Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Notice

Sorry to any who read my blog regularly but I have decided to take the week off while I am in NJ. will be back on Wednesday the third.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent Singing Count Down 1: Who Spiked the Egg Nog

Another from Straight No Chaser, I love these guys! Their Christmas CD is one of my favorites I have listened to it pretty much non stop. This one is just fun and well it was Christmas Eve.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Advent Singing Count Down 2: Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel

This is THE advent song, oh come Emanuel, come God with us, for we wait and long for you to come to us. this has been my church's call to worship ever week during advent.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advent Singing Count Down 3: O Holy Night

Every year my grandfather sings this song as the Cole Christmas gathering, I'm not always there but i often think about it, it is one of my fondest Christmas memories. Sadly sense grandpa's stroke he doesn't sing as well as he used to.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advent Singing Count Down 4: Christmas Time is Here

What Christmas is complete without the Charley Brown Christmas Special?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Singing count down 5: white Christmas

there is something about this movie and this song. particularly this time in the movie when he sings it. there is just something about him standing there in front of a backdrop of a snow covered village singing to the men in uniform with their weapons stealing a few moments from the war trying to forget that they are in Europe fighting a war far away from their family and friends this Christmas. To all our men and women in uniform thank you for giving up so much for us. this one is for you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

advent Singing count down 6: Christmas Can-Can

why do I love this one? well first it mocks the craziness that Christmas has become, points out one of my frustrations that Christmas starts sooner every year, and gives a little nod to the other holidays that happen this time of year.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Myth and Fairy

Myths and Fairy stories get a bad rap. they are about things that don't exist in the 'real' world and there for are nothing but mindless fancies and promote Escapism. That is at least ow may people treat fantasy. yet for some reason fantasy has become one of the most popular genres in literature. Yet these books deal with untruths and therefore are not worthy of any kind of real thought or inquiry.

Matthew Dickerson and David O'Hara start their book From Homer to Harry Potter with an introduction which discusses why people miss understand the literature of faerie, why it is dismissed and reduced to a single "easily digestible platitude, moral or allegorical meaning." (22) and even farther into "equating myth with falsehood, fantasy with escapism, and fairy tale with the nursery."(22) these are dangerous places which attempt to make the Faerie stories and those who read and write them of a lower intelligence then those who do not read such immature and foolish work.

The worst equation by far is the idea of escapism. it is not strange that the idea of escaping danger or prison is generally thought of as a positive thing? We do not criticize those who have escaped from Nazi Prison camps, no they were brave souls who would rather die that live in those conditions. women who escape from polygamist compounds are daring women who believe there is something more then the life they are living. to escape from danger is a good thing. Why is the concept of escapism so negative? Perhaps it is because most people accept the status-quo of the world and any one who says that the real world is not all there is- that there is something beyond the material world- is just too pathetic to deal with the real world. of course that would lead me on another tangent on what is real and how Screwtape tells Wormwood to do to manipulate the human's understanding of real life. But asking the question what is real life is another post for another day. back to faerie stories.

So what is a myth or faerie story? it is very difficult to pin down what their definitions might be. sence fanasty as a genre really got started at the beginning of the twentieth century it is not uncomon to think that it is a reaction or responce to the enlightenment (23). I would extent this to say that it continues to be a response to the postmodern ideas as well. Dickerson and O'Hara explore the definitions of myth given by the dictionary but find these definitions to be circular or missing the point. for the most part if something is a Myth then it is simply Not true, it is a false hood. (this is why I think so many people have a problem with Santa Claus, he is a myth and therefore a lie.) The purpose in this definition is to devalue myth, if it is nothing but a pre-scientific world trying to understand the nature in myths then it has no purpose what so ever in a world of science, it should be thrown out with the rest of the refuse.

In fact sometimes I wonder at how two worlds seem to be at war with each other the Movie Troy got rid of all the gods and goddess of the Illiad, Author stripped away any idea of magic as anything more then cheep tricks. both in an attempt to make the stories real. there are even some that say that the movie The 13th Warrior is a demythologized version of Beowulf. And yet at the same time movies are being made of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Harry Potter. 

So if the age of myth is over with the advent of Science then why does fantasy continue to be so popular? in this age where science has become the thing that we use to understand reality we have two general choices, to reject all myth and faerie stories as nothing more then something for the amusement of little children, or to deny that they are myth. this second option does not contradict the idea that myths are fundamentally false but that things that are called myth aren't really myth.

Dickerson and O'Hara offer a third choice, "that Myths might be Fundamentally true and yet still be 'mythological'" (32) they point out the root for mythological is Muthos which is a synyonym for Logos a word used by John to describe Christ. both muthos and logos came to mean an account or story. Muthologeuo where we get the word mythologize meant to 'relate word for word'. Owen Barfield and Tolkien both understood myth to be a cosmological way to understand the world. And that it also existed before language. C.S. Lewis suggested "that Myth does not exist in words at all- that is, it doesn't exist in one particular telling" (29) The truth of myths then becomes not reliant on history or language, their truth is something different that informs historical truth. Walter Wangerin Jr. referrers to myth as the mother of all truths, truth that is independent of time, place, or culture. it is transcendent and objective, describing something that is beyond and ancient. Myth and faerie stories "give an account of the world and a glimpse of ourselves" or as C.S Lewis put it "they not only reveal truth about our experience but actually add to our experience." (37)

It looks like Myth is a truth that is beyond matter- hence why materialists don't like it very much. it is a truth that gets under our skin and shocks us more fully awake as CS Lewis said in his introduction to George MacDonald's Fairy tales.

(All quotes are from A Handbook on Myth and Fantasy: From Homer to Harry Potter by Matthew Dickerson and David O'Hara, Copyrighted 2006)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday 12-15

Today I am thankful for Advent Time, (I'm trying to get used to this idea that advent is the time before Christmas day Christmas time is the twelve days after Christmas day. which guess what: boxing day is part of Christmas not some strange Canadian second Christmas.) I love the colors and the lights, but I really wish there was snow. I know I will have plenty of snow when I get to New Jersey, but I really want snow now, it doesn't seem like Christmas without snow.

I am thankful for my church and the way my church is doing Christmas, I wish I could be here for the actual Christmas eve and Christmas Day services. Oh well that is just the way it goes sometimes.

I am also thankful for the postal service workers this time of year. You know what they work extra had this time of year and mostly all they get is yelled at by people who are so caught up in their own worlds and what they have to do to make the holidays seem right they forget that the holidays are meant to be times of love, hope, joy, and peace. so if you have to go to the post office this Christmas time be sure to give the postal worker thanks, most likely if they are rude to you it is because they have had nothing but rude customers.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Out of the Notebook 5

(yes I know I usually do my art up dated on the second Tuesday of the month, but Ii still haven't drawn much hopefully by next week I will have something to talk about)

This Month's writing update is Still a little Nano heavy, I mean really I worked on that sucker for a month and only that sucker. But any way I am working on a new system for these creative posts. So anyway here we go Form my writing workshop this month

Polishing: Because once a piece is formed and shaped it must be polished so that it's true beauty can shine through and reflect the light. Right now I am working on polishing my Nanowrimo piece which has a beginning, middle and end, plus all the important bits that happen in the middle. for now the story is called the Alchemist's Daughter. I have most recently been doing a lot of work on the history and back story of many things in the story. The country has a very in depth history that effects a lot of what goes on in the story, some of it is the recent history of the Range War- a lot like the United States's Civil War- But I discovered that there are other things at work in the way that the different characters treat each other. It is a world that has very deep set prejudices that are based on each race's history and past interactions with the other. There was also a war that happened almost 1,000 years before the humans came and colonized the continent called the great fey war.  I think this is the funnest part of writing, the discovery of all the pieces that lead up to the story. I also still need to figure out how magic works in this world. with the way magic works right now my characters are going to be too powerful for there to be any real dangers or challenges.

Oh just to let you know those who have access to my privet Story blog I will not be updating there till I have finished at least my second draft. Then that is what I will used for alpha readers.

Sculpting: The molding of clay, and the chiseling of stone to reveal the story underneath.  There are two stories in this section. Two stories that I need to get back to and hopefully I will get back to them soon. The first is The Rescue. I am still working my way through act one. but I believe i at least have the second act mostly mapped out, hopefully I will finish up the map and be able to finish the story and get it ready to be polished. Then there is Ashes and Snowflakes. I have act one fleshed out, act two mapped out, I need to get act three mapped out and start really working on getting this one done. Both these stories are fun and I really am looking forward to doing quite a bit with them. I have high hopes for them and for what may follow and come out of them. but first I have to write them.

In The Furnace: For ideas that are just starting to be put in a malleable state. this would be my story that I sometimes take out and play with, right now it is called the Champion of Sisillia. It is a a good old fashioned Medieval style Fantasy. a city under sedge waiting for help that is most likely going to come too late as the hordes of the Necromancer come ever closer to conquering it. It is based off an idea that i had after watching the return of the king.

Shinys: Because new ideas are distracting like a sudden glimmer of something different.  this month's Shiny is an idea I got after listening to one more rant about how girls have self image problems and that instead of tell in a little girl (2-5) that she is cute ask her about the books she is reading and try to stimulate her mind so she will maybe want to some day be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, rather then a competitor on America's Next Top Model. As unhelpful as I thought the article was it had a point, it wasn't the point that it was trying to make, girls need to know that they have value because they are who they are. Self image issues have to do with knowing that they are beautiful. The problem with focusing on beauty, in its most superficial means is that no living person can ever measure up to or always be that beautiful. my thought is to write a series of Mid-grade (I think that is the correct label) fantasy books that help seven very different princesses find that their unique personalities are what give each of them value. I hope to explore this had have it ready when the little baby girls in my life are starting to grow up and learn who they are and how God made them special.

This concludes my writing update.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Simple Women's day book 23

For Today: December 10, 2011 For more day books

Outside my window...the sun light is shining though the blinds. I need to get curtains that are easier to open and close each day. but there is sun shine which is a rairity these days. 

I am thinking... about all that has happened this year. I know it is a little early to be thinking about that but the year is waning (isn't that a great word? that and waxing such great words) and i find my self thinking over all that has changed, it has been a crazy year, a long year. I don't understand how people say that time continually moves faster, i have had several times in my 'adult' life that time has seemed to slow down to the pace of a snail just as often as it runs ahead like a rabbit.

I am thankful... For my friends and family. we had a nice little get together last night. best freakin' high mass ever! It is nice to be around people who love me.

In the kitchen... the cupboards are getting bare, I didn't do a very good job shopping last time. we are out of many many things. breakfast today is the last of the oatmeal.

I am wearing... Jeans, my brown jacket thing that might actually be a kind of cardigan. My rainbow scarf and a purple camisole.

I am creating... Knitting: The cowl is my primary concern lately I want it done before I head off to New Jersey.

I am going.. to the Jones' house. Jeanette is celebrating the fact that Hannah is weened so we are all getting together to drink wine and be crafty. 

I am wondering...

I am reading...I am loving The Inheritance by Christopher Paolini! it is very much the light hearted epic fantasy I am in need. And I am still working on The Silmarillian By Tolkien, The Allpro By Scott Sigler, Shape Shifters by, S. Lawrence Parrish. 

I am hoping...To get all my Christmas "shopping" done.

I am looking forward to...Crafting day today! So excited I love doing artsy things in a group. I do better when I do art in a group. I really miss that about my art classes. 

I am hearing... Gilmore Girls.

One of my favorite things... Christmas lights and Candles. there is magic in the way the lights dance over the snow...except there is no snow yet...

A few plans for the rest of the week: Let see,  Bible study, hopefully game night, Greg's company Christmas party.

A Link I like... This radio plays music that is inspired by Tolkien Literature. they have several specials including the Tolkien Professor, The Hog's Head, and other updates on Tolkien and Narnian news.  

Friday, December 09, 2011

Something New

Okay so this is something I have been thinking about for a while now. I love fantasy, the dragons, the wizards, warlords, warlocks, unicorns, wendigoes, minotaurs, heroes, princesses in towers, Secret royal, mystical items, heroic adventures, all of it. So I read a lot of it, Tolkien, Lewis, Hobb, Ende, Martin, Rowlins, Pratchett and others for the modern stuff, and I read the classic myths, Homer, Arthur,  Wife of Bath, Irish Myth Cycle, Norse Myth, Grim Brothers and others.

In the last year I found a pod cast called The Tolkien Professer. where Dr. Corey Olsen discusses topics in Tolkien studies; gives lectures on The Hobbit; shares lectures from classes he teaches at Washington College; and leads a reading group though The Silmarillion. His pod caste has inspired me to look over some of the fantasy that I love to see why it is I re read them. I thought about doing this with was the Harry Potter series, to see if Harry Potter could be more then a book enjoyed by this generation and then forgot by the next. Then I found this pod cast over at the Hog's Head Pub. There Travis Prinzi and several others discuss topics concerning Harry Potter. From their point of view Harry Potter is worthy of academic study. I enjoy his pod cast and the topics he discusses. (by the way Prinzi is teaching a class about Harry Potter at the Mythgard institute. I am really tempted to take the class, really cheep -$500 for a three credit course!!!- because they are completely online seriously everyone should check this place out.)

So Between Dr. Olsen and Mr. Prinzi -oh and I should also mention John Wilson over at The Amazing Spider-man Classics pod caste- I have been inspired to talk more about the books I love in a way that helps others see their value. So at the beginning of the year I am going to be sharing my thoughts as I read. The books will be books that I have read at least twice prior to my read through for the sake of this project. the posts will be by-weekly (hopefully Wednesday and Friday) and cover only one to two chapters a post. I hope that for some of the books I can get guest writers who also love the stories to talk about different themes. I also will pull from things that may have already been written about the Book.

My plan for now is to start with my absolute favorite book The Never Ending Story, This will probably be followed by something that has a longer series either The Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier, or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. 

Till then on Fridays I am going to be posting about a different book. One that I bought back when I was living in Bismark ND but have only now started to read- From Homer to Harry Potter; A Handbook on Myth and Fantasy but Matthew Dickerson and David O'Hara.  It deals with this idea that fantasy is just as reliant and insightful as non-genre fiction. It has already inspired me to embark on this project and seemed fitting.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Thankful Thursday 12-8

Today I am thankful for
1. Getting Christmas decorations up. it was kinda crazy getting out my Christmas decorations and putting them up, I had for gotten what most of it was.
2. My job, it may suck for many reasons but it is a paycheck and that is more then what some people have right now.
3. our house. it is small and sure somewhere that we will probably not live for a while but it is warm, dry, and affordable.
4. I'm Thankful that I came to my senses and realized that Greg is the only man in the world for me. I don't know why I was the last one to figure that one out but I am glad I did.
5. That I have gotten out the majority of our thank-you cards from the wedding. yes I know we are coming up on the one year mark but I found out that so long as you get it to people with in a year you are still okay. So says Emily Post.

They were also to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD. They were to do the same in the evening.
1 Chronicles 23:30 

Thoughts During Advent- Who is Christ part I

Something that is different about being in a 'high' liturgical church verses a 'low' liturgical church is that Advent is  Advent and Christmas is Christmas. See in the church calender these are two separate seasons, growing up I knew them as being the same thing. Advent/Christmas time started the day after thanksgiving and ended Christmas day. Really Advent Starts after Thanksgiving, the last Sunday of November and continues till midnight Christmas Eve. Christmas is then 12 days long. Starting Christmas Day and ending on Epiphany, January 6th.

Advent is, like lent, a time of preparation, a time to focus on the coming of Christ  however it's focus is not on the historical coming of Christ in the manger but on the second coming of Christ. The Sunday before the first Sunday of Advent is the Christian new year, Christ the King Sunday. Focusing on the day Christ will return in victory bringing his kingdom. (as an aside I'm going to say that I don't know when this will happen /though it probably won't happen in 2012\ or how it will happen I've been burned out by the rapture tribulation debates and have come to realize that it doesn't matter another day I will talk about this). Advent follows and as everyone starts thinking about Christmas the day used to mark the Day God became man it is a good time to remember that Jesus is coming back. And that has been a little strange. see Greg and I read the scripture readings as put forth in the BCP (Book of Common Prayer), and the readings have not been the nativity readings, they have been from the end of Jesus' ministry in Mathew, and from Revelation, and from Amos. Last night we read about the two greatest commandments, and about John's vision of Christ the King. Amos, is about judgement.

But what I thought was strange was Matthew was about the two greatest commandments. "love the Lord your God with all your mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself."

this stuck out to me from the readings because I have noticed an increase in debates about the trinity lately. And people get very very passionate in the debates. People today get very heated over it. St. Nicholas Punched Arius' representative int he face over it. Some would say that the idea behind the trinity was created at the Niciean Council, but it has it's roots father back then that. Yes there is Athanasius, Augustine, Amborse, but there is also Irenaeus (wrote Against the Heresies in ~180), Justin the Marty (103-165), the Epistle of Barnabas (written between 70-131), And Clement's Second letter to the Corinthians (140 -160).

But here is my question, why is this debate so important? Can't we all just get along? Today the general understanding about religion and tolerance of religion is that as long as they are good people then it doesn't matter. generally if they (any person of any religion) Follow the second of the two great commandments then they are find. however the first part of these two commandments would imply that it is important what God someone is worshiping. that it is important to be following the right God. Now if Christians take seriously what Christ said about the road to hell being broad and the road to heaven being narrow then this understanding of who God is, is important. I hate seeing people argue about this because it always seems to end with both sides not giving an inch and thinking that the other side is just as stupid as they thought. this doesn't build the kingdom... but then my thought following that is but who's kingdom are we a part of?

I have to go now but i will pick this idea up again soon, hopefully next Wednesday if not before.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

On the Needles 5

Well Knitting has been busy despite the fact that I was spending most of my time writing last month. I have been playing at the idea of actually starting to design Knit wear. I've mentioned this a few times here and on facebook. it is a strange little idea that I just keep dabbling with, for the last couple of weeks it just doesn't want to go away. I've been getting inspiration every where on what I could knit, who would want it and be willing to pay money for it. But anyway let's get back to talking about what I am knitting.

Finished Finished Projects: I have only finished on project this month. which is one project more then what I had planned. I really didn't think I would be knitting very much at all. but my Goddaughter Hannah turned one last month and Greg suggested that I make her mittens. So I found a pattern and made her mittens:
These Mittens are made from that wool I bought months ago when Lisa and I went on a yarn shopping spree. It is Sock weight super wash Marino. the fun thing about baby mittens? they have no thumbs which makes them very very easy to knit.

Works in progress: here there are a couple of things. The blanket which has just sort have stayed on the needles waiting patiently for the time when i feel like working on it, which is few and far between but it is nice to have a big project laying around to pick up every now and then. I cleaned out my knitting box, because i couldn't find some of by needles (by the way if anyone needs to know what to get me for Christmas I need something to keep my needles in order) and  found a forgotten project or two. I think this is what they would  call on the knit more girls an ufo bin, I don't know the acronym stands for but it is Un-finished something. any way it has been brought out to see if it can find the light of day. it was maybe my first Design thing. it is  wrap skirt that I was trying to make for ballet.  I'm not sure if I will try to finish this but it is nice to have another project in the works. I also have a BYOB bag (that seems repetitive) on my size 7 needles. this project I started and didn't get very far. I'm knitting it with Recycled Cotton. the last thing on my needles is my Cowl which I hope to have done soon. though to get it done soon I have to work on it and I have been enjoying other projects far too much. 

Design ideas and Projects: This will be a new section. I have two big things that I am working on trying to design. one is a hair net and the other is leg warmers. the Hair net sounds strange I am sure. but I was watching Charmed and I really like this hair net that Phoebe was wearing and I thought I bet I could make on of those. the plan so far is to use this lace pattern I found with sport weight yarn, making the 'brim' by doing a 2x2 rib. I tried this once using size 7 needles but the lace pattern didn't have big enough holes so I have upped it to a size 10 needle. we will see what will happen. as of now I haven't gotten it cast on.  the other idea i have the leg warmers I haven't gotten very far, this idea came while i was back stage with the dancers at the Wilmore Christian Ballet Company performance. some of the girls' legs were cold and I agreed it was cold back there after having been it he dressing room.

Future projects: well let's see, I would like to make something for Michaela, I would like to make a Christmas present for Dottie, and for Hannah. I have two baby hats to make (but I think I ran out of blue baby yarn) and I have 6 dish cloths to make. I would live to make my family Christmas presents but I think I might be out of time.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Simple Woman Daybook 22

For Today: December 9, 2011 For more day books
Outside my window... Sun's not out yet, and it apears to be raining again. 

I am thinking... how facebook and Google Plus games are too addictive. I went for a long time not playing any and I was happy now I am addicted to two.   

I am thankful...That the ballet Performance is over. I couldn't believe how much talent there is int he Wilmore Christian Ballet Company. those girls are amazing and I can't wait to work with them again next term.

In the kitchen... Dishes that need to be put away.

I am wearing... Green and Sea green Striped pants, a sea green camisole and my brown knit jacket. all under the Penguin blanket.

I am creating... Knitting: The cowl is cast on and it seems to be going just fine. I'll talk more about this tomorrow   Drawing: none hopefully that will change before next Tuesday.  Writing: well it being December I am focusing on editing my nano novel. it seems to be going fine, I keep discovering things that I need to think more about. Like I need to get the history of this town figured out, and I still need to figure out the system of magic. I think I am going to medieval cosmology, and also an ancient idea of wilderness-being a place of demons and madness. 

I am going...Well I might go to work it depends on if there is work to be done. 

I am wondering...How interesting it is that we have to think that our current location in history is the most intelligent time of and that anything before was stupid and backward.

I am reading...I finished The Fools Errand By Robin Hobbs and I can't wait to get my hands on the next part of that trilogy The Golden Fool. The Silmarillian By Tolkien, The Allpro By Scott Sigler, Shape Shifters by, S. Lawrence Parrish. and I have started The Inheritance by Chrisopher Paolini. So far so good. already he is bringing up how the people are having problems with the idea that the elves are coming out of hiding and seem to be conquering thier cities and villages. 

I am hoping... to get thank-yous out. I've started sending them out but there are some that I don't have addresses for. and I keep running out of stamps. Maybe I will get Christmas decorations up today. That would be nice. 

I am looking forward to...High mass, this week we are going to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas. which is also Kindersda which is the dutch holiday when Santa Clause comes and gives them presents. I love this holiday it was an awesome holiday when i was living in Suriname (former Dutch Guiana) 

I am hearing... very little it is a quiet morning, a while ago there was a massive amount of traffic but it seems to have quieted down. 

One of my favorite things... Ballet. it is beautiful. I am not sure where I stand on the use of liturgical dance in Sunday services but I do know that the beauty of it defiantly calls me to praise God for his creation. Also, because I am currently reading the Silmarillian, the ballet that Hannah and Isaiah did during the recital protion of the performance kept making me thing about the romance of Thingol and Melian. it was so beautiful and I think someone should write a ballet about the Simarilion. or at least about Thingol and Melian and about Beron and Luthian. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ballet party, maybe i still haven't decided if i am going, Bible study, and we might be playing games at the jones' on Thursday, and high mass. there really isn't anything else that i know of happening this week. 

Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas Post 1: All I Want For Christmas

Is my two front teeth....No wait, All I want for Christmas is you...
Nope this post is a direct rip off of a post my cousin-in-law Darci posted, which she took from her cousin-in-law, who I do not know but hey thought I would take a minuet to give credit where Credit is due.

So the idea is if Money was no object, and all your dreams could come true what would your Christmas list be, be selfish for a minuet and just open up and be honest with your dreams. these are not the grown up Christmas wish, this is pure and simple I want, not I need, if i had unlimited funds and my family had unlimited funds what would I ask for? Well....

1. To be able to be with both Greg's family and my family for the holidays. I know this one may sound like the exact opposite of what I was saying this list was supposed to be but you see Greg's family is all on the east coast in New Jersey and Florida, and My family is all west of the Mississippi (except You Uncle Charley I don't mean to leave you out.) but lets skip the extended family, to do this we would either need a privet jet so we could fly out to Wyoming for my daddy's birthday and and then turn around and fly to New Jersey  to be with Greg's parents, or we would need a transporter. then we could have Christmas eve with one family gathering, Christmas day with an other and some how make it to the Christmas festivities at our church. I seriously wish I could be at three places at once the holiday with my Family, with Greg's family, and with my church family. Oh and if there was a way to make it to the Cole Christmas gather in Arizona I would be there too.
2 A house in Wilmore. Something not too big but a place that we could living for long time. with room for us to have a family, and to have guests come and stay, and so we could have social gatherings.
3. to be able to quit my job and be a full time writer, artist, and Knit wear designer. these are things that i love to do and wish I could do all the time. I wish I could make a living on them. by knitting and selling specialty idem, by drawing and painting anything. and of course by writing SF&F. Something happened during nano that has never happened before I might be able to do it, to actually be a writer. my nano novel isn't much and needs a lot of work but i have finished a piece, and now it is time to edit and i am excited to see where the editing will take me.
4. to take a trip with Greg to Europe, to see the place where history comes from. Maybe travel around visiting the sites from the history of Rome.
5. massive over-hall on my vehicle. I don't need a new car, but what I really want is to take my care to the body shop give it a fresh paint job, fix the front bumper, put in a new windshield, Replace the air conditioner so it stops making that sound.

Okay that is my ex-termly dreamy wishful thinking Christmas list. and in closing I leave you with a much simpler Christmas list:

Thursday, December 01, 2011

And the Day After....

Well I did it! I wrote 50,000 words. my story has a coherent plot, a beginning, middle and end. a wonderful cast of characters that I am very happy with and are finding their voices and identity.and I am excited about editing it. I may not have been able to validate it because Open office considers things words that most word documents don't but that is okay.

I plan to post this story on my other blog, So those of you who have access to it I hope to hear your feed back. maybe tomorrow I will post a blurb here for the story.