Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"I Am With Isreal" by Arab American Emilio Karim Dabul

This is a poem was writen by Emilio Karim Dabul in responce to the poem written by one of the greatest arab poets Nizar Qabbani entitled: I am with Terrorism.

Emilio Karim Dabul wrote:
I am with Isreal
because a people so long denied
bread and freedom,
crushed under the wheels of
pharaohs, emperors, czars and Fuhrers,
Has done more then any other people
to free the world from itself.

What single people in history have
contributed more to faith, sceince
philosophy and the arts?
And done so against the greatest odds
with a sword to thier throats...

I am with israel
Because my people, so long in the desert
have not had the courage to acknowledge the great teachers among them
but instead have turned on thme
blamed them for all the evil and shed thier blood

what other people could crawl away
from the wreckage of the holocause
and, insteat of seeking revenge,
build the miracle called isreal?

Why, as Wufa Sultan has asked, have
there been no jewish homicide bombers?
Perhaps it is because despite all the
spit, kicks, and insults they've faced
along with the constent threat of eviction
the jew would rather build then destroy

I am with isreal
becuase I am with life,
and because beyound its verdant desert,
Isreal offers the knowledge that those most desirous of peace and freedom
are a people who have so long been denied it,
and who with all they know of the world ,
look still towards Jerusalem and reach
for thier enemy's hand."

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