Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

well this year has been a full year. I started the year in Bismark, and am now living in Wilmore Kentucky, where I have three semesters left. going back to school is great. I love being at school, i have made new friends and have learned lots of stuff.

one of my resolutions from last year was to read the book of Mormon all the way through. that one I failed. I didn't even get through the first book. life got busy. i am not sure i want to add this one to my list again this year for the sake of being able to focus on my class work more.

1. Last year i made some resolutions, Like getting 104 posts on this blog... well i missed it by 12 posts, so I think that one could be counted as close enough to count it as good, but far enough from my goal that i think i can keep this a resolution for next year.

2. my last resolution last year was to work out more. and i did a pretty good job of this for the first half of the year. then i went to Florida, and then moved to Kentucky. things went good again till about November when life got a little stressful. so i will keep this resolution for another year, although i will specify this one a little. my goal for next year is to be running an average of 3 times a week, by the end of the year of course.

a few new ones that i will be adding this year are:

3. restart my prayer journal. i loved this when i did it but sadly i haven't kept a journal sense i left Bethany. I don't really know why except maybe because i got all journaled out on my internship, took a break and got out of practice i guess.

4. this kind of goes under my write more resolution from last year but that one had to do mostly with my blog. this year i will be joining an online writers critic group in hopes that Maybe by next Indiana writer's convention i will have something a little more perfected to show to the editors and agents there.

5. I also want to finish the Merecat's Character designed 101. i have started this thing twice and never finished it.

So that is it, i could go into detail on most of them but for the most part that is it.

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Juli Jarvis said...

Thanks for sharing the 12 days of Christmas with us! I enjoyed reading it each day! And Happy New Year!