Thursday, September 13, 2007

New CD

This is my newest CD. and I am impressed, Just when you think that casting crowns couldn't get any better they do. I Got this CD because while at a Music festivel they played a song form this CD that is now being over played on the radio. But just like the first time I heard Life Song I have follen in love with every song on this CD.

Casting crowns stays true to their ablitiy to create though provocing, convicting and Practical songs with this CD. From an understanding of how God forgives with a beautful word picture, To discribing the slow decay of relationships through the words of a song we all learned as children in sunday school.

and for me personaly a story that i have been reworking has found it's theme in the song What This World Needs.

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Evelyn said...

You write very well.