Friday, September 21, 2007


The first trial today is that of a you girl
her crime?
refusing to submit to an aranged marrage
her sentince?
to be held under water till dead.

Next on the docket
a starved twelve year old boy
his crime?
stealing a mouth full of bread?
His sentince?
to have a truck roll over his arm braking it at the elbow and tohave no medical treatment.

next a women
Her crime?
she inticed a man to rap her and became pragnet
her sentince?
to be slashed open sos to be sure the child dies with her

next a man
his crime?
leaving the true religon for another
his sentince?
to have needles forced under his nails till he gives up the names of his leader, then stoned

next 100 people
thier crime?
they were born of the wrong liniage
their sentince?
some death, some disfiguration, some scared from a car bomb

the father who drawneds his daughter?
The man who crushes a young boy's arm?
the brother who slashes his sister?
a slap on the wrist to apees the "athorities"
the holy man who tortures?
the warrior who sets the bomb?

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