Tuesday, April 24, 2007


well there is not much going on here. and i have been rather depressed latly. some of it probably has to do witht he fact that i still have not found a second job yet and soem of it probably is because i have been very lonely lattly. the church that i am working at is your stariotipical country church. which means i am the only one there my age. and this sunday that really hit home and started to miss my freinds back at school, even the few that i left in buffalo. but what i am i to do. I have no idea where to even start. because i don't hae a second job i can't join a gym of any kind, or have aquanteses at work it is very sadening.

oh well atleast i will be going op for graduation soon. maybe life will be a little brighter after that.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


well I am very happy today because I have met my deadline for restarting my other blog. i have posted a new post and am now adding pictures. the new post today has a new pictures and also the first post has a new picture. if you click the picture you can see the full size. i will be cleaning it up just a little with the help of my computer, latter.

so that is the news today

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bad wine

some times when you are working on something some times it is better to take one step back before going on. when the wine is bad, throw it out.

the other day i was working on something for one of my other blogs and i started to get frustrated because it was just not working out. I started to think of my favorite seen of the agony and the ecstasy where Michaelangelo goes and destroies all the work he had done on the ceiling of the chapel. so I said, "when the wine is bad throw it out." and tore up the page. and three more pages as I continued to try that night. finally i quiet and started again yesterday. suddenly everything seemed to flow.

sometimes when we are working on something and it just is not coming, we just need to throw out the bad wine, and start agian

Saturday, April 07, 2007

bananas and Easter

It is easter time, one of the two buisiest times of the year. at my church my youth decided to have an out reach for the kids. it went well they watched the veggi tale's Easter carol and then got to dye easter egges.

but there were a lot less then we anticapated so the egg dyeing did not take as much time as it should have. it was time for some inprompto. so i decided that we could do things a lttle like solid rock. we gave out prises, some extra plastic eggs with candy inside, and then did some noise contests, and threw soem candy out to the kids. there was still some time... alot of time...so I leaned onthe only crutch i had... O 'Da banana's. my youth kids got to see a very interesting side of me...and I am sure i will never hear the end of it. but the kids were intertained at least till their fock showed up and now i can Go visit my folks for easter. what a day.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

the place where religon dies

Religion is not God,
Religion is not theology
Religion is not active.
It is not even alive. It is a ghost, an apparition made with smoke and mirrors. It is an empty shell; a stick man propped up and held together with duct tape. Religion is not made by God, it is made by man.

Religion is creeds memorized and recited.
Religion is doctrine,
Religion is the organized thoughts about god.
it is the practices made on a regular basis that give us an equation for living good moral lives that please the one who made us.

Religion is not bad.
Religion is not necessarily wrong,
It is not inherently evil. Religion is what helps us understand things gives us ways to remember what we have learned helps us to walk with God.

What is bad, and wrong and most assuredly evil is when religion, which is a reflection of God and theology, becomes the focus. Doctrine becomes more important that theology, reciting and memorizing creeds becomes more important then understanding them. Religious activities take priority over spending time with God. Suddenly religion which is the organizing God to help us understand him takes our focus.

It is like the moon, the light is wonderful. It brightens the night and is the subject of many songs and stories. In poetry the moon is often symbolic of mystery and the sun is often symbolic of reason. The moon reflects the light of the sun but some will get so caught up in the light of the moon that they forget that it is the sun that gave it light. Religion reflects the light of our relationship. It helps us get through those dark times when we can not feel God. But sometimes just the moon’s orbit strays into the path of the sun and blocks the light, Religion can get in to way of our relationship with God.

It eclipses it and becomes our focus. In the church today we must find the place where religion dies, for to a great extent it has eclipsed the relationship we once had with God.