it is how I in vision their history.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the Needles 6

First if you are visiting from Jessa Russo's Blog fest you can find my entry here: Restored to life 

Now to business since last time there has been some new knits some old knits and well maybe I should just show you:

The Rebecca Hat is knitted all I have to do is hide all the nasty little ends because this was a stash bust project that ended with me buying more yarn to finish it. But I should have it in the mail very soon to the winner of my Raffle back during the Buccaneer Blog fest.

This little dandy is part of a project I have been thinking about for awhile now. I love to knit, and I love to write fantasy. in light of my current unemployment I thought why not find a way to bring the two together? This will hopefully become the cowl in the upcoming Novella I will be publishing here, I believe the first post of it will be Friday.

I cast on a new Sock! I am a little worried because I don't currently have enough yarn to make both socks. However after talking with the ladies at Knit Night (hosted by A Tangled Yarn) I think I should be able to find more. Crossing my fingers. This Sock will become the Black Rose Sock by Suzi Anvin

Lastly I got over my Second Sock Syndrome to cast on the second of these socks. I actually got to work on it quite a bit during my sub job and temp job. it was fun at the sub job to have the kids ask what I was doing and be surprised to hear I was making it as a Christmas Present for my sister, and it was fun to have people at my temp job be amazed at what I was making. Knitting is fun ya know? I mean non knitters will be amazed at how you monipulate yarn on any number of needles into a garment to which they have no explanation for except that it must be magic.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Recalled to Life: Ghosts and the girls who love the Blog Fest

So I hope this story will work for the criteria of the blog fest. Remember to Vote and Check out the other stories on the blog Fest. How to vote: comment at the end of the post. You must have the word "VOTE" in your comment for it to be considered valid.  I'll have an author's note about this little story and some other goodies about it coming on Wednesday. 
"Mirror, mirror," Astrid whispered looking at the shining reflection of her room, "on the wall." what time was it any way? It didn't matter for her time had stopped, "Show me the one I love above all." The surface rippled making the reflection of the candles dance, then darkness. Astrid sighed. She touched her fingers to the liquid glass and it returned to show her reflection. The light and the purple of her garments made her skin look almost ghostly gray, her eyes which had been blue had been died purple from tears. Her hair which was black, looked purple in the mirror. "I look every part the widow in mourning." she turned her gaze to the rest of the room. It was dark, the thick purple curtains created her artificial night.

On the wall was her husband's likeness. Most the time it was covered by a violet silk cloth, but today the memorial of his loss Astrid had pulled the cloth to look at it.It was a good likeness it captured the secret smile he always had in his blue eyes. His long brown hair tied back out of his face and making his pointed ears stick out. They were pierced according to the rebellious fashion of the time. Three studs in the left ear with a thin chain connecting them. On his shoulder was the his house sidgel: the broken sword.

"Are you truly gone?" she asked the picture. She touched the face, "Should I abandoned hope?" she kissed his panted lips, then rested against his likeness. She may have indulged in tears but foot steps echoed in the hall. Astrid covered the likeness. She couldn't bare for them to take it away like they had the bassinet where the ghost of her son had lingered. She cried when they took it, calling out for the son who had never seen the sun. There was a knock at the door, "Enter." She said.

The door opened, she expected Brin, but it was Coywin, her husband's former servent. "My Lady." He bowed.
"It's been a long time." she said coldly.
"I know," Coywin was the one who took her from her husband's side 18 years ago. "I've come to recall you to life."
Astrid dropped her head with a bitter smile, "I am haunted by my son and husband, there is no life to be recalled to."
Coywin stood and approached her, "M'lady." he said taking her hand, "is his ghost here?"
She did not pull away from him, "He does not come when I call."
"You've tried?"
she nodded.
"And your son?"
She sighed and shook her head.
"M'lady." Coywin leaned in closely, "Do you care to live?"
There was a hidden meaning in those words, Something he couldn't say, something awoke in her that moment, “Yes,”
“Then ride with me.”

Coywin took her outside the city to the hill country then into a hollow hill. Inside was dark, there were no windows. Coywin lit a lantern, "Beware m'lady, it may be shocking." In the back of the hill someone cowered away from the light. He was dressed in rags, he was pale, his hair almost white, his skin nearly blue and seemed transparent.

"What is wrong with him."
"He is caught between worlds." explained Coywin.
"Is he alive?"
"no but niether is he dead."

The material of her violet skirt swished as she moved towards him. "Nuriel?" she asked and reached out to stroke his hair, but her hand passed though him. She jumped back startled.
"They tortured him for so long that his body is giving up. He must be recalled to life."
"How do we do that?"

Coywin took out a piece of black calk, "Please stand over here, till I tell you." he drew a circle around himself and the ghost man cowering in the corner. Coywin sealed the circle with his magic, and the calk circle glowed red to white to gold. "M'lord." he said.
The shade twitched.
"Buried how long?"
The Spector twisted, his eyes and Cheeks were sunken. "Eighteen years." his voice sounded dry and mournful.
"You abandoned all hope of being dug up?"
"Long ago." he shielded his eyes from the candle's light.
"You know you are recalled to life?"
"They tell me so."
"I hope you care to live."
"I can not say." the answer was void of emotion.
"Shell I show her to you." asked Coywin.
The phantom looked at Coywin, "I don't understand."
Astrid began to cry.
"I don't know."
"She is right here m'lord."

The lost soul turned. There was a moment of recognition and the eyes where wide, "No!" he said in a horse whisper, "It will kill me to see her," Tears shook the emaciated body, silent tears of a man broken by years of torture. "Please." he said after several minuets of weeping, "Take me to her."
"Come." he said to Astrid
She came and knelt beside the ghost that was her husband, "M'lord." his looked at her face. at first he didn't recognize her again.
"Is it really you." he asked holding out his hand, "Sometimes they make me see you." he brought the hand to her check the pulled it back hesitantly, "My love, are your real."
"Yes." she said, "I've come to recall you to life."

The hand gained color as it laid on her check. She held his there. It was cold but in the candle light he came to himself became part of the world once more."I had given up hope."
"But I didn't." Tears flowing freely
"My love you are here, this isn't a dream?"
"No. I'm here and I'll never leave your side again." he clung to her, his wife. and she embraced him, her husband. In that hollow hill the lovers were bond together once again never to be separated.

That's it I hope you liked it, Leave a comment or vote. till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

PS check out everyone else's story too!

PPS I have posted an Author's note to go with this story which describes some of the things I was thinking about when I wrote this story.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Sunday Post

I never really know what to post when my blog schedule falls on Sunday. Which is kind of funny because in the world today there is little reason why Sunday should be any different then any other day of the week. I mean there have been traditions that call Sunday a holy day, who refuse to let anyone do anything that might be misunderstood as work, or play. I was once chastised for listening to music that was not 'church' music. (It was DC Talk and Audio Adrenalin. Yes that dates me.) for some reason some activities that are perfectly fine any other day suddenly become sinful. Most of my life I have wondered why. It would seem to me that if  something is a sin it is always a sin, not just sinful on a particular day.

Now some of this comes from the Puritan understanding of what holiness is, and some of it comes out of the Jewish roots of Christianity. See when Christianity started most of the adherence were Jewish. They went to the Synagogue on Friday and then met with their fellow Christians on Sunday. Why Sunday? because that was the day Jesus rose from the grave. as the church got more and more distinct from Judaism and more and more gentiles became christens they stopped recognizing the Sabbath and instead only recognized their own weekly holy day.

Side note: The Sabbath refers to the Jewish holy day which is Saturday not Sunday. Some times people use Sabbath language to talk about the Christian observance on Sunday but it is incorrect to call Sunday the Sabbath. 

This means that the Sunday worship of the Christians is different then the Saturday observance of the Jews. the Sabbath was a day set aside to rest just as God rested on the seventh day of creation. You can check out the Sabbath laws in the old testament for what was and was not permitted. also the rabbis have created volumes of commentary about what the Sabbath laws are about.

But the Sunday worship is different, it was created so that ever week the Christian church was reminded of the Resurrection of Christ. Every Sunday is a mini feast day to celebrate what God has done. some of the early fathers went so far as to say that anathema to those who fast on Sundays, that it is wrong to kneel or be penitent on Sunday because Sunday is the day to celibate what God has done, in his completed work of salvation.

So that is interesting, something to think about it you know that is your tradition. it makes Sunday special sure, but not the kind of special that I was some what raised with. it doesn't get me closer to what i think i should talk about on Sunday but it is interesting. I should add that early christian and historical church traditions such as Roman, Eastern, Celtic, Lutheran, Anglican had days every week which were fast days. So they fasted on days not Sunday. maybe because the 'modern' church doesn't really fast is the reason why Sunday has the concepts attached to it.

What does this mean for my Sunday Blog posts? I don't know. Maybe I'll just keep thinking about it till I have an answer.

Any way till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

Friday, September 14, 2012

At The Art Desk

I love to draw, and I have come to the realization that I used to be quite good at it. (Looking though old sketch books has taught me that.) Some where I stopped believing in my self as an artist, I pretty much stopped drawing. I blamed it on the fact that my table was covered with crap, or that I didn't have time/ but really I just came to a point where I didn't believe I could do what I wanted to do. Projects were started and not finished. I have a drawing that I have been working on for almost two years and it is pretty sad how little I have to show for it.

there are several projects I have tried to start and never finished. 1. I want to draw a picture of my dnd characters and thier adventuring parties. It hasn't worked out so well. though I did get some where with another friends character.  2. I wanted to draw a picture form a mountain I climbed, I started it, but I haven't touched it since. 3. the Icon, I love it but I seem to have come to another point where I need to get over some kind of wall before I can approach it again. 4. I want to paint my Mother-in-law her Christmas present this year, haven't started that one yet either.

And I have had big project ideas for stuff too. Like I want to Illustrate my short stories. well I've started the map, and I have the iconic symbol of the city drawn. but other then that I am not doing so well. I don't know it sounds like I am doing a lot of winning right now, I hope someone has some good cheese to go with it, like a Havarti or Saganaki would be awesome!

Err I hope I didn't bite off more then I can chew with this.

any way till next time God Speed and Open Roads

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Writing Update

(sorry I missed Monday's post, but I went to my first sub-job and well I ran out of time to do a blog post.)

The Map so Far
Mostly today is an announcement. One of my ultimate goals in life (you know beside some day being on the Muppet show and singing a duet with Sweetums.) is to be a full time writer. Since I am unemployed I figure now is a as good a time as any to try and get started on that. starting next week on blog post off days I will be posting  300 to 1,000 words of a short story. Some of these short stories will take only one day, others will take more. Once the story has been published here Then I will be self publishing groups of the stories as an anthology. I don't know how this will work out but I'm going to try it. Each story is going to have an Author's note at the end as well as be Illustrated, and each (save the first) will have a knitted garment of some kind to go with it. The Garment and some of the Illustrations will be put in a give away after the story is published here.
Trail Swatch for first story
I'm kind of just going to try this. So here is a little about the stories I will be posting. All of the following stories will take place in the same generic fantasy world. These are a way for me to just do something while I work on becoming a better writer.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Adventures of Being Unemployed.

Well another two weeks have passed since I quit my job. While there have not been as many crazy things happen (such as suddenly having three kittens) there has been adventure.

The saga of the Dryer continues: So when the Plumber moved the dryer back to it's place he did something to it. it now makes a horrible grinding noise. So while we wait to get that fixed we have to use a cloths line. this is great int he fact that in the long run (at least till the weather changes) it will save us some money. it is not so great in the fact that yesterday it took all day for the cloths to dry. I did one loud of laundry yesterday, and because I was unsure of what the weather was going to do today I didn't do any today. *shrug*

On the subject of laundry and saving money I have decided that since I have nothing better to do with my time I would make my very own laundry detergent. It felt weird making it. I mean it was easy- a little time consuming but really easy. but it was kind of weird. first here is a link to the website I used to make the laundry detergent. (I'm also thinking of making my own Fabric softener.)

  1. I hate hipsters, and some how homemade Laundry detergent feels hipster to me. luckily I have a couple of friends who make the stuff too and they are not hipsters so I'm okay on that front.
  2. I read the little house books like crazy when I was little, I am even in the process of re reading them. So making laundry soap felt like connecting back to pioneer days (which was one of my first history obsessions I love the stories of the american pioneer.) 
  3. When I was 12 we were building our house. we moved out of our trailer and lived in two campers with a tarp over the area between the two and several tents. So maybe I got a little nostalgic. 

Other adventures this week had to do with going to a baby shower at my favorite bar Charley Brown's. (yes we are those kind of people.) It was fun laid back and nice to just hang out with the girls over...3 glasses of Sangria, two shots of American Honey, and okay yes I also had a rum and coke. Stop judging me it's not like I'm pregnant or anything I can have hard liquor if I want.

Oh and I have to tell you about taking the last kitten to her new home. She was so freaked about being in the car the only thing that would calm her down was to sing to her, and you know what she wanted me to sing to her? (it was the song that made her the calmest) The Magnificat! I sang what I knew of the Magnificat over and over again the whole drive. crazy cat! Now all the kittens have good homes.
Other then that I will be getting my car back finally! it has been at he mechanic for two weeks! I can't begin to tell you how crazy it has been to not have a car. Actually not crazy at all.

well that is all, till next time God speed and open roads

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It has been a while sense i did one of these but here it goes.
this week I am thankful for:
1. An understanding husband who is willing to support me in my unemployment as I seek a better job then the one I had
2. Encouraging friends both on line and off line.
3. My new cousin Peter!
4. That I was able to quit my horrible no good job.
5. For God's Provision- Greg has been doing some Consulting and they gave him their first payment yesterday, and there is another Consulting job he has been offered.
6. My alpha beta readers. very soon my first 'short' story will be posted here. and it is all due to their help.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

On the Needles

It's been a while sense I talked about my knitting, you would think that would mean that I would have all kinds of things to talk about, but I don't. Or at least I don't think I have that much to talk about. any way here we go:

It is just fun to throw all my knitting in a pile and take pictures of them all jumbled together. they look so cool this way. 

 First project to talk about today is the Velvet Morning. This is such a fun project I love it. The hard thing is that when I am working on it it looks like the colors get muddy and the design doesn't show up. but in this picture it all looks so good. very soon this project will be graduating from TV knitting to Social knitting, then when I start on the sleeves I will once again only be working on it when Greg is playing his games.

 Next is the hat that I am making as a give away for that Blog fest I did last month. I feel bad that I haven't gotten it done yet. I hope Shell forgives me for taking so long to get it to her. but it has been so frustrating. First I thought i had enough yarn for the hat, which would have been great because I could get rid of the little bits of yarn that had been languishing in my stash. So I could make something to give away and do some stash busting. well the Knitmoregirls will be pleased to know that I ended doing some Stash Grooming because I ran out of yarn and Bought what I thought was the right yarn only to find out that it was the wrong yarn but I liked the color so instead of returning the yarn I went and bought some more. and because I realized that the store did not have the colors I needed I found a third color. Now I must ask will it still be considered a Rebecca Hat or does adding a third color make it s new pattern?

 This is just fun, that is the sock yarn that I am currently working on. it just all looks fun in my yarn cup. I need to get over the second sock syndrome and Cast on the socks so I can finish up the beginning of my Christmas presents.

Speaking of Socks. I'd like you to meet my BIG SOCK!

This sock came about as I was trying to understand a Sock pattern. this being the end result I have abandoned the pattern. however this single sock gives me a wonderful place to put my finished socks that are either gifts for other people or I haven't gotten the second sock done yet. 

Lastly let me show you the yarn acquisition I have acquired:

It is fuzzy and I think perfect for making Toys. 

Well that is all today, till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

A New Blog Hop

I like these. I think they are fun and they give me something to do when I can't think of what to blog about. I may host on someday, but not today. Today I have signed up to participate in Jessa Russo in honor of her release of her first novel: Ever. Ever is described as a YA Paranormal Romance between a girl and a ghost. You can check out her blog here. Any way so about this blog hop...

this one is going to be a little wierd for me, but we should always try new things right? right? 

Yep ghost and the girls who love them. well actually the blog hop only requires the flash fiction to be a ghost story not necessarily a love story between a "living" person and a ghost, Jessa has even said that ghost can be loosely defined. But I have an idea forming in my head, so maybe not all is lost. Either way the prizes for this little project is pretty awesome so I look forward to trying my hand at this and reading what everyone else comes up with.

also If you haven't already sign up. it will be fun.