Thursday, December 20, 2007

just love the black and white

I have been in a mood lattly to watch some old movies. lucky for me my local liberary has a good silection of classic films. so in the last two nights i have watched

Wonderful film, and what really gets me, you never seenthe dead bodies. there are two dead bodies floating around on this movie but you never see them.

I did not reolize that it was THE Jack Nicholson at first. I enjoyed the mistory of this film and the twist. though the ending is very disopointing, I mean it just ends, however the ending works the thrid movie is:

all I can say is Humphy Bogart where have you been all my life? casablanca has gone on to my list of all time favorit movies.

I have to say though after watching a couple of black and white pictures I have found that I really enjoy the style of these pictures. sure they did not have color and well color is cool, but the way the shadows move and the glares are controled is amazing. maybe it is the same as why My art teacher in highschool said that he was not going to lose his dark room. I really like it, any way i have the original Mr, and Mrs. smith to watch tonight.

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Lindy said...

Glo- for a fun double feature rent A Philidelphia Story (B&W) and High Society (color)- the same story (pretty much the same script) but High Society is a musical. Philidelphia Story also has Katherine Hepburn in it- she is my hero.