Sunday, March 29, 2009

Parable of the star fish.

Taking a small Denture for something God gave me today at church.

Long ago there were many more Twinkling Lights in the starry sky. these Twinkling Lights told the story of the Creator and pointed the Imago Deo to Him. But it was not always to be.

one night on of Star looked down at the world and saw a flickering light in the dark depths of the ocean. the next night from her orbit above the earth she spotted it again and the little star pointed it out to her friends. the story of the Flickering light of the sea spread through out the nights sky and there was much debate about what it was and meant.

Many wanted to go down to find out what the Flickering light was.

But the Greater Lights, the sun and the moon, warned the little Twinkling Lights that this mysterious Flicker of light in the sea was dangerous. they the lights of the sky were to point the Imago Deo to their creator. there was nothing in the sea that would be helpful in this mission.

Sadly many of the Twinkling Lights did not listen to the warning of the greater lights. they agreed instead to go to the sea and find out what it was. So on a dark night when the greater lights were not to be seen this band of stars left the sky and went down to the earth. as they flung themselves after the flickering light they found their own light was extinguished and they fell into the depth of the sea. Here the Flickering Light was nothing, just an empty reflection. try as they may they could not get back to the sky and exhausted they settled on the floor of the sea. they learned to survive, scavenging for food among the rocks.

But their Creator did not forget about them. with every tide he sends a current which would carry them back to the sky where they belong. if they would just let go of the rocks they now cling to.

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