Friday, January 01, 2010

a New year has begun

well so much for my count down , things got pretty crazy for me as the term started to end, and when I got home after i had turned in my last paper, my computer decided to not boot up so the list i had going with the last six contenders is lost on my personal computer. oh well.

any way every new year comes fresh with out any mistakes (unless of course there are still repercussions from last years mistakes.) this year I am looking forward to graduating (again) finding a real job, (that will pay for the lifestyle i have chosen) and time to work on my writing. Starting by re starting my online story the Curse of the Sea. I have decided the title maybe a bit lame, and would like to think up something better but for now i am just going to work with what i have.

other then that i will be following my resolutions that i started last year but never finished.

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Glo said...

I am glad you found it again.