Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Vampires and Zombies.

So most people who talk to me learn fairly quickly that i have a small obsetion with vampires. I also am pretty spacific in the vampire mithos that i perfer. most people who have talked to me a twilight have heard it and that is not the point of this post so enough introduction and on to the real point.

I was winding down yesterday by checking to see if any of the comics i read had updated and low and behold my favorite artist and writer on the net, Sarah Ellerton was going to be illistrating a new graphic novel. I found Sarah Ellerton from the link page on the Earthsong site back when she was working on Interlock, now she is working through her project Pheonix Requiem (both of which you can find by following the seraph's inn link under comics i read). So I went to check out the new project and the art as to be expected is phinominal, (I mean seariously it's Sarah Ellerton.) But i had never heard of Bobby Crosby so I followed some of the links to his other stuff and found this:

now usally i am not a big Zomby person. but the small discription i found about this comic said the following:

"After Zombies take over the Earth, Vampires must protect the last surving humans so they can live off thier blood."

and I though to myself hum... well i just want to know if this guy is any good at his writing. and you know what i spent the rest of the night reading his comic. the whole idea is one that i must say someone should have thought of before. it makes sence if a world can have a Zombie apocolips why couldn't there be vampires? the FBIVZ does put the two mosters together.

Serously if you like vampires yous should check it out, and if you like zombies i bet you will like this. and if you are fed up with Zombie movies and stories with no new twists or even interesting story lines give it a chance. Bobby and the aritist Owen Gieni will not disapoint. after reading all of the story that has been posted online so far i must say they have given some interesting twists that i was suprised and caught off guard by. I am dieing to put some spoilers in at this point but bobby does that enough on his own. i will just say this, there is a really cool link that bobby puts in the story between Zombies and Vampires, way more then they just both happen to share the same food suply.

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