Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is Halloween!

Halloween in one of my favorite holiday's. I love it! it is come as you are not day, and that allows for all kinds of fun Hi-jinks. last year it was a great time i went as Bonnie Parker and went to a party with Greg (this was apparently an unofficial date). then then night was ended with a viewing of the nightmare before Christmas (one of my favorite movies.) last year it was also my grandmother's 80th birthday. and in honnor of this wonderful lady I must take a moment to say:

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!!!

I am not sure what this year's Halloween holds. i will be going to a party, dressing up and all that kind of fun. but also at 12:00 am I will be starting Nanowrimo. this is exciting and odd, since i had been planning on doing one thing and last night i decided to go a completely different direction. instead of working on the science fiction that i have been plain for some time i will be working on a fantasy. complete with dragons and knights, and wizards, and all that. it should be fun. and maybe i will acctually complete nano this year. *fingers crossed*


Matt "the Bat" said...

Race you to the finnish line. My psycholgical thriller vs your fantasy epic. oh and Travis is competing to

Glo said...

you are so on!