Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Good Die Young

Why does everyone think if you do good you will prosper? The good die young, why? What is good? A war hero, he lives life on the edge. He goes to fight injustice. A good person stand for what is right. He stands up for the weak and what is right. The only thing necessary for an injustice to prevail is for good men to do nothing. This is a quote that is illustrated by the movie tears of the sun. Bruce Willis plays a general in the United States army who is sent into a war torn African country to take a priest, 2 nuns and a missionary doctor back to the states. He is told to leave all the patients behind. The priest and nuns refuse to leave and the Doctor refuses to go without her patients. Willis forces the doctor onto a helicopter leaving all her patients behind in a green field. As they are flying they see that the Gorillas had come and killed everyone at the medical center. Willis turns the copper around and puts half the refugees on it and leads the other half across the country trying to get to the refugee camp.
Many of Willis’ men die trying to get them to safety. They strove to stop something and gave their lives to do something Good. Evil men prosper because they take the easy manipulative way. Cowards prosper because they do not stand. He who stands is more likely to fall then he who never gets up.
That is why the good die young. It is tough to go against the flow and play with fire. A good man is not afraid to upset the anthill. He is courageous and knows what fights to fight and which to let go.
A brave man runs to a fight but a courageous man thinks before he acts. Not about the consequences but about whither or not the fight is worth it. No matter what the out come, at the end of the day a good man has no regrets, no matter the ending a good man would do it all again.

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one post per month? you missed july ;)

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