Sunday, November 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: NaNoWriMo

Today I'm going to once again share an excerpt from my nanowrimo project. Today You get to meet my second favorite characters of this project Kirena.

Sweat beaded on Kirena's skin. She tried to forget about everything, let the world around her and the punching bag fade away. Almost an hour latter, wet with sweat and panting she stopped. She drank some water and wiped her face on her shirt. She sat in on her bed, "Just do the job.' She repeated.

What do you think?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

NaNoWriMo: An Excerpt

If you follow me on social media you know that I had a massive word count day yesterday, well today here is an excerpt:
Leo turned back to Thea, 'Do you know what their agenda is?"
Thea shrugged, "Take over the cosmos?"
"You are correct."
she snorted.
"No that is their plan, they have been orchestrating everything to have each of the rulers of the cosmos in their hands. Then they will of course do what they need to to keep the Nephs happy, most likely in a way that means that they really are also controlled by the quad. of course the nephs are attempting to do something similar but they are going about it in a much different way, I believe Bildad would say that they lack the subtleties of The Quad. Either way that is it. "
"So what if they are?" said Thea, "What does the voice intend to do about it?"
"He has a plan, and you are part of it."
She shrugged, "What is in it for me?"
"Freedom form The Quad."
"Really? How does he plan to do that?"
Leo shrugged, "I really don't know but that was the promise he made to me and I believe him. so it may take time but the Voice is confident."
"I don't know."
Leo shrugged, "It is your choice. but even if he doesn't, think about it this way, by doing a job for the Voice you are working in opposition to The Quad, in that sense you are defying them. does that intrigue you?"
She nodded slowly, "Actually it kinda does." she took a drink from her coffee cup, "what is the job?"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday 11/15

1. I am thankful for all the people on Facebook who are counting their blessings! It is awesome and encouraging to hear how everyone is being blessed by different things in their lives
2. I'm thankful for the group of encouraging friends and family that I am surrounded by as I try to write a novel in one month.
3. I am thankful for my little god daughter who has turned two. I love her so much!
4. I thankful hat my Husband believes in me.
5. I'm thankful that i have a job that lets me peruse my dreams.
6. I'm thankful for my gamer groups! yes even the on which is on hiatus.
7. I'm thankful that nano is officially half way over! (hows the word count going?)
8. I'm thankful that the holidays are coming!!!!!

What are you thankful for today?

till next time Godspeed and Open Roads

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Knitting: a love affair with yarn

Oh are you surprised? this si my first non NaNoWriMo post this month. quick update word could is at 27,859 that is 6,192 ahead of schedule.

On to Knitting!
I only have two projects to talk about so this will be a short post.
1. My Cardigan  the body is so close to being done. maybe by next time I will be able to start the sleeves  Cross your fingers.
2. Elefante. this is one of my favorite patterns. I love it because it combines two of my favorite things: knitting and Puzzels. I have the body the feet done now all I have to do is finished the head and trunk and knit the ears then it is done. I really need to get working on this one. my plan is to give it to my Goddaughter for her birthday on saturday.

well that is it, if you are a knitter and would like to find these wonderful patters you can find them Here: Velvet morning Cardigan by Julie Crawford and Elefante by Susan B. Anderson

You can find me on Revelry as Glorificus, I'm not very active but you can get more pictures and knitting goodness there plus its always good to connect with knitters.

Till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

Monday, November 12, 2012

NaNoWriMo: World Building

If you follow me on Facebook you know that I was dealing with issues of world building in my nano Project. and My problem had to do with something very simple like how day and night work. this probably sounds really strange. I mean shouldn't things like the sun rising and setting should be some thing like that be standard?

My problem is that I am writing in a very strange world. There are very interesting rules that are so vastly different then our own world that the very fabric of space is different. Why? because I'm writing in the seven Heavens. Fun fact that is actually the title of the series. The Seven Heavens Series. it makes me happy that this series of at least six books actually has a name now.

Any way so where does the problem happen? The Current story takes place on what would be the equivalent of Jupiter in the positioning of things. like jupiter it has 16 moons, all of these are habitable. So if the Sun is the main source of light and heat in the cosmos then does day and night work with the sun moves and the world spins as well. which makes me wonder about how does every part of the world get day light and how do seasons work?

Well I started to work on thinking of speed of the sun going around the grave (also called the Nexus and Hub) at first i thought that the sun went around the nexus every twenty four hours, like it would if the seven heaven's theory was correct. after several teasing and struggles which really would seem silly.

In the end I decided that basically the sun takes a year to move around the nexus and when it is eclipsed by the nexus is winter. It was simple solution that just worked. a solution that I should have come up with before I got myself all worked up in a tizzy.

would have been great if I had figured that out before I lost desire, will and motivation to work on my WIP. Of course what stole my joy of creating was something else entirely, but that is a blog post all of it's own.

well that is all I've got for today's nanowrimo thoughts. I hope everyone's november is going well remember what ever word count you make is more words then you had before you started.

God Speed and Open Roads.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Villain

Before I start I just want to give a big shout out to my new followers you guys are awesome! welcome to the drumbeat.

Today I want to talk about villains, particularily my villains on my nanowrimo story. now Like I said this world has exsited in my head for about 7 years, but there never was much work done withthe villains. they were evil dictators or crime lords but they were only that. when I was on the Round Table Podcast one of the suggestions I was give was to really suss out an evil villian. well brien would be proud of the villian that that has come about with a little thought created.

His name is Bildad Innocent Shuha, Armigero. And if a movie was made of this right now he would be played by Anthony Hopkins. He is the leader of a group of crime lords called The Quad. They currently rule their world from the shadows and it is all do to this man who brought together the best criminals and got them to work together. He is the epitome of a grandfatherly gentleman. Hence the Armigero at the end of his name, (similar to Esquire)

When we first meet Bildad he and his wife Cleo are the serigett parents to Thea (my protagonist) she goes o them after finding out that her Brother, Thom, was the one responcible for their parent's death. He is a good father, Respectful to his wife, and even fatherly to Thea and her brother. But then a she talks to him about what happened between her and Thom she finds out that Bildad was the one who decided that her father needed to be gotten ride of.

However it is not till latter in the first act that it is reveled to Thea just how 'evil' Bildad is when she finds out that he is still interested in her. So while thea is his Guest he explains to her that it is in her best interested to work for him and the rest of the quad because if she doesn't agree to his generous offer he is going to make her life miserable, she might even lose her ship.

Well that is my main villain, tell me what you think.

till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Insecure Writer's Suport Group

Today as the first wednesday of the month, which means it is time for the Insecure Writer's Suport Group which means it is time to share an insecurity. I think the point of it is to share the insecurity so that we can realize that we all feel insecure at times. I would like to share my my insecurities as November drew closer. these are not new but perhaps entertaining. I spent the last week of October fretting over the oncoming month of November  Like so many writers I hoped to participate in The National Novel Writing Month. I had a plan, a plan that some of my readers and friends encouraged me to follow. The idea was to take an idea that I have been working and toying with for the last seven years. It was an idea was an epic, with multiple layers. As I tried to tease out what to do, how to write the first story of what will be a six book series.

And as the last days of October passed by I became completely convinced that I had chosen poorly. the project I was about to embark on was going to be too hard, to complicated for me to end the month of November with little more then a collection of words that would look more like something that came out of the city of old emperors then a real story that anyone would ever want to read and that I most definitely woud abandon rather then edited. I was afraid to start, I was starting on a project that was going to be doomed to failure.

Then something interesting happened, we are a week in and ahead of the standard word count. There is something happening in this story. Despite my insecurities about the project this story is coming together well.

So today if you are participating in Nanowrimo and if you are behind remember that whatever your word count is at the end of the month, you've won, every day you have written is a word more then you had before. Keep at it, what ever the end result is. if you are worried about whether or not you can achieve the end result of your November writing I believe in you. now Go Write!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

NanoWriMo Sneak Peek one

Today I offer to you a sneak peek of what I'm working on this week:
"But how will we get out of the house?" asked Zel
"I was thinking out the window." Thea pulled the sheet off the bed and went to the entrance room, she then grabbed her bag out of the breakfast nook. Just as she was opening the window to start belaying down the knotted sheets, the door opened. Thea froze.
"Thea are you awake still?" Said Billy as he came in the room. He saw thea standing fully clothed next to an open window. "So you are awake." He paused, "What are you doing?"
"What does it look like I am doing?" Asked Thea, I'm leaving."
"You don't have to, father might..."
"No, I'm not entering any sort of discussions with Thom," she said getting down. "Do you understand what he did? He..."
"Thea," Billy stopped her, "I get it, and if you are worried about what Thom will do, then I have an alternative."
"Ummm." Billy patted his pockets then pulled out a little black box and then went down on one knee, "You could ummm. marry me." he opened the box with a beautiful rose gold ring with three rubies set in it.
Thea looked at him shocked and then at the ring, "You can't be serious,"
"I am," he said, "I've thought it through and it would work out well for both of us. You would be safe, and my parents would approve of the match. " he smiled his mischievous smile, and added, "It's not like it was never suggested."
Thea stepped back, "If you are referring to the kiss.."
"Our first."
"It was a dare, and we were kids."
Billy stood, he took the ring out of the box and offered it once more to her, "Thea we could make it work."
"But." Thea said slowly, “What about Sheol? I can't abandon him, and you know how I feel about Sailing through the cosmos, I could never give up that life."
Billy shrugged and put the ring back in it's box, "I had to try," The box went back in his pocket, "Well if you want to get out of here quickly without my father finding out, you should probably come with me."
Billy took her bag, "Because Father doesn't have every entrance and exit guarded, otherwise Dove would be in a lot of trouble right now."

Friday, November 02, 2012

Nanowrimo: I'm a Rebel

things are going to be different here at the Drumbeat. I will still try to post at least every other day but I may or may not follow the topics as I have set them out.

So it is November and that means national novel writing month. generally I try to keep the rules, I may restart an idea I had, but this year, I fully admit it, I'm cheating. I had 5,000 words on this novel before November first. I know I know I'm such a cheat. but there is a reason for it. Second I'm allowing myself to spend a little bit every day to read over what I have already written, checking the spelling and the grammar  adding some exposition here and there. there is a reason for that.

So why am I cheating? well it's simple really. this story I is one I restarted very recently  when I realized it was what I want ed to do for nano I stopped and waited til november. it is a story idea that is quite frankly a mess. now last year I took an idea that was nice and neat and turned it into a confused mess that a strange conglomeration of ideas that I can't bring myself to touch it. editing it is so much more work than rewriting it that it is just not worth it to edit. So that is why I am keeping my manuscript clean. this means that I will write way more than 50,000 words, because many of those words that I write will not be counted. (I tried the whole strikeout thing last year it made the manuscript a mess so I will not be doing that this year.) but I think in the end I will have 50,000 words in a rough draft that I will still want to work with at the end of the month, rather than abandoning the whole thing in hopes of something better next time.

So yeah I'm cheating, go ahead call the nano police, in the end my hope is to have at least a 50,000 word manuscript, not something that looks like it came out of the city of old emperors.

till next time
God Speed and Open Roads.