Friday, September 13, 2013

Knitting, shipwreck and Elephante

Okay I have finished my third Elephante by Susan B. Anthony. I love love love this pattern, which is obvious because I've made three of them. I think I am going to keep this one. However I am thinking about making another one, I'm not sure yet if I will or not. But probably in the next couple of days either there will be another one of these on the needles or the basic bear. we will see. Oh here are pictures because he is so cute!
Front veiw, this time I decided to try and put stripes in the ears
I think it worked out really well

Side view

From the top. you can tell from this angle I ran out of read and
had to substitute it with a variegated pink/red.
still i am very happy with how it turned out
I think the next one I make might be striped with all the blues I have.

And here are some pictures of my shipwreck shawl. I love the way this is looking and I can't wait to block it and start using it.
So I stuffed a pillow inside the shawl to try and show
it to you all the pretty lace, but
it didn't work out so well...

this is panel 2, it is a heart pattern

This is panel 1, it is called a strawberry pattern

this is panel 3, a leaf pattern

This section has beads, I'm on round four with the beads

the beads that I have already strung on the yarn,
and that isn't all of them. this shawl with have approximately 5,000
beads on it when it is done. 
So that is my current knitting projects. I hope you like the pictures and till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Week 27

I hereby dub this week of pregnancy Heartburn and getting kicked in the ribs. Mog really likes kicking me in the ribs. and some times I have such bad heartburn that I don't want to eat, even though my stomach is growling to be fed. it is fun to have heartburn over nothing in the stomach but a half a glass of water.

In other news job is still going well. it is nice to be taking care of a kid twice a week and I'm excited that baby mog will have lots of friends when he or she comes into the world. between baby J who will arrive sometime around october 1, the for lovely little girls at church (ranging from almost three to almost one) and Ford (code name for baby boy I babysit) Mog will not lack for friends no matter what.

Speaking of Mog, Mog likes to dance on my ribs, and just hang out there. which is rather uncomfortable. but it is good to know that he/she is active. Also Mog is the size of a rutabaga. I have no idea what that means cause it really doesn't sound that big.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

IWSG September

It is time once again for the Insecure Writer's Support Group hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Once a month writers connected by little more than the Word Wide Web come together to share their insecurities and encourage others.

Before I get into my insecurities and what not I'd like to take a minute to share with you my writing stats from August, then share some of my goals for September. I don't know how appropriate it is to share my stats during IWSG but at least this month I will.

August Stats:
Total words written in August: 22,982
Days written: 21 out of 31
Average daily word count: 741

September goals:
Write at least 21 out of the 30 days
Write 23,000 words total
Finish witchborn. (hope of hopes!)

Please share your own progress that you have made for the month of August in the comments, as well as any goals. That way we can celebrate together the progress we have made, and goals are always  good to share so that others can keep you accountable.

So what are my insecurities this month? That I have spent the last month chasing the muse. See I have gotten a good amount of words, I wrote on days when I didn't feel inspired. I wrote by dragging up words like a soot sprite at work in the furnace of Kamajii (Spirited Away). So I wonder about the progress I've made and wondered what everything will look like when I have to edit and rewrite. often I find myself writing a scene looked over it and thought, "hmmm, I Don't know if that will actually work, I may have to delete it latter, it might work somewhere else, but it will probably go." Sometimes I shrug these thoughts off, other times I feel discouraged.

I still think it will all come out in the wash and we will just have to see what it looks like after I get to the end, which with any luck maybe as early as September 23 *fingers crossed*any way I would love to hear about what you are insecure about, what encourages you, what you accomplished in August and what your goals are for September. Good luck and till next time

God Speed and Open Roads

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Week 26 Pregnancy and other updates

We are now at week 26, Baby Mog is now the size of an egg plant, which means he or she is 13.6-14.8 inches long and weighs about 1.5-2.2 pounds. and we are less than 100 days from mog's arrival in the world. what this means is that the baby is getting big, and cramping my stomach, or at least that is what i think is going on. See when I have a nice meal, and eat a little more than when I have a meal that is not as nice I end up losing my dinner. It is most definitely not fun. My days have started to look like this: day one have good tasty food for dinner throw up, Day two eat little feel sick most the day, Day three feel  better but still not eat too much, Day four have a good tasty food and throw-up latter. it really is no fun.

But we have less then 100 days left so pregnancy is almost over. I am sleeping more, though lately I've had odd dreams. I blame that more on Mira Grant and her Newsflesh trilogy. (more on that latter this week.) Zombies seem to be showing up the last couple of nights.

In other news Mog is very active. Yesterday he or she must have completely stretched out for it was like my skin pulled in several directions several places. Also finally after trying many many times Greg felt the baby move. that is definitely something that is very awesome.

Also I now have a job. I am now watching a little 8 month old boy two days a week in lexington. this is a complete answer to prayer.

well that is all for now, till next time
God Speed and Open Roads.