Friday, May 31, 2013

Hope Restored

(so remember how I was trying to do that a-z challenge well I'm still writing it cause it is fun and I hope you still enjoy it.)


"Cynthia," said a soft voice, "Cynthia, wake up,. There isn't much time."

Cindy Opened her eyes. The fire cracked in the fire place and her small dungeon was full of light. beside her stood a beautiful women dressed in blue, she glittered. "who are you?"

The women smiled, "I'm your fairy God mother."

Cindy pushed herself to a seated position and rubbed away the dried tears. "Why haven't i seen you before?"

"You have." She offered cindy her hand and helped the girl to stand. "After your mother died and your father married that horrible women I had no choice but to disguise myself in the shape of a dove."

"You're the dove? But she..."

The fairy nodded, "And your tears aloud me to take my true form again." She walked around Cindy and shook her head, "Now we've got quite a lot of work to do. we can't have you showing up at the wedding like this."


"Prince Charles's wedding tomorrow we are going to crash it." The Fairy said.

"Charles is getting married?" Tears filled cindy's eyes.

"Oh child you weren't told?" The fairy put her hand on the girl's cheek, "Do not despair dear, there is still time to set things right."

Cindy took a deep and wiped her eyes, "Okay, what do we do then?"

the fairy smiled mischievously.

Next I is For Invida 
(My hope is to post a piece of this every friday.  I hope you all still in joy it even if it isn't really Part of the A-Z challenge.)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon

I love old books. they are so much fun. I love the language and the style everything about them. this book by Jules Verne was particularly fun. I don't know much about Astronomy,  I don't know how it is that we actually put a man on the moon, but I know we didn't put them in a hollow bullet and shoot them out of a cannon. But what i really enjoyed about this book was listening to the arguments about space travel as they were being discussed in the 19th century. I found it completely enjoyable.

However I would not recommend this book to many people. First it is not plot, story, or character driven. It is concept driven. the idea is let's put a man on the moon, and that is what the book is about. there is conflict. Captain Nicholl would like nothing better then to see Barbicane fail. there is suspense  can they actually build a cannon big enough to should a projectile at the moon? But is a almost completely Narrative. there are a few places where the character converse but most of these are in the form of monologue. Mostly Mr. Verne is just going to tell you what happened as it unfolded.

I loved that about this book. I find my self often growing weary of the current trends of modern writers. things that People say you just can't do anymore. a book like this refreshes me, even if it mostly means that my brain has worked a little harder then normal.

So if you like reading books from another era give this one a try. Oh and for fun Check out this old Silent film adaptation. (the book ends about about 6:00 and really look at the man in the moon it is pretty cool)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

writer's confession

So lately on Facebook I have been lamenting my lake of studies. by that I mean that I frankly miss school, I miss classes and papers and lectures and research and everything. See 3 years ago I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theological Studies. Before I met and fell in love with my husband I was planning on going off to PhD land (My dream was to go to Notre Dame) study Christian history focusing on the middle ages (about 500 AD to 1517) then I was going to write about church history and teach church history and help students keep from getting lost the vast maze of church history. (I think I said church history too many times.)

while I love writing fiction and that is the main passion of my life, I feel sad that this other passion has wained. or rather been neglected. So I have a confession to make. Do to the wonderfulness that is writers branding I have a second personality on the internet. It is a secret personality that I created so I could have anonymity online a place where I could talk freely about things. well I've decided that I need that personality for something else.

it has become clear to me that though I do love writing fiction I want to write non fiction too. and as much as I would love to have my real name on both of these it will be hard to establish a brand that is both Fantasy writer and theologian. (yes I know C.S. Lewis did it that one that was a different time and publishers are very interested in branding authors these days) So one of them needs a nom de plume. I don't really care if people know that I am writing under two names. Which is why I'm letting people know here that yep I have a second identify. She has her own twitter and her own blog. Hopefully this doesn't cause problems with my credentials being under my real name- or rather my maiden name.

Oh I guess you all want to know who it is? my pen name is Georgianna R. Stricker, the blog is Georgi Writes there isn't much there yet, but I will start posting there on saturdays. maybe only twice a month for starts till I can get the research done and really start doing what I want to do with the site.

any way that is my confession, what are your thoughts on pen names?

as always God speed and open roads

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tired so Tired

I really didn't believe my friend when she talked about how tired being pregnant made her. Now I know, it is really tiring creating a new human being. Seriously  I've taken 2 naps today and I may have to take a third.

In other news baby Mog has dinged again:

and I have been sicker this week then any other week so far in my pregnancy. In fact I even got a cold this week, and then gave it to my husband. being sick while pregnant is the worst. Lets see, anything else to report on for my weekly update, I am still mostly jobless. I mean My writing has picked up some this past week. and Pampered chef is still there but I haven't really done much with that the last couple of weeks. at home businesses are a lot of work. and you get out what you put in, well we will see what happens. 

till next time God speed and Open roads. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Book Review: Dead Beat By Jim Butcher

So I kind of hate to do a review of this book because it is book five in the series  but I wanted to try and do review of the books I read and this is the first book I finished. I think the best thing to do here is have a two part review, one for those who haven't read any of the series and one for this book in particularly.

Part one:

Are you one of those people who read the Harry Potter books over and over again waiting on pins and needles for the next book to come out? Well now that Harry Potter is over and you've grown up but doesn't mean you have to leave you love of fantasy behind. I am not saying that the Dresden files is Harry Potter for grown ups, nor am I saying that if you loved Harry Potter you will love Harry Dresden,  I'm just saying that if you fell in love with fantasy through Harry Potter then this might be a good series for you to try.

Here are some things to look forward to if you do give these books a try:

1. Grown up wizard Practicing his magic openly in the 'real' world.
2. He is a detective with super powers so he is like a mystical Batman what is not to love?
3. He deals with every day cops and angry fey on a regular basis.
4. Wise cracking Spirit who lives in a skull- (also known as Bob)
5. There are currently 14 books available in this series, and more to come. The series wont be ending anytime soon so you can enjoy Harry's antics for some time.
6. Magic and wizardry.
7. Vampire wars
8. Did I mention bob the skull? I did oh well he is worth mentioning twice.
9. another orphaned wizard, but he has to deal with his issues as a grown up.
and 10. Oh the unraveling mystery of who Harry Dresden actually is.

Part Two: Now if you haven't read this or any of the other books in this series I suggest you stop now. Seriously this is your only warning:

I liked this one, though it was sad not to have Karrin Murphy around, Karrin is probably one of my favorite side characters, along with Michael, Bob, and Mouse. several fun things happen in this book,
1. Movera comes back and she is out to black mail Harry into doing something that may be bad.
2. We learn some more about the history of Bob.
3. Lacsiel comes back and begins her net of temptation- this is probably my favorite story line in the book, it was entertaining to see how Harry deals with what he knows in a temptation, what he knows is dangerous.
4. Necromancy! Oh gosh I love a good old fashioned zombie story that uses Necromancy as the cause for the undead walking around.
5. Don't worry even though it isn't a big part of the story, thomas is around  and harry does have to deal with the growing pains of having his half brother around.
6. Polka will Never Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The book was fun and I can't wait to get the next one. that is it for this review till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Synopsis: Witchborn

My current WIP is called Witchborn. Originally I was going to write it a s a series of short novella's, that may or may not change. If it doesn't I have finished the first one Coming Home and working on the second one Coming About. (part three is Coming Out and part four is Becoming)
Closest Image I could find for the feel of the
Here is the current synopsis of the story: 

Cossette Witchborn is the natural daughter of Lord Tiberius Card, and accident of fate. After her mother was burned at the stake for consorting with demons Cossette found herself at the mercy of her father's high profile noble family. She was quickly hidden away and fostered by a distant relative  that was ten years ago. 

When tragedy strikes Cossette finds herself once more a member of her father's household, but now as a grown woman the elders of the family attempt to find a use for her to advance their own political entanglements. Thus forcing her to play a game she was never prepared to play. 

Lord Tiberius attempts to fix the broken relationship between the two of them, while protecting her from the political intrigue of  the family and from his wife and legitimate children who view Cossette as a rivel both for their father's affection and wealth.  

In the Courtier's game there are kings and pawns, which Cossette will be is yet to be decided. 

It's a rough synopsis, but I think it portrays what I want the story to be about. 

But it does have a theme song: 

What do you think? constructive criticism and questions are welcome. 

Till next time God Speed and open roads

Monday, May 13, 2013

On Pregnancy and Other Things of Note

First and formost Baby Mog has leveled up again! so not fair how quick this little guy grows.
 not as attractive as some of the other comparisons but hey s/he has been making me really sick lately. In fact s/he got a strict talking to last night by daddy. oh well can't really do much I mean moogles gotta dance right? I'm not too worried, all this pregnancy stuff will be over eventually.

Me? well for mother's day I realized that I am starting to show. which is kinda cool. we had an ultra sound a couple of weeks ago when I went to the doctor and that was fun. mostly I'm tired with the general background noise of nausea. I am working hard-ish to really start a business with pampered chef... and my writing may only be coming in dribbles as I have time but the project that I started in january is taking a fun turn. but more on that latter. I will be finishing up my A-Z project, watch for an episode at some point this week. I also will be starting up my reviews again of the books as I read. I found out I have to finish one book ever 5 days to make my Goodreads goal. other then that I hope you enjoy these last few days of the Easter season, very soon it will be Pentecost.

God speed and Open Roads.

Friday, May 03, 2013

IWSG: May Edition

This is going to be one of those not so fun and kinda whinny posts. Sorry for those who come to my site who aren't fromt he writing community but I may be in disparate need of some cheese.

My Insecure Writing confession today is that I think a lot about quitting. at least lately. it isn't because I don't have great story ideas, it isn't because I need a push of encouragement, I'm not even sure what it is really. I've felt this way of and on again ever sense the vacation that I will not talk about. My one friend gave me a kick in the pants a couple of months ago and every thing was going good, I was even making head way with the whole A-Z challenge. Then? Well then my tablet broke. First it got wet so the backspace key stopped working, and then I dropped it and the screen broke. My husband says he can fix it, and I believe him. But I am now without a computer that I can use anywhere and any time.

obviously I have a computer. but it is set up with a standing desk that I don't mind editing from but I don't really like writing from. See I told you please someone pass some cheese to go with my wine.

so what is the answer? what do I do to get out of this rut. I don't have an answer. I really don't. I was trying to write long hand but it doesn't really seem to be working. I used to love writing like that. (course maybe now that I have started using this really nice notebook that was given to me so I feel not so great about using it because it will be full of mistakes. yeah it sounds silly to me too.)

anyway, sorry people at IWSG, I don't have a pick me up at the end of this just a sad exposure of my own insecurities. till next time God speed and open roads.