Thursday, July 09, 2009

Library Rave!!!!!!!!

Okay so, i happen to work at the library at Asbury. and as any one can probably guess this is not a time when lots of people come into the library. it is the second summer term and I am stuck at the desk from 6-11. well at about 10:15 PM something very extraordinary happened.

The last two souls when were here slaving at thier home work... well at least one of them was, the other sounded like he was having a wonderful time laughing at the videos he was watching... but i digress...Any way so these poor unfortunet souls left the building. offically the only people ion the library were the two desk workers, someone working on uploading dissertations to a digital formate and two off the clock emploies.

I and my fellow desk worker were very courious why we were even open. it had beena very boring night any way. I said, "well I guess i can get rid of the coffee." no one was here to drink it or anything and suddenly an idea hit me. I looked over at Lisa, my room mate who also works at the library but was not on the clock, and said, "Lisa, there is no one here." lisa looked at me with a look of glee, "siriously?"


Like a bult she ran for the main light switch, it was time for the long anticipated Library rave! She and Rob, who actually works for IT but that is also part of the info commons, quickly looked up Tecno on home star runner. the lights went on and off to the sound of Strong bad's tecno.

whoever said libraries are boring didn't know what they were talkign about.

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