Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh where is my summer?

So it is the end of August. Okay maybe not quiet but because I leave for Kentucky in less then a week it feels like it is the end. and I am sitting here trying to figure out where my summer went. Mostly because I did not get any of my goals for this summer accomplished. I didn't get my text books read. (I still have 6 left of the 16 I purchased at the beginning of the summer.) I didn't finish writing the cures of the sea (still have 2 to 3 more chapters to go.) Nor have i finished my story from last years NoNaWriMo. I wanted to work on my drawing and painting and i never got to that. I had planed to go to the Y 5 days a week, that ended after VBS. I had planed to get some work done on my car, that didn't happen either. (not that it was crucial work, just get rid of the broken bumper that is hidden by the car's bra.)

So I sit now at the end of my summer trying to figure out what happened to it. Well I did get 10 of my books read. I worked at VBS. I went to Florida. I moved home. I got back on a regular schedule with The Curse of the Sea. I went up the mountains to see my cousin. And spent time with my family. I went to a wedding. I went to family camp. I went to a 50th wedding anniversary. And I am going to see a friend in Douglas today. So my summer definitely wasn't a waist, but it did seem to go by fast.

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