Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother

This song puts into words everything I would like to say about my mother today

It's hard to remember
In summer or winter
When she hasn't been there for me
A friend a companion
I can always depend onMy mother
That's who I mean

I've taken for granted
The seeds that she planted
She's always behind everything

A teacher a seeker
A both arms outreacher
My motherThat's who I mean

Wish I could slow down the hands of time
And keep things the way they are
If she said so I would give her the world
If I could. . . I would

My love and my laughter
From here ever after
Is all that she says that she needs

My friend and companion
I can always depend on My mother
That's who I meanMy mother
That's who I mean. . . that's who I mean
My mother by Randy Good man

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