Sunday, September 12, 2010

Achie Smith Boy Wonder Part VI

          A board creaked under Ria's foot.  Looking down she saw that under her feet was an old and beat up rug.  She glanced at Jesse who crouched next to her.  They lifted the rug and there was a trap door. Opening it they found that under the box car was a cavern with flickering lights and running water.  They made their way down the slippery path.  They kept as silent as possible and around a corner it got brighter.  They hid behind a rock formation.
          "You have a plan right?" Jesse asked.
           Ria nodded looking carefully over the cave.  the light sprites were everywhere, which was why the cavern was so bright.  close by was a cage, inside of which a boy in a nightshirt.  Near the center of the room was a pool over which stood a hooded figure, and behind him was a grotesque monster.  Ria pointed to the demon, "Is that?"
          Jesse nodded.
          "So who is..."
           But Kazum started to speak. "I don't understand why we can't just kill him. The way you act I think you believe in reincarnation or something."
          "I've told you," Said the hooded figure, "killing the child is not enough.  We must kill it in such a way so that it will be a suitable sacrifice to the ancients. Other wise the key will not open the way." the figures voice sounded raspy and coughed as it spoke.
           Ria and Jesse sank behind the rocks, "Well?"
           "How much of that dust do you have."
          Casey sat at home pretending to work on a puzzle.  he had already done this one, ten times.  so it wasn't really fun any more.  he could hear Megen, the babysitter, washing dishes in the kitchen. He bet what ever Jesse and Aunt Ria were doing was way more fun then this.

          Jesse climbed up to a place where he was over most of the sprites.  he carefully sprinkled the dust over them and in minuets they were immobile.  He went to the cage were Archie was held.  The sprites that noticed soon found themselves also immobile.  Jesse took Archie in his arms telling him to be quiet. he took the boy out of the boxcar and run though the park to his car.  once they were both in the car they sped off to Ria's house.

          As soon as Ria saw Jesse get clear of the caverns she took out her crossbow and fired and arrow at the priest.