Thursday, August 18, 2005


I resently got back from a short term missions trip, it was life changing. but at breakfest the day I after I got back I reolized something, I had changed but.... nothing else had.
Suddenly I felt as though my time spent in the Czech Republic with a bunch of teens playing sports and learning english, was spend inside a worm hole, or time pocket, maybe even a different dimention where time pased at a different rate. But what ever it was, sitting in Chicago eating breakfest I reolized that it seemed like only yesterday I had met my team that I would come to know and love as family. And yet wail I was at camp it had felt like forever ago. On day was like the next and it felt that it had always been that way and always would be.
but now thatIi am back it is like I have stepped back in my own time. That day might as well have been yesterday, and in a way it was. I and my team have changed but time has continued to march at it's own beat, and the world has continued to turn like it always has.

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