Tuesday, February 03, 2009


sadly the end of the holiday season. but was in not a good game? a spectacular game. considering that the cardinals are considered one of the worst teams in the NFL. the last time they were at the super bowl was 1944, back when they were the Chicago cardinals.

as usual this year i rooted for the underdog. for some reason it is just more fun to root the underdog on. i watched the super bowl and the huge TV in one of the boys dorms. there was pizza and pop, chips and dip and of course wings. (even if they weren't from dash inn, which made me slightly home sick.)

my good friend Lisa decided that foot ball is not nearly as exciting as hockey and would randomly start yelling fight during a tackle. (do not that one of the Steelers did through a punch at a cardinal and when one of the steals went out of bounds on the red side he almost got clobbered.)

there was only two people in this party who were rooting for the Stealers, and only one of them was incredibly vocal about it. he mocked the rest of us at the end of the game when we were all hoping for a miracle. even though it is the super bowl and miracles are known to happen.

all and all it was a great party. we laughed, we joked, we jumped, and screamed. and really what else can you ask for from a super bowl party?

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