Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2nd day of Christmas

on the 2nd day of Christmas my TrueLove (God) gave to me two turtle doves. These 2 birds which fly together in the sky in some kind of aerial dance are representative of the Old and New Testament, also known as the old and new covenant.

because we identify one as the old and the other as the new sometimes people think that the Old Testament is irrelevant. there are many people who ignore the Old Testament and even refuse to read it. this is very sad because it is in the Old Testament that we get the context for the New Testament. without the old covenant there is no purpose for the new. the Old and New Testaments are one story. a narrative which begins with the beginning and ends with the coming of the new kingdom and the end of sin. the bible is one story in which thousands of people have come in contact with become a part of. we are all part of the story of salvation and we should remember that this and read the New Testament in light of the Old Testament.

1. The Old Testament
2. The New Testament

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