Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince

On tuesday I and a quite large group went to see Harry Potter and the half blood prince. we went to the midnight showing. wail there waiting in line we saw ginny and harry, voldemort, and several others dressed as witches. luckily i sat with two girls who don't mind talking threw the movie, and both of them served as a good replacement for the group of movie critics i was once a part of.

*reminising* oh for those days long ago when after watching a movie I and the 5 others would go to windy's for frosties and such and there talk about all the things we liked about the movie and everything we hated.

any way. here are some of my thoughts beware if you haven't yet seen the movie you are in for some spoilers.

there youhave been warned
things I liked about the movie:

First: the acting was amazing. For example Rupert Grint stole the show. Ron on the love potion was anexample of what i think is superb acting, what i am thinking of here mostly is the scene when he has taken the love potion. but beyound that he's talent is enjoyable to watch. also Tom Felton, the actor who plays Malfoy, convinced me that Malfoy was pleased to be choosen, and was ready to do what the dark lord asked of him, but there was an inner struggle. I felt that the conflict within Malfoy was beautifuly played and expressed all the reasons why I truly belived Rowlings was going to redeem him in the last book. lastly Jim Braodbent Delivered perfectly Proffessor Slughorn.

Second: Quiddich returns!!!!!!! I have always been sad with how much quiddich was removed from the stories.

third: the efects where wonderful. it really is a beautiful film. and the Dead things in the water totaly Freeked me out even though i knew it was coming. (however witht he popularity of this moive the effects should be superb) there were several shots of the castel which were a delitious treat for the eyes.

Fourth: charactor development. Ginny Weasley's charactor is the one i think is the most fun to watch grow over the years. In this film she had come into her own and though she is a girl and has her moments she is a great example of a strong female suporting charactor. it is clear why Harry falls for her and not Hermionie.

things I did not like:

One: Where did Nevile Go???? Nevile Longbottom, who we all know is the actual one the prophecy was about is almost completely he has a couple of camios and only one line. One line! it is just not right. nevile is one of the several charactors in this film who in my oppinioun get completely jipped including Professor McGunagall, Hagrid, Professor Snape, the Weasley Twins and even Hermionie.

Two: they BURNED the Burrow. I think that is enough about that.

three: Transitions, they were many and long. probably together there was about 5-10 minuets waisted in transitions.

four: they left out alot from the book. some stuff not importaint; i would have liked to have seen more of the memories. the students were only seen in class once. then there was some stuff that i think was very importaint, like there was vertually nothing about the half blood prince. Harry did not disarm malfoy, (very importaint if I remember what happends in the last book). the tonks and Lupin romace is just shown, nothing about how she is actually pinning for him and he wont give in because these are dark times, he is a werewolf, and she is so much younger then he is. there is nothing said about the prophecy, and even less said about the evil werewolf Malfoy has recruted for his evil deed.

So wail i think there was more on my list as I left the theater that night, but these I belive were the most Pressing. all in all I think it was a great movie. though as a book to movie I think it was quite possibly the worst harry potter movie. So I give it 3 and a half out of 5 stars

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