Saturday, December 01, 2007


well it is December. and guess what I woke up to snow this morning. Oh the beautiful and Gloriusness of snow. I love the snow, it is why i never want to live anywhere that it doesn't snow ever again. which is a little idealistic sence i am looking at moving to kentucky next year because this whole internet schooling sucks.

as for NaNoWriMo, sadly I failed. somewhere in chapter three of my novel things took a rabbit trail and i have no idea of where things ended up. However Because school work is lightening up and work is also slowing down I am giving myself one more week to make the dead line. it is a long shot but hey I am going to be positive that I will beable to finish.


Elizabeth said...

Conclusions are good no matter when they happen. I hope December is a good story writing month for you.

Lindy said...

You're coming to Kentucky! Whoo Hoo, you must come visit us! I miss you Glo!