Thursday, March 13, 2008

station 2 Judas Betrays Jesus

Shadow man from !Hero

Shadowman from hero
It’s a shame that its world is where things aren’t always black or white. Cause it makes the motivation come around to wrong or right, but the truth is in the shadows the land of in-between it is a good thing that I have advice that’s seen the truths not what it seems
I’m the shadow man I will do this thing no one else can know I‘m the shadow man And I will go where no one else will go.
We so far from where we started all my dreams have turned to dust, it is time to salvage the self less cause and save a lot of us. It is right to sacrifice the one so we can all go free. Break the spell of his seduction and reclaim our destinySo the time as come to execute the necessary dead. doing good can be so sinister when it is what the people need. I’ll champion for the weaker ones who don’t have the guts for this. And I’ll serve out this way ward would be king and you’ll seal it with a kiss.

“Now he who was betraying him had given them a signal, saying “whomever I kiss, he is the one; seize him and lead him away under Guard.” After comeing Judas immediately went to him saying “rabbi!” and kissed him.
Mark 14:43-44

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