Thursday, December 06, 2007

a new fictional hot topic in christian circles.

I was thinking of posting something on the Golden Compass. I am interested to see that not only has this been a hot topic in Your Christan circles like harry potter, but also has made it's way into newspapers and on television.

Some may think this is just like the whole Harry Potter thing that happened and then died down because people actually read the books and realized that the books are about as dangerous as Star wars. However unlike Harry Potter these books are not just a story, they are meant to stand in opposition of the Chronicles of Narnia.

I read the first two books of the trilogy. the quality of writing is not the greatest, the subject matter is basically what you have heard from the debate. the author set out to create a anti-Narnia, and challenge all traditions particularly Christianity. it is in there, and and the author affirming in these statements.

this movie won't be that bad, nothing really happens till the second book.

all that being said, it actually has nothing to do with why i am not going to see the movie.
I actually was undecided for a while because I actually like the witches, they are pretty cool, but that was it. I latter thought well maybe I should see the movie just because of the hype. I mean if it is going to be the source of a new controversy maybe it would be good to watch it.

but I have decided that i am not going to see it. Not because it is evil, (the first book is not evil it is just setting the stage for the atheistic and agnostic themes), but simply because I didn't like the books, hence why i did not read the third book. I only read the second book because the first book ended well. by the end of the second book I thought the story was stupid and heretical and just not worth my time. (and i never thought that of any of the harry potter books even when I was on the anti harry potter side, or the DaVinci Code).

So watch it don't watch it what ever, I just wanted to give my opinion because I read the books and thought the story sucked. When it comes down to it if I only could watch one movie this month in theater it is going to be the new national treasure Movie.

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