Wednesday, November 14, 2007

10 reasons I don't like distence learning

10. I have found there is such a thing as too small a class.

9. it is easy to get discuraged and harder to find encouragement

8. there are less places to study with less distractions

7. I have no internet in my house so when i have a problem I have to go far away to get the answer.

6. there are less people to rant with about the assignment.

5. My living room now has to double as my school, class room, study hall, and liberary

4. a worm hole sucks up my home work instead of the dog eating my homework

3. there is no one to barrow notes from if you don't understand something

2. the proffesser is never avalible

1. I miss the class room


Elizabeth said...

I hated it too,

How is the NaNo going?

Be encouraged you have friends in your corner! Would you mind if I added a link to you?

glo said...

well, i have miss placed my note book, but hey i am going on vacation soon and that means i should have lots of time.

and go for it liz.

Elizabeth said...

What is your nano sign-in?

glo said...

but I haven't done much there.

Elizabeth said...

How is word count goind glo?

glo said...

My problem is that none of it is typed up. i figure i am about a one fourth of the way done. man this month has been a little more then buisy for me. another reason that i hate distance learning.