Thursday, December 03, 2009

christmas move countdown #12

This year for Christmas on my blog i have decided to do something completely different. a Christmas move count down to count down my favorite 12 Christmas movies. and so here at number tweleve is....
The stingiest man in Town
I love musicals and i love this musical rendition of the Christmas carol by Charles Dickens. the animation i know is hooky but it was created by the same animator team as the animated hobbit and return of the king...

any way the reason i love it is mostly because of two songs (though i enjoy most of the songs in this one what can i say i like musicals). the first song is sung by Tiny Tim's oldest sister and is called "Yes There is a Santa Clause." which i love because yes i may be almost 26 but i still believe in Santa Clause!

the second song is sung by the narrator and is call the "Birthday Party of the King." in this song the creative team bring in to their movie the real reason for the season. yes we can debate all day about the fact that most of the symbols that have become iconic with Christmas are pagan but is it really worth it to not be celebration of the birth of Christ even if Christ wasn't born on the 25th of December? the point is that the reason I celebrate Christmas is because of the mystery of the God of the universe who created all things becoming man. that is a mystery beyond my comprehension.

on a whole this musical is a very artful way of telling retelling the story of Ebeneser Scrooge and his coming to understand that his business is not to make the most money but that Man kind should be his business. and that he learn to hear and help his fellow man.

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shannon holmes said...

I can't believe anyone else knows about this musical! I videotaped this when it was on TV forever ago, but I have loved this since I was 4 years old. One of my fondest memories is walking into a record store with my Dad in 1959 on a snowy day, and buying the Broadway soundtrack featuring Vic Damone. I would fall asleep to it at night, and can still remember every word. I found myself singing this, and googled it to see if the music was available, since I sing. You have great taste! I also love "An Old-Fashioned Christmas". And I remember my 3 favorite gifts that year- a blue bike, a Tiny tears doll, and a Cowgirl outfit. A simpler time and place, and magical memories!