Saturday, April 30, 2011

Looking back on April

Around the house: Goals for April- sadly I did not meet any of my goals here.  but I did get my pictures unpacked and now that our tax return came in hopefully we will get the last piece of furniture for the living room. Goals for May-Change My name and Implement 30 days of cleaning.

Out of the Notebook: Goals for April-worked on but not completed.  I got to scene 9 of 15 of Ashes and snowflakes and to scene 11 of 15  of The rescue.  Goals for May- Get to the end of act one for both stories.

On the Needles: Goals for April-met! I made my first sweater! Goals for May- finish my wedding shrug, and get my gift Q finalized.

From the Sketch Book: Goals for April-not met (sad face). however I did make some good head way and maybe I will share some of the sketches I have done.  Goals for May-Finish the Icon.

In the Blog-a-sphere: Goals for April-almost met, I put up 11 blogs, which averages to almost 3 a week. Goals for May-well I have added a new weekly feature I think I will will give my self a smaller goal, every week have my three weekly posts up.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Coffee Shop Melodies

I've been listening to classical books while at work.  I love it, it makes my job bearable and I want to talk about these amazing books I have enjoyed.

Originally I was going to just write a review of the book.  Then as I was writing the review i found that there was just too much i wanted to talk about.  So I came to the conclusion that maybe I would just have a literature discussion on a weekly basis.  these will expose the ending so if you haven't read the book be warned.

My Reading, books listed here I have finished Reading, if I have posted about them I will put a link following the book title. If there isn't a link it means I have read it and intend to post about it.

Hunchback of Nortre Dame By Victor Hugo:
     Disney Lied
     What Makes a Monster and What Makes a Man
     Esmeralda: The Tragic Virgin
     The Edifice
Adventures in the Afterlife Series By Mur Lafferty
     Heaven: Misconceptions of heaven
     Waste land:
The GFL Series (Galactic Football League) By Scott Sigler
     The Rookie:
William Shakespeare's Plays
     Hamlet: Vengeance
Books By Jane Austen
     Sense and Sensibility:  Family Responsibility
     Mansfield Park:
The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer
     The Knight's Tale
     The Miller's Tale

My Current Reading list:
The Simarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien
The Starter by Scott Sigler
Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday 4-28

1.The resurrection
2. A husband who attempts to combat my silly brain
3. Naps

"Sacrifice thank offerings to God, Fulfill your vows to the Most High, and call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me." 
Ps 50 : 14&15

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is an important day on the Christian calender.  Sadly it is a day that most modern evangelicals and protestantism don't know what to do with Holy Saturday.  Good Friday is when Jesus died and Easter is Resurrection Sunday.  both those everyone gets.  But Holy Saturday... that is when Jesus was dead.

So in the world Holy Saturday is a bad day.  The light of the world had been slain, and the world seemed darker.  Evil won, or at least it had appeared to win.  Everyone was morning the death of the messiah who was supposed to save the world now lay in a silent grave.

But that was only what was seen and experienced in the mortal world. in the eternal world something very different was happening.

Imagen for a moment something like Dante's hell.  Satan is in the center all around him dancing and celebrating are his minions.  The air is filled with the cries of torment from the tortured human souls.  Noise fills the air with the thick sulfuric clouds.

Then there is a crash and everyone goes silent, and HE walks in.  All the daemons and minions of hell shrink back as HE makes HIS way to a cage where two anguished souls are huddled in a corner.

Satan king of hell stops him, "NO their mine!" He holds the scepter of hell  before HIM and attempts to prod HIM back.

HE, Jesus, looks at the lord of death moment, then makes to go past him.

Satan prods HIM again but this time Jesus waves it away. Satan falls back as the Scepter explodes without contact with the Hand of the Creator. There are shrieks and scrambling as the lower beings hid from the sharp shards which are embedded into those who are too slow to escape.

Jesus, the Son of God and of Man, continues to the cage.  Holding the door closed is a huge padlock called Sin which requires many keys to open.  For the first time sense its Establishment is silent as all the residence hold their breath to see what HE will do next.  Jesus takes hold of the door and with little effort HE pulls them from their hinges.  The locked door of sin is tossed aside as if it is nothing.

The daemons and damned together scatter in hopes of not being crushed.

Jesus tenderly takes up the two prisoners in his arms.  A man and a women: Adam and Eve, the mother and father of all humanity.  HE caries them like children then turns to walk out the door.

"NO!" Whines Satan the father of lies, "Their mine!"

The gates of hell which are called Death and Grave, slam shut.

HE considers the gates carefully, then still holding the man formed from dust and the women crafted from his side. Jesus continues forward.  They shutter, as their masters will and the will of their masters creator conflict, then burst open like a broken damn flying form their hinges.

The ruler of hell attempts once more to stop this standing between the Annihilated gates and the word which spoke the world into existence. "This isn't how it was supposed to happen, this is mine!"

Jesus bats him aside, "Not any more."

And Jesus left hell in shambles, the daemons cowering in their holes and Satan crushed against a wall where he was defeated.

And that is why we celebrate Holy Saturday.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Special

I came across this earlier this week and decided I had to share it with every one. It is a Konatika of St. Romanos. St. Romanos lived from 490 to 556 and is one of the churches oldest hymn writers.  A Konatika is a chanted sermon.  This one is on the Treachery of Judas and is read by Frederica Mathews-Green on her podcast Frederica Here and Now.  She is a speaker and writer of the Orthodox Church and her podcast is published by Ancient Faith radio. Please enjoy as you prepare for what ever services you are attending at this most holy time of the Christian year.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday 4-21

1. My God daughter Hannah
2. A husband who is understanding
3. that I am not pregnant
4. To be a part of Lisa's wedding!
5. to have held Tully for the first time
6. That it is holy week!
7. For a satisfying Ballet Class this semester (very sad that it is over)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Simple women's day book 3

For Today: April 19 2011
You can find more day books at Simple woman's daybook

Outside my window: Cloudy skies as the sun sets

I am Thinking: of how to respond to an email regarding game day.
I am Thankful For: My back isn't hurting

From the Kitchen: Mexican Casserole

I am wearing: My new jeans and a white tank top

I am Creating: Knitting a sweater, Painting an Icon (the Cross of San Damiano) Writing act one of Ashes and Snowflakes... still

I am Going:  Nowhere tonight.  it is a quiet night at home.

I am Reading: The Simarilion, (still) and Twenty Years latter by Alexander Dumas... I've been listening to to many pod casts lately

I am Hoping: That we will be able to have a good holy week.
I am Hearing: Too many vehicles drive by on our street and cross street, Greg playing Dark Cloud.

Around the House: Blankets, knitting supplies, Writing supplies

One of My Favorite Things: Reading the Daily office with my husband. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Monsters! The Golem

I think Golems are one of the most forgotten of the monsters.  Unless of course you are well versed in fantasy.  but really they are used all the time with out people realizing that they are using a golem.

The Golems are a signuture part of jewish folk lore.  They are found in the Talmud describing the way in which Adam was created by God.  there are a few mentions of Jewish Magicians created Golems but it is not till the Middle ages that the monster gets "fleshed" out.  at this time all Golems are made from mud.  They are made by their creator for a purpose once that purpose was fulfilled the golem would turn back to mud.  The Golem was animated by inscribing the hebrew word for truth on the creatures forehead, and he is destroyed by erasing one letter which changed the word from truth to the Hebrew word for death.

There are stories of the golem protecting jewish families from Anti semetic Emperors who endorced the killing of jews and even a more modern tale about how one protected a family from Nazis. These stories very in thier endings.  Some times the Monster fulfills his purpose and he is turned back to dust, other times He desides that he likes being alive and destroys the family that created him.

The point of the golem is that they are an artificial life.  No longer is the golem only created out of clay but can be created out of just about anything.  Flesh was probably the first change.  Because while some may say that  Mary Shelly came up with something completely new. it wasn't.  Frankenstein's monster is created by man, and given life without the act of God.  He does become vastly more intelligent but really the golems of Jewish folk lore weren't always dumb brutes.

The Golem took another evolutionary change with the play RUR, which is also where we get the word robot. Interestingly enough these first robots were not made of circuits and metal they were created with some kind of synthetic flesh.  they of course eventually decide they are done being slaves and rise up and kill the human race.

and of course at this point it should be clear what i am going to say is the current manifestation of the golem.

See pretty much any of our stories that are character verses technology are stories of character vs the golem. technology is created by man to help with any number of tasks.  They are simple things with the knowledge to do simple tasks.  however eventually artificial life and intelligence become smart and turns on its master.  That is the fear any way.  And that is what makes this plot like so scary.

So there you have it modern golems- The creation of human hands.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday 4-14

The last week has been a little crazy, which was why I did not end up finishing out the week.  And much has happened this week but you know in the middle of the craziness of the week I think the best thing to do is to take a moment and share some of the blessings that have come to my week.

1. I am thankful that Tully Anastasia McLoud came into the world.
2. I am thankful that Josh finally proposed to Lisa. I've been sitting on that secret for weeks.
3. I am thankful for My friends Daniel and Jeanette.  who have become more like family every day.  whether it is sitting with me when I am having an anxiety attack, or stranded on the side of the road.
4. I am thankful for inspiration for unlikely places.

The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, the singers raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang: "He is good; His love endures forever." then the temple of the LORD was filled with the cloud.
2 Chronicles 5:13

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Simple women's day book 2

For Today: April 5 2011
You can find more day books at Simple woman's daybook

Outside my window:  My Neighborhood filled with early signs of spring.

I am Thinking: The Christology of Arianism, and how much i don't understand Hebrew.
I am Thankful For: The work day being over.

From the Kitchen: Greg is cooking baked pasta tonight for dinner.

I am wearing: A long sleaved olive green shirt, short sleaved botton up shirt, and jeans.

I am Creating: Knitting a sweater, Painting an Icon (the Cross of San Damiano) Writing act one of Ashes and Snowflakes

I am Going:  Hopefully I will find time to night to go to the church to work on the Icon.

I am Reading: The Simarilion, (still) and Twenty Years latter by Alexander Dumas

I am Hoping: That I will get everything done tonight that needs to get done.

I am Hearing: Too many vehicles drive by on our street and cross street, and Greg Cooking.

Around the House: Blankets, knitting supplies.

One of My Favorite Things: Cookies and Coffee. (yes I know that's two)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Looking back on March

March was a long month.  at least for me.

Around the House. we still aren't completely unpacked, and are still missing a few things but several of my friends have said that they weren't moved in for several months.  well I hope April at least leads to us being able to have friends over for games again.  and I would like to have my art desk put back together.   but the kitchen is done, I will hopefully post pictures of it when i do my next simple women's diary.

Out of the Notebook. Interestingly enough my writing has been doing okay.  I am working on the story that I 'did' for NaNoWriMo. I am on weeks 29-33 according to The Weekend Novelist which I started using as a guide.  this means that i am working on the rough draft of act one.  Exercise 9: Prepare back stories. This means that I have been looking over motivation for what the characters are going to do and what they have been up to before they appear in my story.  it has been fun, most of these characters have been around sense my second year of college and it is fun to see how they are finally coming together to actually make a cohesive story.  whether it ever gets published who knows.  Sadly though the story that I have been working on in hopes of actually publishing her on the blog, well I haven't been doing so well. I finished week 33 and decided that instead of moving on to writing the rough draft of the second act I would just flesh out the first act. and while that has been good, I think I only wrote 2 scenes this month, so I still have 9 more scenes to go before I start the second act. lastly on writing in march i have begun a new story idea.  I really can't say much yet however it will be about good heroic paladin knights, evil dictators, and a barbarian princess.

 On the Needles: I have three projects that I am working on. 1.  My first sweater which I cast on in March and on Monday past had to tack out the sleeves because i made them too small. oops, but all is righted and I should have them reknit in no time.  2. My white lace shrug which was supposed to get done before my wedding.  Yeah that didn't happen but I really didn't stress about it, it's half way done and I plan to start working on it again soon. probably when I finish my sweater. 3. a wrap skirt for ballet class.  this one is weird just because I am making up the pattern as I go.

From the Sketch Pad: I am Drawing again. yeah! despite the fact that my art desk is still in it's box and most of my art supplies are still packed I have actually begun drawing.  I have a general sketch for a Charactor named Jeal.  She is a water/acid elemental Sword Mage in a fantasy world a friend of mine is writing about.  I really hope that this will turn into a colored drawing just because I have had this in my head for some time and now it is becoming real.  I also have started working on the Cross Icon for my church.  it has been hard to work on it but recently I got a key to the church and i go over then after work to draw it.  it is still in the drawing phase but I am hopeful it will be done soon.

In the Blog-a-sphere: Here I am very happy, I went from posting hardly at all to posting much closer to my goal.  I've also been doing some organizing. So it looks like I haven't quite given up on blogging yet.

Goals for April: Around the house I hope to get the living room finished, the bed room finished, and my name legally changed.  As far as the rest of the world is concerned I am still Gloria Cole.  but very soon I will be Gloria Sigountos. Just like I always knew I would I married a man with a very complected, long, and non-English name. Oh well.
Out of the Notebook My goal is to finish fleshing out act one of Ashes and Snowflakes which I hope to publish on my blog come December, and finish mapping out The Rescue my NaNoWriMo novel.
On the Needles I hope to finish my sweater, get working on my shrug again, and plain start my Christmas/birthday gift knitting.  If anyone of my family members has something they would like me to knit them please let me know.
From the Sketch Book, well the main goal is to get the Icon done before Easter, and that is all I plain to focus on here.
In the Blog-a-Sphere I hope to be blogging three times a week, we will see if that happens. It could be fun and I have a lot of ideas for future posts.