Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation recap

well I have almost been home a week so it is about time that shared what went down during this break.

A few years back my patents decided to buy a timeshare. and this year we got to use it. We went to Florida. for most my family it was their first time, my mother and I had been there once before with Choral. Our condo was in Orlando near Sea World.

the first couple of days we did little but hang out at the resort relaxing. it had several pools, and stuff. I have an uncle who lives in Ft. Meyers so he came down with his family and hung out with us. we did a couple of beach days. one at the beach in Cape Coral, one at Fort Meyers at sun set (officially my favorite time to be at the beach), and we got a boat and explored the inlets on the golf side (were we saw dolphins).

one day we went out on one of those air boats and saw alligators. that was fun, Nikki got a good picture of one. my pictures aren't developed yet so i don't know if i have any good ones.

we did a little sight seeing: universal city walk, and Ripley's believe it or not museum. Ripley's was fun, Saw lots of crazy stuff.

the last day was our big day at the theme park. we went to sea world and rode some roller coasters. we also spent some time at Aquatica in the water slides. then we went back to sea world to see Shamu's encore show. all music lights and whales jumping all over the place. it was the perfect end to the vacation.

all in all we had a good time, no one got attacked by a shark, or alligator. no one had any permanent Sun damage. the only thing is that me and my sisters all came back sick. but other then that it was a great time.

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