Thursday, June 05, 2008

The chronicals of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I went and saw Prince Caspian in theaters twice. Once by my self and once with my youth Group. I wanted to wait a wail before I posted my review because I wanted to take the time to re read the book to see how much of the book was changed, jumbled, or added to.

The movie is true to the book, don't get me wrong the screen writers took advantage of their artistic liassons but they stayed true to the book and even fleshed out the main theme of CS Lewis' book. For the most part the things that where added or jumbled around were for the purpose of Character development, theme development, and plot development and thus are forgivable.
Some people may be upset with the development of Peter and Susan. Peter is shown as a young man who is struggling with being a child when he was the high king of Narnia. Susan is shown as a young women who has given up hope of returning to Narnia. Thou these attitudes are not shown in the book I find them to be necessary in view of the entire story. let us all remember that Susan sadly does forget that Narnia and Aslan were real in the Last Battle. The small thing that the movie added to her and Caspian's relationship though never mentioned in the book I really liked.
Peter's attitude in this book add tension between him and Caspian. Caspian has brought everyone together only to watch as the High King of Narnia seems to be taking what was his. this adds to the theme of trusting God (aka Aslan) even when we don't see him at work, to not give up even when the stories of the miraculous things God has done in the past begin to fade into legion. (sound familiar?)
Along with the extra development of Peter and Susan, Edmond is given a bit more in this movie then the last, he is developed and grown sense his days under the witches control. this development is a good turn for when the voyage of the dawn treader is created, when he will be played against his weakling cousin. we can see clearly that he may not have been High King, but he is still a king of Narnia. Which is clear when he says to king Miraz "it's king, just king though Peter's the high king."
The effects were amazing, and if anyone has see or heard the review that Prince Caspian is a Lord Of the Rings wannabe it would be in these amazing effects the review would have been rooted in. They are all in the books, and lets face it Lewis and Tolkien were best friends and wrote together.
My favorite things about this movie were that the last line of the movie is the same as the books, "I left my new torch in Narnia" and most of all that Warrik Davis (who played Repacheep in the BBC movies) played Nikabrick.
the thing about this movie that really got me, and I noticed it when i was re-reading the book, so much regular every day magic. Star gazing to see the future (or rather interpret the current times), the use of crystals and spells by the Caspian's professor, and the magic horn. All things that the Christian community condemned the Harry Potter books for.
I give this movie a 8 out of 10.

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