Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leviticus 16:30

On this day atonement will be made for you and you will be cleansed from all your sins in the Lord's presents.

On the day of atonement the high priest would bake a sacrifice for the people to bring atonement. Even in the Old Testament it wasn't about what the people did or didn't do. It was about God making a way to make people right in his sight.

The interesting thing is that when the final atonement was made it was sinful gentiles who served as the priest to offer up the sacrifice that would bring atonement.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Toss a topic winner

This message board that I am a part of has a writting exersize/competition thing every week. this past weekthe topic was duality, and the story that I wrote won, so I am going ot post it here. Let me know what you think


Prince Henry sat listening to his tutor drag on and on about the ethics behind the art of war. He was bored. He hated his teacher, he hated school, and most of all he hated the pomp and circumstance of his life. That was why tonight he decided to implement his plan to escape his this life of educate and decorum, tonight

“Bullocks!” swore Harry as he splashed sewer water all over himself. He was checking his traps carefully for the large rats that roomed the sewer tunnels. It was not a job for the faint of heart, or the faint of nose. Lots of street kids hunted the sewers for rats to sell to the ripper, but very few were willing to brave this tunnel. Here, it was darker then most tunnels. By sunset, Harry crawled out of the sewers with three cages containing 5 large rats.

Finely, Henry thought, as the servant shut the door on his way out of Henry’s room. Henry flung the covers aside and carefully walked to the statue that stood near the full length mirror. He pushed the lever hidden in the folds of the statures clothing. The slide aside and revealed the tunnels which Henry had found several days ago. He closed the door behind him and went out into the city.

Harry walked with his friends down the road talking about this and that as they enjoyed their beer. After walking down several streets Henry said, “Good night gents.” Harry waved to his friends as he walked a crooked path down the street. Someone bumped in to him, “Watch where you’re going.” But then he saw the person, “Hey,” His words were slurred from drinking too much. “What are you doing with my face?”

Prince Henry found himself looking at a mirror, but before he could say anything an alarm went off from the castle, they had figured out that the prince was missing. Henry shoved the drunken Harry and ran. Harry didn’t get up and one of the solders found him. Thinking he was the prince, the solders took Harry back to the castle.

Henry found out about the switch the next day, it amused him that he was so lucky. Now he could live his life how he wanted and no one would be the wiser.

Harry was greatly confused and thought he had gone mad. Afraid for his life he tried to tell everyone that he wasn’t the prince. There were people in the castle that realized that Harry couldn’t be the prince but instead of exposing the charade, they made excuses for the behavior of the prince and eventually Harry became convinced that his former life had been a dream of some kinds. He went on to become one of the greatest kings who ever ruled.

As for Henry? He fell in with thieves and was killed two months after his grand escape. His body was left in a ditch on the side of the road.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Four More Sleeps

As my freind Liz would say four more sleeps till I have aficially left bismark. I have much to do, one more night of work, an all nighter on wednesday (so maybe it is only 3 more sleeps?), getting my new adress to my not church Job employer so I can get my last check farly quickly. as well as clean the apartment and get my deposit back on my apartment.

My folks will be here wednessday after noon at some point and we will begin to take apart my apartment. it is strange how close the end is... and yet it doesn't seem real.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is it coming?

The last year there has been a lot of talk in the news about the economy, is it failing? Is it in danger? Is it just fine?

There has been some interesting things happening lately. First would be the High Gas Prices, now with storms in Iowa and such is going to cause the prices of food.

I don't think that we are headed into a depression, however with the crops of Iowa have drowned along with many others, maybe things are not going so good. Now I have been very adamant that a depression is not going to happen, so what happened to make me change my mind?

There was a bill in congress that was going to be voted on which was about drilling off the coast, you know replace the ones that were lost to hurricane Katrina has been tabled. It was tabled because lets face it the democratic party is the green party. They want us to no longer be oil dependent, which is not a bad plan but as the president said we currently are oil dependent. Change does not happen quickly. One of the main alternate fuel is Ethical. Fields that were once used to grow food for humans and animals. That was okay before because we have lots of farm land. however the flooding in Iowa has taken much of our crops for humans and animals out of the picture.

We can fix this, we can take back the fields that have been converted to make the corn that is converted into ethanol, and use the corn for food.

the problem is then that we need to find a way to make up for the ethical (which really isn't the best use of the fields anyway) that would be lost. So we would need to make up for the lose, which would be easy, drill the oil off shore, and build refineries. The democratic party, the green party, doesn't want this.

They would rather we be on alternative fuels, and that we go into a depression where people die so they can rule. It is this political party that has said there is a depression happening so more people are dependent on the government, Giving the government more power.

Sadly this is making me think that maybe the economic problems that we are seeing may turn into a depression, but it will be at the direct result of choices made in our government in the attempt for greater power.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Biggest Online Dance Battle In The History Of Mankind!

I just though this was too interesting not to share

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Exodus 20:12

Honor your father and mother. then you will live a long full life in the land that the LORD your God will give you.

This is the only commandment that includes a promise. But what exactly is that promise? and is this a promise that was specifically for the Israelites, or does it still apply to Christians?

And what does he mean by live a long live in the Land"? Health and wealth peeps will say that is a sign that God wants us to all live a long and healthy life, but i do not a scribe to that doctrine.

What is the land supposed to be? for the Israelites it was and is the holy land, but what is it for the rest of us?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The chronicals of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I went and saw Prince Caspian in theaters twice. Once by my self and once with my youth Group. I wanted to wait a wail before I posted my review because I wanted to take the time to re read the book to see how much of the book was changed, jumbled, or added to.

The movie is true to the book, don't get me wrong the screen writers took advantage of their artistic liassons but they stayed true to the book and even fleshed out the main theme of CS Lewis' book. For the most part the things that where added or jumbled around were for the purpose of Character development, theme development, and plot development and thus are forgivable.
Some people may be upset with the development of Peter and Susan. Peter is shown as a young man who is struggling with being a child when he was the high king of Narnia. Susan is shown as a young women who has given up hope of returning to Narnia. Thou these attitudes are not shown in the book I find them to be necessary in view of the entire story. let us all remember that Susan sadly does forget that Narnia and Aslan were real in the Last Battle. The small thing that the movie added to her and Caspian's relationship though never mentioned in the book I really liked.
Peter's attitude in this book add tension between him and Caspian. Caspian has brought everyone together only to watch as the High King of Narnia seems to be taking what was his. this adds to the theme of trusting God (aka Aslan) even when we don't see him at work, to not give up even when the stories of the miraculous things God has done in the past begin to fade into legion. (sound familiar?)
Along with the extra development of Peter and Susan, Edmond is given a bit more in this movie then the last, he is developed and grown sense his days under the witches control. this development is a good turn for when the voyage of the dawn treader is created, when he will be played against his weakling cousin. we can see clearly that he may not have been High King, but he is still a king of Narnia. Which is clear when he says to king Miraz "it's king, just king though Peter's the high king."
The effects were amazing, and if anyone has see or heard the review that Prince Caspian is a Lord Of the Rings wannabe it would be in these amazing effects the review would have been rooted in. They are all in the books, and lets face it Lewis and Tolkien were best friends and wrote together.
My favorite things about this movie were that the last line of the movie is the same as the books, "I left my new torch in Narnia" and most of all that Warrik Davis (who played Repacheep in the BBC movies) played Nikabrick.
the thing about this movie that really got me, and I noticed it when i was re-reading the book, so much regular every day magic. Star gazing to see the future (or rather interpret the current times), the use of crystals and spells by the Caspian's professor, and the magic horn. All things that the Christian community condemned the Harry Potter books for.
I give this movie a 8 out of 10.