Wednesday, April 20, 2005


At school this year I was voted most unlike any one else. I have been known to do my own thing and not worry about what others think. My mother talks about how when I was little I would purposely wear different colored soaks.

I have always stood out in a crowd, sometimes to the embarrassment of my siblings, cousins. I am the only one in many situations in my family; the only bible college student, the only nonmarried adult, the only attending a college in Canada, the only writer, and many more. In high school I had a hard time fitting in, but since coming to college I have found that there are other people marching to the beat I hear in my head.

so why blog? I was introduced to this form of communication by several friends and thought it would be a great place to voice my opinions and thoughts on things. When I write I often find that I am going in circles, as I think I write which causes more thoughts to write and so on. Hopefully my ramblings will makes sense when you read them.


Danica Farsight said...

Hiya Rikku I decided I'd post here simply cuz I can rofl, wait I mean comment actually. Your posts do make sense, but you are going around in circles rofl, hey guess what I started my own blog as well after reading yours so hey maybe your motivating me somehow, its called dreamland and as yet I only have one post on it.......anyway I can't find the post that you were talking about in Crosswalk and I really want to keep reading your story.

Danica Farsight said...

P.S just in case your going gee I wonder who that strange person is rofl its me Novalist from Crosswalk I'm reading over my own comment and realized you would have no idea who I was rofl.

glo said...

hey danica,
it is on my other blog, so go to my profile and find the treasuer of puzzel island. you can coment there i you would like