Sunday, November 07, 2010

Archie Boy Wonder Part VII

For Part I

     Jessie ran through the park, put Archie in his car, and sped off to Ria's house. Once there Casey berated him with questions about everything.  Jesse told him to be quiet as he paid Megan and sent her home.
     "But where's Aunt Ria?" Casey asked.
     "She'll be here soon." Jesse had Archie rapped in a blanket and made the boys hot Chocolate.
     They waited, and waited... the clock on the mantel struck 1:00 am.  both boys were getting sleepy.  Archie yawned.
     "You don't think something happened do you?" asked Casey.
     "Oh come on." said Jessie attempting to cover his own wary, "what could happen to your Aunt Ria?"
     Down in the cave beneath the old boxcar Kazum pulled his sword out of the lifeless body of Maria Sunctus, none by most as simply Ria. "what a waist of time."
     His priest nodded.
     "And now the boy is missing."
     His priest turned back tot he pit, "I will complete the ritual, you go get the boy."
     Kazum agreed but as he passed Ria's body he tripped.  before he got up a sword came down into his back and he screamed in agony as he died.
     The priest whorled around dumbfounded at the women who had killed his master.  "but you did you?"
    with a swift movement Ria pulled her sword out of the demon's body, "Got tangled up with some druad's 1400 years ago. you know they are really good at their curses." She faced the priest, "now about completing that ritual." She glared at him.

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