Monday, June 27, 2011

Birth Control

I know this is a weird topic for me to write about. Really I'm not massively passionate about this topic, but I am amazed how passionate about this topic. I mean go to the nest and read any of the coments on this topic.

There are lots of different forms of birth control. What gets me is that some people say that certain types of birth control are not actual birth control. And I think that is kinda crazy. people are all different and have different needs.

I use one of the natural methods. I think it is a great method but that is because it worksfor me. But I understand that it is not for everyone. I like it because in general I don't like pills in general. Then I have listened to different side affects with different pills. And I know that there is probably a pill with side effects I could handel, but I worry about how long it would take to find a good pill.

The other types of birth control I am not a big fan of because I don't like the idea of shutting down my system, or when it comes down to it Greg and I are planning on having kids soon, so those really aren't for me.

And I know that the form of birth control is not perfect. But as Greg and I have discussed if we have an oops we will deal. But for now we will just celebrate every month we find out we are not pregnant.

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