Saturday, July 31, 2010

Archie Boy wonder Part III

For Part I
          “Really?” Casey was once again mesmerized by the little creature who was still trying to find its way out. “but it's so little.” he remarked.
          “Ria,” said Jesse, “maybe we should do some quick cross referencing, try and figure out why it's here.” the both of them searched through Jesse's many volumes for several hours, Casey stood guard over the jar, but after a while he fell asleep. Ria motioned for Jesse to check to make sure Casey was a sleep. He nodded.
          “Oh thank God.” she said leaning her head back.
          “Do you think it is wise to tell him when we are trying to avert an apocalypses?” asked Jesse.
          Ria shook her head, “I don't know, he has already lived through a couple and you know the prophecy surrounding his birth. He always seems to take it well, as if it is something that just happens on a regular bases. Besides, he has figured out how to tell if I am lying.”
          “Oh,”he sat, “but, still, wouldn't it be better if you let him live in a world with out always being involved in the supernatural?”
          Ria Shrugged, “Probably but every time in the past I thought about that well there would be an apocalypses or some daemon gang would try to break into our house, and then there are people like Zachary that I could never separate him from.”
          “True,” He said nodding his head, “he does seem to be chosen to have a very unique life.” he watched the boy sleeping for a while then turned back to the book in his hand, “Found anything?”
          “Just some information about what these things are guardians and sentries for. The Resting place of Kazum Draug, who has the power to unleash the forces of darkness, blah blah blah, oh here we go by unlocking the door to Sloagdor where the ancient evil waits to usher in a new era in which the old ones will return.'” she ran her fingers through her hair, “I just don't know what it has to do with little boys getting their ears bitten.
          “I might have an answer to that,” Jesse leaned down to let Ria look at his book, “it says here that there is only one who can stop Kazum Draug, he will be a young boy that will have the ability to destroy the key by the power of his laughter.”
          “Really,” said Ria, “laughter?”
          At that moment the single window to the office was shattered and in flew a swarm of little lights. They flew every where knocking over anything and everything in their path. Several came to the table and threw the books while several picked up the jar that held their captive brother and threw it against a wall, Jesse ducked and Ria raced for Casey taking him tightly in her arms and diving under the table. In a flourish of light and crashing book cases they were gone.
          “Wow,” said Casey, “what happened?”
          “You should take him home.” said Jesse.
          “Awe!” said the little boy disappointed, “But the fun was just starting. Please Aunt Ria can't we say?”
         “No Jesse is right,” Said his aunt, “besides you have to go to school tomorrow.”
         “But But there's going to be an apocalypses,” Casey wined.
         “No there won't be,” said Ria, “we are going to stop it.” she lead the little boy out of the room at the door she turned to face Jesse, “I'll be back by after I drop Casey off at school.”

Friday, July 30, 2010

Archie Boy Wonder Part II

For Part I
          It was late when Ria got home, she was finishing up a phone call. Jesse had called her just as she was pulling into her drive way. “Well keep looking there has to be something in the annuls,” She said as she was unlocking the door and headed inside, “something that can tell us what would need to bite little kid's ears...I know... okay I am home now so I will talk to you tomorrow after I drop Casey at school... Bye.” she went into the living room where the babysitter was waiting reading a magazine, “Hey, how was he?”
           “Oh he was fine.” said the girl, “He ate his dinner and after a story or two he went to bed no problem.”
            “Good. good.” Ria paid the girl and then went to the kitchen to get something to eat. There was a sudden thud upstairs from Casey room. “Casey?” Ria called up stairs. There was no answer but a moment latter there was a crash. “Casey!” she yelled heading over to the stairs.
           “Aunt Ria Aunt Ria!” Casey came running out of his room holding his pillow case, “I got one I got one!”
           “One what?”
           “One of the lights!” He exclaimed holding the bag up for his aunt to take.
           Ria took it and opened the bag.
          “Don't let it go!” Casey exclaimed.
          “I won't.” she glanced into the bag then quickly closed it, she said something in a different language.
          “What is it?” her nephew asked.
          Ria ignored the question and grabbed her phone, “Jesse, Casey caught one...okay we'll be right there.” she closed the phone, “Casey get your jacket.”
          “Are we going to the office?”

           The office was down town tucked between a clothing store and a renovated building that now served as a coffee shop. The sign on the door was just a simple glyph with only the name Jesse Malory underneath. It was the kind of place people walked by every without seeing it. Unless ofcourse they were looking for it. Ria parked the truck then she and her nephew hurried inside. Casey clenching the pillow case closed.
            Inside was Jesse. He was a lean man bent over a table covered with books. He looked up at them when they came in. “Do you still have it?” he asked.
           “Yep.” Casey proudly smiled.
          “Good,” he pointed to the huge pickling jar on one of the tables, “put it in there.”
Casey shoved the entire pillow case into the jar and Jesse slammed the lid on. It was several minuets before the little light found its way out of the pillow case and started banging its head against the glass.
           “What is it?” asked Casey, almost pressing his face against the glass.
           “Looks like a...” Jesse adjusted his glasses and flipped though one of his books, “yes here it is a Nova Sprite.”
          “What is that?” he asked.
          “Well...” Jesse looked at his book, “Well it is a sprite that is native to creeks and such, they hide among fire flies mostly and...” he flipped a few pages, “it seems that they...oh...” he looked at Ria.
          She looked at the book, “oh.” she repeated.
          “Is it bad?” Casey looked up at the two adults, wondering if they would lie to him. They sometimes did that, because they didn't want to worry him. He didn't like it when they lied, he was eight and a half, over the course of his life he had learned that some where something was always trying to end the world and ever time Aunt Ria and her friends always stopped it from happening. His childlike optimism had never faltered, there was still nothing Aunt Ria couldn't do.
          “Well, it seems that this little guy and his friends might be trying to cause an apocalypses.” said Ria hesitantly.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Archie Smith Boy Wonder

A tiny voice asked, "is he the one?"
It was 10:00 and the Mrs. Milrose put out the last of the lights, she and her husband were the early to bed early to rise types. Their young son was already tucked into bed and fast asleep, tomorrow after all was a school day and he had to be awake very early. By 10:30 the house was dark and everyone was sound asleep. There were some lights still on in the other houses in the neighborhood but it was a quiet neighborhood lots of families with children, many of them around the age of the Milrose boy. So by 12:00 the whole area had gone to bed. It was the kind of place where no one really worried about things, nothing ever happened there. But that night was the beginning of something no one would ever understand, at least no one who lived in that tiny little Neighborhood in that small suburb of Denver Colorado.
At a lamp post on the corner of Cherry and Oak Streets to little lights broke off from the lamp and floated about. "Are you sure he is here?" Asked one of the lights, in an inhuman voice.
"Yes" replied the other, "The oracle was very Specific."
"But not specific enough to tell us which one of the 57 children it is." replied the first.
"We will just have to look around until we find it then wont we?" said the second.
After a moment the first said, "Well where should we start?"
The second light drifted towards the Milrose home, "This way."
The son of Mr. and Mrs. Milrose slept peacefully in his bed int he second floor bedroom. The window slid open by some supernatural force, and a cool breeze rustled the curtain. The two lights glided in. "Do you think he is the one?" one of the lights asked the other.
"There is only one way to find out." The lights moved closer and were soon hoovering over the young boys head.
Suddenly Mr. and Mrs Milrose were jilted out of their sleep by a pricing scream. They jumped out of bed and ran to their son's room. The curtains fluttered in the empty room. An in a moment of sere panic Mrs. Milrose called out her son's name, he wasn't in his bed. Minutes which felt like hours, latter they found him cowering under his bed very unwilling to come out.
The two lights floated down tot he next house, "It wasn't him." said one.
"No, maybe the next one will be more promising." said the second.

Ria pulled her truck into a parking space to pick up her nephew from school, a few minuets latter her nephew, Casey opened the door and climbed in. “So how was school?”
Casey looked at his aunt, “Aunt Ria, have you ever heard of lights that attack people?”
Ria was putting the truck in reverse, “What?”
“Some of the kids at school said they had a horrible dream that these two lights came into their room and bit them on the ear.” Casey explained, “Sense they each actually had a sore on their ears I figure its not a dream and there are these lights in the neighborhood that are attacking people when they sleep.”
“Well.” Ria was focused on the road, “I don't think I have heard of such a thing before, but I'll ask Jesse if he knows of anything like that.”
"Can I come with you?" Casey asked.
Ria shook her head, "not tonight, its a school night."
“Okay," he said not trying to hide his disappointment.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Why God?

why is it so much easier
to lock myself in a shell when things go wrong.
to run from my mistakes
instead of bringing them to you?

I know you want to help-
I know you can help
If I give all my worries and doubts
and frustrations to you
I know you love me
I know you care-

So why is it so much easier to run?
From Susie Magazine

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am copying my dear friend Liz again.  For different reason my life has been rather stressful.  I graduated from grad-school which is great but has created a void in my life because I no longer have school waiting for me in the fall.  for the first time in 21 years I will not have school to go to and that is a little scary.  With graduation came the lose of my job.  I am now on the job hunt and that is stressful and a little depressing because in a few months my money goes away and I will not have any income, that is of course only if i do not get a new job.  I am also engaged and getting married in 190 days.  That is a bright shiny place in my life, but also very stressful because every time I try to look at all the things I have to do I all but break out in hives over everything that has to be done.

So I am going to try and combat this stress that makes me feel like my life is a pressure cooker waiting to explode (or maybe make something tasty, I don't know what people make in a pressure cooker but i am sure it is good.) by thinking about things I am thankful for.

First I am thankful for my apartment, at least i did not lose my house when I graduated like i would have if i had still been living in a dorm room.

Second I am thankful for my fiancĂ© he is really good had helping come back when I'm drowning under all thing things that need to be done.

Third My Mom.  I am so grateful that she is here and is so wanting to help, I am sure she has no idea of how grateful I am, and I haven't shown it enough.

Four my room mate, she could not be a better friend if she tried.

Five St. Adian's Anglican Church, good friends and good community are hard to come by you guys are both.

Sacrifice thank offerings to God, fulfill your vows to the Most High.

-Psalm 50:14

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Simple Women's Daybook 4

FOR TODAY: July 1 2010
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...well pasted sun down, sadly you can't really see anything out my window, even in day light.

I am thinking... about plot holes.  or rather dropped plot, it seems that my nano novel lost the plot somewhere, and now i have to figure out how to find it again.

I am thankful roommate, my fiance, and game nights.

From the kitchen..nothing very exciting, Greg made Greek Monday night. it was very tasty.

I am wearing...Pajamas

I am creating... a new dice bag for all my dice.  and editing my novel from November. 

I am bed soon.

I am reading...the Simerilian, and Dracula

I am work on my novel, maybe get it ready for someone else to read it.  that would be good.

I am hearing...sounds of me typing, and Lisa doing dishes

Around the house...Christmas decorations frm last christmas.  the walls will just look so bare if we take them down. 

One of my favorite things...Well that isn't that much of a secrit is it.  of course it is my new shiny ; ).

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Some Pedicure soaks i made.