Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is Halloween!

Halloween in one of my favorite holiday's. I love it! it is come as you are not day, and that allows for all kinds of fun Hi-jinks. last year it was a great time i went as Bonnie Parker and went to a party with Greg (this was apparently an unofficial date). then then night was ended with a viewing of the nightmare before Christmas (one of my favorite movies.) last year it was also my grandmother's 80th birthday. and in honnor of this wonderful lady I must take a moment to say:

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!!!

I am not sure what this year's Halloween holds. i will be going to a party, dressing up and all that kind of fun. but also at 12:00 am I will be starting Nanowrimo. this is exciting and odd, since i had been planning on doing one thing and last night i decided to go a completely different direction. instead of working on the science fiction that i have been plain for some time i will be working on a fantasy. complete with dragons and knights, and wizards, and all that. it should be fun. and maybe i will acctually complete nano this year. *fingers crossed*

Monday, October 26, 2009

Five days till...

and then the craziness issues! For 30 days i will once again attempted (and probably fail) to write one 50,000 word Novel!

am I crazy, Yes. but i have a plain, which i don't know if that is a good thing since every month i have had a plain. oh well, it is a fun roller-coaster of craziness which is totally worth the ride!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The hanting of the B. L. Fisher Library

After a series of tests, by the Weekly world News' highly trained Professional Supernatural Investigative Team, it has been confirmed that the B. L. Fisher Library of the Asbury Theological Seminary is indeed a supernatural hot spot.

there is a Poltergeist in the security system who likes to turn the alarm on and off at random, and likes to talk to the bats who get trapped inside the library. He is affectionately called Denise and has been known to pull books off the shelves. especially during collection shifting, one librarian talked about how it seemed sometimes He was just playing childish tricks and other times was trying to help.

there is also Leprechauns living in the many printers. these leprechauns have a tendency to cause the printers to malfunction and sometimes have to be reminded who is in charge. the staff have learned that by simply turning the printers off for about 30 seconds keeps these supernatural Squatters in check.

also found squatting in the library's computer system was a family of Gremlins who find the completed system of the library network a wonderful living arrangement and like to wreak havoc on the IT personal.

next in the electrical system of the library's lights there resides a ghoul who is always messing with the lighting, keeping some lights on, and changing the wiring so that the switches never turn off the same lights.

Lastly there is the mysterious case of the Richard Douglas paintings. it would seem that there are some sort of apparition locked inside each one. the most haunting is the one which is found on the bottom floor near an area called time out. for these mysterious paintings there is no explanation for the EMT that they give off. the Weekly World News Investigators are quite at a lost to explain them away.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

when things don't go the way you plan.

I have been trying for several days to put my thoughts of late into words. Nothing seems quite right. A couple of days a go my room mates mother died. it was completely unexpected. The next morning after little sleep I got her onto a plane to be with her family.

I want to some how express the lose felt by all those who knew Tanda. But all I know is how she opened her home up to me this summer, how she shared her heart with me. she was truly a beautiful women, with a gigantic heart. and it may seem like waxing poetics but the world almost seems a little darker with her gone.

Please pray for the family she has left behind.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


what happened to the time. i can not believe how long it has been since i last posted. probably because life has been so busy. it really bugs me. but any way i hope to get back to blogging regularly soon. but life is good.