Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

(yes i stole today's title from Liz,)
today, being thanksgiving, i would like to take a minuet and list the things i am thankful for.

1. my Fiance Greg,
2. my family
3. my Church family at St. Adian's
4. my Room mate Lisa (who keeps me saine)
5. that my wedding is only 50 sleeps away!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NaNoWriMo update two

well we are past the mid point of the month, and I am only at 6,187 words.  if i actually thought it was possible for me to write 50,000 words this month.

I had already decided that i was going to do this year differently.  i am using a book called the weekend novelist as a guide.  and i am really enjoying this years nano.  it is almost relaxing.  so really wail i don't care if i make the right number of words, i will be happy if i have made it though the majority of the exercises in this book.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

NaNoWriMo update one

it is november 9th and i am only now writing up my first nano update.  I am just over 1700 words.  yeah i am not sure that i will complete the goal.  but that is okay, I am in a play that is performing the first weekend in december, (Lord of the Rings in 15min, I play the part of Samwise and of Soruman.)I'm working almost fulltime, and i am trying to plan a wedding (67 more days!!!). 

However i did go to the writer's conference again this year. this year was a mixture of encouragement and discouragement.  lets face it i graduated from seminary this past spring and this seems as good a time as any to start trying to be serious about my writing. (don't worry i don't plan to quit my day job any time soon).  the advice i was given was to take something I have finished and polish it.  So now i am trying to think up a plan, for everything to fit together in a neat little package without having my life go spinning off in adicea. 

I have three peices i want to work on that are fiction (one Scify, one Fanticy, and one horror).  and i also want to try my hand at some freelance articles.  So i am not sure what to do or how to do it.  I have a story that i am trying to get ready to post on my blog for christmas special.  (I've been working on it all summer and i want it to be a lot better then the last story i published) the next is a piece i have finished and want to start polishing, then last but not least there is nano.  Even though i know if i get to 25000 words it is going to be a miricle i still want to be a part of it, it is fun and one of the highlights of my year. 

So on with the craziness!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Stories I have Written

Because I like to write stories I will be publishing some of them on my blog this page is so I can have a navigation to my stories if any one is looking for something.

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick:  these are actually only exersizes so they are not generally very good but they are fun.

Archie Smith Boy Wonder
Strange Day in July

Achie Smith Boy Wonder Part IX

For Part I

     Early the next morning Ria pulled her truck up to the Smith's house.  "Well Archie, you ready to go home."
    Archie nodded and undid his seat belt.
    "Before you go, here." she handed him a glass vile, "You should have this." inside the vile was shiney metalic dust, "It's the dey, so you remember that you saved the world even if you can't talk about it."
     Archie took it, "cause people won't believe me and think i am crazy, Right?"
     The door to the house opened and Archie's parents stepped out, "Can I tell my mom?"
     Ria nodded Thoughtfully with a smile, "I think she'll believe you." she patted him on the shoulder, "Go on."
     Archie Got out of the car and ran to his parents.  Ria smiled as she watched Archie's father take his son in his arms and Archie's mother weep as she kissed him. "Congratulations Archie, Boy wonder." Ria put the truck in drive and left.


Archie Boy Wonder Part VIII

For Part I

     "Can I go home yet?" said Archie.
     "not till after we destroy the key." said Jessie, "If we don't destroy the key they will just come after you again."
     They heard the door open.  "Aunt Ria!" Casey bolted to the door and hugged his aunt. "Did you die?"
     Ria picked him up and held him tightly, "not permanently." She said as she kissed his cheek, "I'll tell you all about it after we destroy the key."
      "You got it then?" said Jessie.
      Ria Showed him the large black key.
      They all went into the kitchen and sat around the table. "okay Archie this is why the took you." she laid the key on the table. "only you can destroy it."
      Archie didn't understand, "How?"
     "with laughter," said Jessie.
     Archie shifted in his chair, "I don't feel like laughing."
     Jessie looked at Ria, "well,"
     Casey looked at the two adults.  Suddenly his aunt crossed her eyes and stuck her finger up her nose.  Casey giggled but Archie didn't. Casey understood what his aunt was doing, so he made a face by Sticking out his tongue and making a strange mask with his hands.  Archie pushed Casey who fell off his chair.  Casey and Rria laughed. Archie tried to hid his smile.
      Jesse thought of something and snicked to the fridge. what he was looking for was hidden behind the milk.  if this didn't work he didn't know what would.  He walked quietly behind Ria and said, "Hey Ria."
     She Turned and he shoved the coconut cream pie in her face. Archie and Casey laughed.
     Ria wiped the cream out of her eyes, She shook her head, then Threw a hand full of cream at her nephew.  the laughter continued. Casey smashed some of the cream form his face into Archie's.  and with that all that had been the coconut cream pie was flying through the air.  Casey ran for a can of Ready whip and shot it at Jesse.  Laughter shook the house and on the table the key quivered and disintegrated.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Archie Boy Wonder Part VII

For Part I

     Jessie ran through the park, put Archie in his car, and sped off to Ria's house. Once there Casey berated him with questions about everything.  Jesse told him to be quiet as he paid Megan and sent her home.
     "But where's Aunt Ria?" Casey asked.
     "She'll be here soon." Jesse had Archie rapped in a blanket and made the boys hot Chocolate.
     They waited, and waited... the clock on the mantel struck 1:00 am.  both boys were getting sleepy.  Archie yawned.
     "You don't think something happened do you?" asked Casey.
     "Oh come on." said Jessie attempting to cover his own wary, "what could happen to your Aunt Ria?"
     Down in the cave beneath the old boxcar Kazum pulled his sword out of the lifeless body of Maria Sunctus, none by most as simply Ria. "what a waist of time."
     His priest nodded.
     "And now the boy is missing."
     His priest turned back tot he pit, "I will complete the ritual, you go get the boy."
     Kazum agreed but as he passed Ria's body he tripped.  before he got up a sword came down into his back and he screamed in agony as he died.
     The priest whorled around dumbfounded at the women who had killed his master.  "but you did you?"
    with a swift movement Ria pulled her sword out of the demon's body, "Got tangled up with some druad's 1400 years ago. you know they are really good at their curses." She faced the priest, "now about completing that ritual." She glared at him.