Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exdus 14:14

The Lord himself will fight for you.

God Fights our battles. even though sometimes it seems like we are alone. God orchestrates the out come. God does not work the same way every time. sometimes it is miraculous, sometimes it is through another person, and sometimes he empowers us to fight. however we must always remember God is the one who fights and wins the battles.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

wedding Bells

Marriage is what brings us together today. The wedding can seem like a dream within a dream, the events which have been carefully planed and specifically laid out have come together. It can seem almost surreal in its playing out. The faces of the Bride and groom and their parents filled with disbelief, and uncertainty. As they Vow before Each other, friends, family and god that they will only have eyes for each other. Some would say that there is nothing more romantic then two people pledging themselves to each other.

Matt and Kim Hooper’s wedding was no different. Kim walked in with her father and step-father walking with her to give her away. She was beautiful, just as a bride should. She bares the mark of the princess that God made her to be, and she looks good in a tiara. Matt stood at the front of the Church his expression reveling very little but the concentrated look as he tried to remember everything that he was supposed to say and how it he was supposed to say it.

The question on the minds of parents’, family, and even friends is a resounding when did this happen? When did they mature into the man and women who stand before god and man to proclaim their undying love for each other?

And there they stood, looking deeply into each other’s eyes so deeply that the rest of the room disappears. Together they stand, hands joined, one. One in purpose, one in love, one in deed, and one in the eyes of God.

As they say their vows, Matt’s voice is quiet, reviling his nervousness, and perhaps the dream likeness of that day, as if one word could destroy the magic that is today. Kim’s voice is determined, sincere, and beautiful.

The pastor explains the severity of the decision they are making today. Marriage is after all an act of daring; it requires courage in this world of no commitment. It will be hard, and there may be times in their future that it will take all their courage to stay the course. But their first act together as a married couple is to partake in communion, remembering that because they are Not alone in this marriage. They expressed their faith will be central to they marriage. I
It is all sealed with a kiss, perhaps the simplest expression of love and desire, yet also perhaps the most powerful. With that kiss, the ceremony is over, the dream is broken. The sleeper wakes to find that it was all real and they are introduced to the crowed for the first time, as Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hooper.

Matt and Kim as you start you life together know that your friends and family are behind you and wish you the best.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Schools out!

I m back from PA and School is over. all that is left to do is get ready to move back home and start all over next semester on asbury's wilmore campus! I'll give a full write up of the wedding tomarrow.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Congradulation Nikki and Megan!

This past Sunday was Graduation Sunday For Buffalo High school in Buffalo WY. Two of those Graduates were my Sisters, Nikki and Megan. Congratulations Girls! after 12 years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears you've made it. you now have brains in your heads and feet in you shoes to Go where ever God leads you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Exidos 14:13

Don't be afraid. Just stand where you are and watch the Lord Rescue you

The Israelites were in a classic rock and a hard place situation. On the one side was the red sea. deep and with no boats to get across; on the other side the Egyptian army which was (as far as I know) the most powerful army at that time in the Middle East. What were they going to do?

God tells them to sit tight and watch. I wander what it was like to see what those Israelites saw that day. The makers of the Prince of Egypt did it best with the fire raining down from heaven and the water rolling back like that. To see the miraculous power of God stepping in and changing the rules of nature on behalf of his people. it is just mind blowing.

This verse starts out by saying "Don't be afraid" God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid. therefore when we are in a scary satiation we need to remember that there is no reason to be afraid, God will rescue us.

Sometimes we need to stand back and watch as god solves the problem. it may not be with fire and weather as when he saved Israel from the Egyptians but it will be in His own miraculous way.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother

This song puts into words everything I would like to say about my mother today

It's hard to remember
In summer or winter
When she hasn't been there for me
A friend a companion
I can always depend onMy mother
That's who I mean

I've taken for granted
The seeds that she planted
She's always behind everything

A teacher a seeker
A both arms outreacher
My motherThat's who I mean

Wish I could slow down the hands of time
And keep things the way they are
If she said so I would give her the world
If I could. . . I would

My love and my laughter
From here ever after
Is all that she says that she needs

My friend and companion
I can always depend on My mother
That's who I meanMy mother
That's who I mean. . . that's who I mean
My mother by Randy Good man

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Exidus 4:12

Now go and I will tell you what to say and Help you speak well.

God had chosen Moses, but Moses was a man of little courage. He came up with all kinds of excuses as to why he couldn't do what God wanted him to. The most famous, or the most prominent was his inability to speak well. Some say Moses had a speech impediment, some say he must have stuttered (which I guess is a speech impediment), others say Moses was just being modest; as Paul was when he said he did not speak with eloquence.

God reminds Moses that it was he who made his mouth. Thus God knew what it was capable of, and what it's limitations were. It is often through our weaknesses that God works. This way we can not take the credit for what we have done for we know that it was God's power that gave us the ability to do that thing which we believed we were incapable of.

God often calls us where we do not think we can go. The good news is that we are not going there alone. There is a famous saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." When we follow God where we didn't think we can go we find out what we are capable of when God is at our side.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May day

well this mouth is quickly becoming the busiest mounth yet. I have so much to do.

I have some fun things like:
going to my sister's graduation
going to my friend matt's wedding in PA

Getting ready to move things:
telling my land lord
aranging moving stuff

church 20 hrs a week
hotel 30 hrs a week

oh and lets not forget school:
inductive of revilation 13
2 finel papers
reading (lots)
1 quiz
and 1 finel exame

this is going to be a fun month