Thursday, March 06, 2008

An Easter Special

for easter this year i thought i would do a special blog serial. I have been doing so reasearch one the stations of the cross. I have been interested in the stations sence i walked the stations at river valley weslyean church. i found three different listings of what the stations of the cross were and I melded the three together and came up with this:

1. Jesus in the garden. 2. Betrayed by Judas. 3. deigned by peter. 4. condemned to die by the Sanhedrin and Pontius pilot. 5. Jesus receives his cross. 6. Jesus falls. 7. Simeon of Cyrene helps Jesus with his cross. 8. Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem. 9. Jesus falls. 10 Jesus nailed to the cross. 11. Jesus promised heaven to the thief. 12. Jesus dies on the cross. Jesus is taken form the cross and laid on Mary’s bosom. 14. Jesus laid in the tomb.

starting on saturday I will be posting once a day which will end on good friday.

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