Wednesday, April 30, 2008


With all the Hype I had been seening on this film from the christian website I go to, and from the interesting things i had heard about it on the raido I thought this would be a movie not to miss in theaters. I find Ben Stien entertaining enough and the debate about Darwinism and Intelligent desine is always a good popcorn debate (when it is an actual debate and not an 'I'm smarter then you so just shut up' type argument). So last night Iwent to this film. Big thing this is not a creationist thing. it is intellegent desine, which looks at the world around us and sees that there has to be some kind of intellegents behind it, intellegent desine does not try and say what that intellegence is it is more of an agnostic veiw at its core then nessisarily ascribing to one religon over another.
Stien's point is not nessisarily to prove that Intellegent desine is viable (it is part of his conclution but wasn't the point), instead his point is to prove that in acidamia there is no longer a freedom of ideas. instead those with the money with the grants with the equitment have desided what is and is not scientific, what questions can and can not be asked, and which ideas are alowed to be followed and which ones are not.
In a dry sence of hummor he uses the illistration of the berlin wall, communism, and natzism. through out the entire thing. which fit his premis which is that here in america we are losing our freedoms and it is in the acidemic world in which it begins.
it was a well done documentary in that it he did not hound people, his interveiws were polite, and althought he made his view very clear his point was not driven home by a sledge hammor but by a rock pick carefully negotioating his way to his finel conclution.
this is a movie that i will most likely buy when it comes out, and acutally might go see again in theaters. I give it a raiting of 9 out of 10.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

But it's Pink!

Oh how I wish I had a digital camera. JC penny's had its Friends and Family sale so because Kathy works at JC Penny's I got one of the little coupons. I was not looking for anything special
but as I walked around the store i found something that I could not believe. it was a full size bed set. Beautiful chocolate Brown Middle Eastern designs that looked like a Henna Pattern. I spent a good two hours debating weather or not i would buy it. Why? Because the dominant color in this comforter is Salmon. which is my way of saying that it is PINK. Seriously I was debating on something that was pink.

Finely Kathy convinced me to buy take it home and look at it on my bed. That was three days ago and the comforter is still on my bed. I really like this comforter; however, I am still blown away that I chose something that was pink.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The texas Raid on the Compound.

there have been some coverage lattly on the Poligamist conpound that was raded. here are two sides of the issue from two blogs i read on a regular. If you would like to take a look as some opiniouns check these links out:
Traped by Mormons Mormanity 1 Mormanity 2 Here also is the LDS' offical word on the event, hopefull i will not seem Bias. Please I do know the Churches stance on poligamy that it has been outlaws since 1890. I do not mean to post this hear to offend any one. I acutally would like to know what some peoples opinouns are about what, expesily Mormanity, is saying about the issue. any comments that are distinctly anti mormon will be deleted.

Monday, April 14, 2008

World view, Prayer, and Other Thoughts

This past Friday I Had the Honor of attending the governor's prayer Breakfast. this is something that I enjoyed going to last year and I think it is a great opportunity for the church to have a visible place in politics. By attending we show that we do care about the political realm of our society and that we pray for our politicians so that they will make the best decisions for the country.

Something interesting I have learned sense living in ND is the sensitivity to Native Americans by the political realm. both of the prayer breakfasts I have been to have been to have had Native Americans as speakers. last Year we had Dave the creator of Famous Dave's, who is also a sought after motivational speaker. this year we had a Native American writer and a man who speaks often. to be honest i do not remember his name.

Interestingly enough he did not once talk about prayer. Which I thought was very strange at a prayer breakfast. He talked about world view instead. World view is a hot topic lately it seems. other who have sat under Dr. Peed's teaching would know that a single class can not end if world view has not been mentioned at least once during the class. The last pastory type thing I have gone to was all about world view. He spoke to a room of Pastors and employers, and legislators who had come together to pray for their government. Instead of talking about what role Prayer had played in his life he talked about world view, and why the White leaders in that building should make allowances for the Native American world view that do not comply with productivity, such as the relatedness's of time. He spoke about the evils that had been done to the Native Americans and how soon the Caucasians will not be the majority but the minority and what that might look like. Much of what he said was true, but not relative to the topic of the breakfast.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stop the presses!

This is a warning to all, stay in side the night of the 10! It seems that several leading alchemists have translated an ancient test which was discovered among the gnostic books found in the Nag Hammad discovery. This text was neglected amount the others in being translated because it did not hold the implications against traditional Christianity that the others did. it also was in much worse shape then the others. After years of painstaking work the text has been pieced back together and reviled a shocking story. It appears that there was a sect of Gnosticism that Found the remains of a women in a tomb marked with the name Ave Maria. Believing this to be the Virgin Mary they stole the remains and hid them in a safe place where this sect which would latter become the Cathars used the remains for the purpose of many Mystic acts. According to the writings the Body of this Virgin Mary was infused with a terrible power that once a generation gives it life and reeks havoc on the world.

When this text was compared to a set of books which are known as the Writings of the Templar's we find that The Templar's found this body and hid it to keep it from rising again. They also found that this female was not the Virgin Mary as assumed by the gnostic Sect but just some unfortunate french girl. Try as they may to keep this mummy from rising many times they failed. Which lead to the Vatican wanting the body, believing it to be of course the mother of our lord. Also Some confusion arouse saying that it was the Magdalene, which latter became the wife of Christ and the mother of his child.

It was this keeping from the Vatican that eventually lead to the demise of the Templar's. The body then was placed under the watchful eye of the masons and hidden in Rosemary chapel. however there was never any way to keep this Mary from rising again has never succeeded and led to her being hiding place to be moved. Some of the places she has rested have been, the church of Ste. Magdalene, Rosemary's chapel, the Saint Sulpice, the Templar Church, and many others.

Many are attempting to find where the latest hiding place of the remains is now. Daemon hunters and the like are warning everyone to stay in doors. there is no way to know what will happen on that night.
okay so my missing of the weekly world news has come to a climax. and maybe i have been watching too much Buffy. but I really needed some thing to write and this just kind of happened. I know it is ridicules, but hopefully it is at least some what entertaining. i don't even know if it makes sence.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Book Recomindation

I have resently read this book and I would like to recomend it to any one who is interested in looking at the bible and Christianity in different way. Bob Ekblad gives here an example of how a grass roots bible study has worked out in his ministry. His ministry is to men and women who are in jail waiting sentincing, and trails.
Now if you like the ivory towers of the 'church' this book is probably not for you. Ekblad doesn't sugar coat the things that have been said by those in his bible studies. He is not defencive or argumenitive in his writting style but he does have some pointed things to say about those in the Christian Mainstream.
If you liked Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiboorne then you will probably injoy this book