Monday, July 28, 2008

VBS Power Lab

Last week was VBS. I love VBS, I loved it as a kid and can still remember many of the songs I learned there. I went straight from participating in VBS to being a helper. This year when I got back to Buffalo My mother informed me that she would be the leader and was wondering if I would help. Of course I said yes and all last week I teased my hair to make it stand straight, and played the part of a nutty professor.

The kids learned things like: Jesus gives us the power to be thankful, the power to be helpful, the power to be brave, the power to live forever, and the power to tell others about Jesus. They walked on water (well it was really corn starch but hey it was fun) we made a big bubble using dry ice, and they learned that God loves them.

Since we live in an age where numbers count here are our states:
we had 145 kids come through our doors, and we had 31 kids make commitments to Christ!

We were not ready for any new conversions, and were we just hoping to get our numbers back up to 70 (the amount of kids at VBS had dwindled in the past years to barley 50). We had to make runs for extra snacks, and stuff like that.

For me personally the most memorable part of VBS would be that when I was leading music the pre-k kids fell in love with me, I even had someone say i should go into elementary Education (fat chance). But somewhere in the midst of leading music and having fun with these kids, i think I saw it, the kingdom of God. These kids are loved by God, and in some small way God used me to let them know. To me that is just plan cool.


Tammy Craig said...

You're going to be in Orlando the first of what? August?? What are you going to be doing? We should totally try to hook up!! I only live about two hours south of Orlando. Something could totally be worked out! Let me know ASAP! :)

Doc said...

so i think you may need to publish pictures of said mad professor. And numbers may not be everything but those are definitly not number to scoff at. Kudos to you

glo said...

I would matt, 'cept I haven't replaced my digital camera and so i have no pictures. my mom looked like dr. brown from back to the future though.