Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is it coming?

The last year there has been a lot of talk in the news about the economy, is it failing? Is it in danger? Is it just fine?

There has been some interesting things happening lately. First would be the High Gas Prices, now with storms in Iowa and such is going to cause the prices of food.

I don't think that we are headed into a depression, however with the crops of Iowa have drowned along with many others, maybe things are not going so good. Now I have been very adamant that a depression is not going to happen, so what happened to make me change my mind?

There was a bill in congress that was going to be voted on which was about drilling off the coast, you know replace the ones that were lost to hurricane Katrina has been tabled. It was tabled because lets face it the democratic party is the green party. They want us to no longer be oil dependent, which is not a bad plan but as the president said we currently are oil dependent. Change does not happen quickly. One of the main alternate fuel is Ethical. Fields that were once used to grow food for humans and animals. That was okay before because we have lots of farm land. however the flooding in Iowa has taken much of our crops for humans and animals out of the picture.

We can fix this, we can take back the fields that have been converted to make the corn that is converted into ethanol, and use the corn for food.

the problem is then that we need to find a way to make up for the ethical (which really isn't the best use of the fields anyway) that would be lost. So we would need to make up for the lose, which would be easy, drill the oil off shore, and build refineries. The democratic party, the green party, doesn't want this.

They would rather we be on alternative fuels, and that we go into a depression where people die so they can rule. It is this political party that has said there is a depression happening so more people are dependent on the government, Giving the government more power.

Sadly this is making me think that maybe the economic problems that we are seeing may turn into a depression, but it will be at the direct result of choices made in our government in the attempt for greater power.

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