Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy By nothing day

Today is the day to boycott the evil afluenza that is so prevelent in our socety.

Monday, November 26, 2007

thanksgiving in Arizona

I love visiting AZ. Pheonix is one of my favorit citys (of course i mean the greater pheonix area cause i acutally spent most my time in Maesa and Queen creek). it is a truly beautiful city. here are some highlights:

1st would be dinner at Daine and Allison's house. Aunt Ann put together a wonderful mean wail Uncle Dave maned the grill to cook hamburgers and hot dogs to perfection. It was at this meal that a very speical thing happened. My causin Laura (from my mom's side) came to see us. It was so good to see her. I hadn't seen her sence before her baby was born. and Nya was so presious.

2nd would be thanksgiving dinner. Uncle Mike is the best cook I know and he was in charge so the turkey was delectable. I started listing off reasons we should be thankfull with my causen chilease that only had to do with food. My favorit was that we should be thankful we are not Kosher. which she did not understand so I explained that if we were Kosher we could not have gravy on our turkey because you don't mix milk products with Meat.

3rd also at thanksgiving dinner. I met my causin brandon's soon to be bribe, Darcy. At one point during the evening everyone cleard the coutch cause the movie was over and she desided to lay out and enjoy the coutch all to herself. Me being the person that I am desided this was a perfect opertunity for some bonding, which meant I punced her. We both laughed a wail and then talked about stuff. Then Brandon came along, and me being the person that I am and having the relationship that i have with brandon said, "come on brandon join us." so he rolled over the back of the coutch and laid on both me and Darcy. then because brandon is the person that he is he started tickeling both of us.

4th would be zoolights. the Pheonix Zoo takes a bunch of lights and strings them all over the zoo. it was way cool. there were trees that were completely covered with lights and a talking graffe which interacted with the croud and actually talked to two of my causins. this was a great outing because it included several of my family members, including another of my Stricker causins, amanda the beuatiful model who is on her way and even got her picture taken with her greatest infulence Jessica Simpson. I got to spend time with her and it was great because I had not seen her in several years.

5th last but not least me, my mom, sisters, a couple causins, a couple aunts and My GRANDMA went and got pedicures. I had never had one before and it was great. but more importaintly my grandmother had never had one before either and she is 79 years old.

It was a great trip inwhich many memories were made. I can not wait to do it all again next time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

10 reasons I don't like distence learning

10. I have found there is such a thing as too small a class.

9. it is easy to get discuraged and harder to find encouragement

8. there are less places to study with less distractions

7. I have no internet in my house so when i have a problem I have to go far away to get the answer.

6. there are less people to rant with about the assignment.

5. My living room now has to double as my school, class room, study hall, and liberary

4. a worm hole sucks up my home work instead of the dog eating my homework

3. there is no one to barrow notes from if you don't understand something

2. the proffesser is never avalible

1. I miss the class room