Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Simple women's Day book 3

FOR TODAY: June 2 2010
You can find more daybooks at The Simple Womans Daybook

Outside my window... a beautiful night sky

I am thinking...How wonderful life is...

I am thankful for...friends and family and my boyfriend...

From the kitchen...chicken taco soup and berry upside-down cake.

I'm wearing... white lacey baby doll with a purple tank and olive green gotchoes (sp). 

I am  creating... Several knitting projects and working the kinks out of my novel from November. 

I am going... no where special this week. 

I am reading... the Simarilion by Tolkien, the abolition of man by CS Lewis, and Interesting times by Terry Pratchett. 

I am find a job soon. 

I am hearing... the air conditioning mostly. 

Around the house... my room mate just got a new set of dressers they are hanging out in the living room till we can find room for them in her room. 

A few plans for the rest of the week... find a job, find car insurance, write resume, find a way through this murky world call post graduation. 

Here is a picture I am sharing(or two)... a gift from my boyfriend....

(Ps  I said yes!!!)


Steph said...


Amanda said...

Awwwww!! Its so beautiful! Congrats!!

DJ said...

Congratulations, you always said for your engagement ring you would want a pearl and not a diamond :). Its a beautiful ring! Congrats Gloria! :)